Mega Construx Aerial Ambush 2019 review! 10th Anniversary set

hello this is the mega construx aerial
ambush set from the 10th anniversary edition or a series of Halo related sets
that’s ten years that mega constructs formerly mega bloks
has been making buildable Halo collectable sets that’s a significant
amount of time and definitely something worth celebrating I think I’m really
glad that they’ve done this as a anniversary special series I think
they’ve come out with one of the stronger series of products this year
and that they’ve done especially for Halo in quite some time they’ve gone
back to some things more general and from from history not just the most
recent Halo Wars to this set in particular is a very direct rehash
revamp reboot of the aerial ambush set from 2009 from 10 years ago with mostly
the same things just with updated designs and updated quality qualities
the biggest thing that has changed pieces actually stay together these days
and you don’t have a lot of missing parts you don’t have a lot of malformed
parts to me that’s the biggest thing that has changed in the mega world very
very very much for the positive you know they they definitely earned their bad
rep in the early days for poor quality and I’m very glad that they’re 99%
passed that they still make some mistakes from time just from time to
time but for the most part they’re making stuff that is significantly
better these days it’s actually worth investing in if you like what you see on
a on a consistent basis so this is a sparrow hawk from the original Halo Wars
and it’s from the whole VTOL line that of concepts and things which also
created the Kestrel which was originally going to be something more like this
the wasp which was based a little bit more off of what the Kestrel was
originally gonna be it’s all part of a big family now if you were an avid Halo
Wars original Halo Wars player you may find something a little bit off about
this particularly with its armaments because in game the thing was mostly
referred to as just not a sparrow Hockman Sparrowhawk is
more of a formal name for it and it had one barrel thick barrel on either side
and then a Spartan laser here a highly upgraded big version of Spartan laser
right here and this has a pair of machine gun barrels here at the center
and then a pair of machine gun barrels that are just larger longer on either
side or autocannons that’s probably what these are intended to be and this is
actually derived from as best I can see this is derived from some pretty well
sorted pretty well developed concept art from the later stages of graphic
development of Halo Wars and that’s what we thought actually the hawk was going
to look like it’s not the most beautiful looking thing it’s not one of their
better looking craft I think I think the proportions are very good you look at it
from a distance I think it’s pretty good but you get up closer I feel like the
the textures are too garbled just a bit just a bit too garbled with the the mix
of some open studs a lot of studded surfaces a lot of these steps where you
you just don’t change I just give a little extra thickness and you’ve got
the tile here just a lot of different shapes come together in ways that are
not pleasing to me personally now this does have no stickers whatsoever unlike
the old days anything that looks like a decoration is an exclusive print let’s
print right there right there from right there a lot of things are are mirrored
this is actually a long brick that is printed on both sides
excellent you can kind of rotate these around no supposed to be missile buds or
I think it’s supposed to be missile pausing could think of them as bombs if
you want but missiles works better for me
that’s print right there and the canopy opens the old canopy mold I’m not sure
if they’ve done it in this color before but it still works I don’t know if
they’ve updated a bit I think they’ve updated these I bet these little little
pieces that tended to be a little bit off from time to time when they were
produced originally this holds one single figure in there and I’m just
gonna pull this off so you can see that this is a printed
council sticks up in front like so yeah shows you that shows you that the
targeting there and yeah that’s pretty much it you can move this up and down
these can move up and down they can be posed any kind of way this is a little
bit annoying to me that these don’t want to stay in a correct position so it’s
very easy for them to be set off you know where they’re not lined up properly
and it takes a little bit of time to get them just right also this does not have
a stand so it doesn’t have a way to properly pose it with that forward rake
that you want to see when it’s in flight why is this not going down now that’s
weird oh no no see I can no there we go just
snaps into place I didn’t realize that this was a little bit too easy to pull
off interesting it’s just because it has the four studs there rather than have
anything holding it from from the bottom so I definitely have to dock it a little
bit for that overall yeah this is not my favorite thing that Megha has done in in
recent times also the the tail feathers don’t look so great with just that 2 by
3 plate right there a lot of things here are nice but a lot of them are not so
nice just in my personal opinion not some of they’re not some of their better
worker really wish this had to stand so that I could just pose it like that
this Bashi on the other hand does come with a stand it’s short and it does
wobble a little bit you know if I just touch this okay you know wobbles about
but at least you know it’s it’s in an aerial pose that’s that’s all I really
want that’s all I really need this Banshee is actually very nice it’s it’s
it’s a little bit it’s a little bit on the smooth side actually
please sir probably be brought out a bit yeah oh but on the smooth side a little
bit on the on the sleek side you know more of a 3 4 3 style but then it does
have the bungy era style of wings on it so it feels like a little bit of a
hybrid to me but I really like it it’s got enough of the old style to make
me happy I feel like this possibly could be angled up a little more yeah you
could just leave it like that make it look a little bit a little bit older but
it’s it’s sleek the build of this was actually pretty nice and made sense I
really like the coloration that they have here it’s almost iridescent almost
there’s just some really nice flakes and iseman metallic flake in there believe
it’s a bright green or cyan metallic flake I think maybe it’s green with a a
blue resin base or a blue solvent base for it so you can see how you get a
little bit of blue color around the around the sides and it just changes
color a little bit it’s really nice I don’t think I’ve seen them use that much
of that color ever before and it has a nice profile has nice shaping overall a
good mix I think between the studded surfaces and the smooth surfaces does
not use a single one-piece wing underneath of there this is a semi
specialized piece right here but beyond that most of these are just regular
small little bits no stickers like one of the old one of the best old classic
