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Andrea, she’s actually
my sorority sister. We’re in the same chapter. So I’m excited to see her,
and the energy that she brings into the house was on point. I love it. And she’s an architect,
so I’ve met her before. And her and Neville are great. He’s a great photographer. The just bring a
boatload of energy. They’re genuine people,
genuine spirits. So it’s really fun
having them around. LeBarrick and Destiny, I would
say they are childhood friends. I’ve known Destiny since high
school, and LeBarrick since we were four or five years old. We grew up together
in the country. So we have a lot of
history right there. Cedarric and Adaira have been
around for, what, 20 years now? KIMMI: Love the Collins. MAURICE: Yeah, they’re
really, really funny. They’re friendly
and they’re fun. KIMMI: And a lot of energy. I met Cedarric playing
football at Alabama A&M– the Alabama A&M. And he’s
one of my best friends. Cedarric’s like the mayor. He’s very well
known in Huntsville. He’s that kind of guy that like
when you walk into “Cheers,” everybody is like,
“Hey, Cedarric!” And of course, his
mate is Adaira. Like, they’re two peas in a pod. Because she’s
equally as outgoing, she’s equally as funny. They’re like a perfect match. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Why do they keep saying “THE Alabama A&M”… we know what school that is and it’s no different than penn state, Florida state, Ohio state of Michigan state.. please stop😂😂😂 like it’s some Ivy League.. ok the football team is good… and what else😂😂

  2. Sooo I heard one of the couples was desperate to get on the show and is as fake as melody and her husband. Another show that’s bringing black people down. I had high hopes for the show but now people jumping on the show to just be tv famous. Smdh … I wanted real uplifting black families to watch only one on the show is worth watching except the other two who have cheating and control issues

  3. Hmmm, 3 new couples already. This should be interesting. We already met 2 of the guys the photographer and the guy at the gym. I’m here for it! I LOVE this show.

  4. I don’t feel they should be adding new couples. It’s only the second season. No need to add more spice, if the flavor is already good😉

  5. What happened to Kimmi's skin this season? She looks like she went swimming in CLOROX!!! She is on national tv with millions of young black girls watching. Melanin is worth $350 per gram & Gold is only worth $48.42 per gram. You are literally and factually worth more than GOLD!! so please don't destroy it! #worthmorethangold

  6. There's already enough weird names to pronouce on this show. Now, we're going to have to learn how to say six more? My tongue says Stop!

  7. Melody is my favorite on this show. I binged watch first season last week. I am praying Martell does what it takes to save his marriage and I believe he is trying. It is their decision anyway you look at it. Our opinions means very little when it comes down to someone's marriage.

  8. More couples equal shorter storylines within the hour that the show is on. Not here for it. Cedaaric is messy I already want nothing to do with him.

  9. Kimmi said everybody knows the guy Ceddaric what ppl them cause I'm from here and I don't know him and he messy so you know now it's going to be a bunch of he say she say but good luck

  10. Where are the mistresses of Huntsville though? I know they're going to show up. Sedari is such a Kingly name. It has a nice ring to it.

  11. I believe there's truth to Martell's story about Massau cheating. His response to his wife spoke volumes. I never liked him from the start. He look sneaky af.

  12. New couples are a transition; some of the old couple will go. They won’t keep 6 per season. Too bad Martell & Mel will probably stay. I don’t like the false narrative. If the “other woman” really is the “original woman” and Mel was the side chick that married him but he continued to cheat; tell that story. Don’t make it seem like she’s some random chick.

  13. Im tryna see HOW ppl SAY they are "Christian" &&&& are IN a Sorority?😐
    No problem with either… ijs… Thats a CONUNDRUM.

  14. Cedarrick is annoying and likes hitting on the other wives?!!!! I don’t really like him, he seems more infatuated with the Comeback Group and wants to be Martell/Marsau?! 🤔😬😩

  15. Hughes' little girl is darling!!!!💖💗💖💗 here's Kim go with her gossip and shade…just keep it business cause u don't give a darn about Holt's.

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  17. The first three couples were interesting enough, maybe too much to keep up with adding additional couples 🙄🤔😬

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