ones had stickers that go around the thrusters on the side and those would
just peel right up so no worries about that a simple print once again for the
console down in there just go ahead and pull this right off so you can see it
more clearly you know and that’s just based off the older graphic style and
game graphic style which makes sense that’s a transparent piece these are
hand holds for an elite to be able to sit in there basically on his belly and
it works I think this is a very nice looking
batchi that is worth having even just on its own for UNSC figures this first one
is just a generic halo wars Spartan Spartan 2 with a shotgun there and it’s
the really thin style I actually don’t like that has a tiny barrel and it’s a
little bit a little bit flexible I feel like that the barrel it’s still bent I
know some of the old ones would bend right
about there and I don’t think this is gonna be too much more durable than that
so do watch out if you’re storing it in a Big Bend full of a bunch of parts or
if you’re being rough with it during play it’s perfectly fine for posing and
everything but a very good looking Spartan good color not a whole lot of
detail in terms paint applications you just get the visor that’s it
but the visor is clear enough you know it’s opaque enough it stands out a nice
dark gray color for the under suit got the asymmetrical shoulder armor pieces
bring that down where it’s supposed to be it just looks good no complaints here
the other good guy figure is a flame marine and yes flame marine is
officially not a hell bringer this is Halo Wars one I did have the barrel
attached there 90 degrees off in the opening shot sorry about that but I
fixed it and this is another very good-looking one yeah I like the color
I’m just I’m just looking at the colors I’m thinking is the is the gray a little
bit too muddy but it does have a little bit of a metallic flake in it like the
green I like the visor color same that was used on the Spartan but it’s pretty
proper I could have used some extra a little bit of contrast on this like I
really like the black color that’s brought in with the hose there and that
is the modern more flexible type of hose not the old stiff kind that was a pain
to pose around but you know super articulate it’s the modern overall
figure style let me bring this down so you can see what the front of that armor
looks like yeah overall this is pretty good I wish there was one more color
like just a slightly darker gray or a little bit more in the way of blacks to
just give this a little extra pop it does look just a little bit lacking in
contrast but if I were to be able to only pick from you know one under suit
color one armor color and accessory color and then just the visor this is
probably the setup that I would ask for with that green and a dark grey of some
sort yeah if there’s only gonna be one I think this would be it the elite miner
gets this sets single 10th anniversary
special gold accessory and it’s just the old-school beam rifle there looks pretty
nice it’s just a little collectible thing you know it’s not supposed to be
the realistic color scheme or anything that’s actually available in-game it’s
just for the 10th anniversary and that’s fine
pretty good-looking elite the blue color is it’s pretty close to a true blue it’s
a little bit d saturated maybe a little bit on the cyan side just a tiny tiny
tiny tiny tiny bit of green in there cuz I should bring this leg armor piece down
a little bit more it’s just a little it’s a little bit up something’s getting
on the way there but you know overall a pretty good looking figure no real
complaints here maybe the I don’t know I think I’m ok with the skin tone on this
one I usually don’t like lighter skin tones so much in most cases but this
works out all right for me yeah yeah this is this is one I’ll be happy to add
to the collection you know just as a color scheme option
finally this throw back grunt old style but new build it’s the most recent
version of a grunt build from mega where the sides of the carapace holding the
tank in there are actually separate pieces so the two copper pieces are
separate left to right and the silver is its own piece of plastic that you insert
yourself clamp it all together also the mask breather is a separate
piece and that’s plastic it’s not painted the skin tone for this guy is
like a taro root like if anybody’s familiar with stuff
made from taro root like taro root puree or from making some kind of Asian pastry
of some sort or something you know as you blend it up it that that’s the color
you get it’s it’s a very muddy almost silty looking purple but you know it’s
definitely not gray maybe maybe it looks even more purple on camera now that I’m
looking through the monitor here I’ll try to I’ll try to adjust the colors
here make sure that they come as close as possible to what I’m actually seeing
with my eyes for you and he has just the little
plasma pistol there and this is a pretty cool looking little dude wouldn’t mind
getting enough of these to form a squad you know so this set is fifty dollars us
suggested retail price just looking at it just looking at it in person and
seeing the amount of stuff that’s here I would have given it like 45 kind of what
I would have expected for a fair price so 50 is not far beyond that but it is
beyond that a bit and I am a little bit disappointed in the Sparrowhawk really
could use the stand of some sort even if it’s not a full-on stand keeps it all
the way in the air just something to hold up the back just temporarily to be
able to get it into a pose that doesn’t look like it’s on the ground and missing
a skitter even just a landing skid of some sort and the back that you could
deploy to get it so that it’s at least horizontal if not angled forward that
would have helped a lot it feels a little bit incomplete to me for Omega
and again you know I mentioned my my issues sub fully subjective issues with
the the shaping of it around I did forget to show you the shooter shooter
shooting feature in the batches just has a couple of there there little embedded
shooters in there the triggers for them are down here at the base so you do get
a little bit of play functionality and it just shoots out these single bolts
sorry about that but you know it’s it’s a nice thing for the sake of play
unfortunately the Banshee is a good build it looks good it comes with a
stand you can take it off that stand you can swish it around it doesn’t have
anything that gets improperly posed too easily the wings are able to be angled
down freely but you can put them right back and they’ll just stay where they’re
supposed to be you know there’s a stopping point there unlike the guns on
the Sparrowhawk the figures are all good though at least and that pretty much
does it for my thoughts so not my favorite definitely has some issues the
number one main thing that you’re paying for is the weakest thing here in my
opinion everything else is pretty good let me know what you think about it
though thanks for watching I’ll catch you later

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