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Hey guys [Karina] back and today. We are playing mega fun obby, and these guys are just chatting with us Oh and a new guy just joined so um yeah and most of you guys saying who is this dude what I’m playing with? with a hideous hat And didn’t change his face, but I did he is Ronald Omg, can you see right here and you can go check out his channel? We’re brother and sister if you don’t know so yeah, let’s just start the zombie this is like boring at the beginning, but yeah, it’s a team and but I get look at this. It’s getting really hard at the end. There’s so much stages Yeah for 300 yeah. There’s like 500 Sometimes now on state routes that’s right here stage two out of five hundred and seventy [five] Out of five and [what] saves what could all be say sir Ronald what? Is good to me? Yeah, this look at all these saves. This is insane and smeg a fun block know and [all] [this] so violent. That’s why saves oh Yeah Good you want to be able to play it like dude all this in one day would you tell to the five hours? Ronald again stop it let me. Go first next time okay [alright], [okay]. [thanks]. I’m not gonna jump on your head anymore. I promise If you know, I’ll scream But you to like them though, that’s just may a bad job skill. So you could go yay. Thank you I’m [brand] [new] [Bread] renews, Wanna Wanna Get a new [food] in my new to and now you’re not Great you don’t need a jump for this Are you know? I’m at a new when you go down. You [can] just walk down. Yeah. I am well We’re team Redstone carp me and rattled a team of awesomeness Yeah, this is a mega Bobby. I’m downtown ahead. This is the megaphone Hobby if you don’t yes, a megaphone RBI up in [Gary] told them today like every 10 it tells you [on] that yeah this So we are now in stage 11 out [of] so much Okay, I’m just gonna let you guys know Muslim do Rain noobs [Four-To-one] [drainers] are very lucky the next [time] you take your trek point. You’re not gonna be a grind noob Oh no, so brand new hey, if I could get was supposed to be waiting for me. Oh [geez] might we’re a team you fell again. No, I fell oh good Well, I took the checkpoint [I] Think I did yup, I did oh boy You always made me do it again Yeah, we are on Stage 14 please meet You you know how how far. We’re gonna get today. Oh, I love you Wait for me at the next stage [kay], okay? I’m just gonna see what’s next [often] – you did yeah, really I didn’t even jump. I love this guy’s shirt It’s like the best shirt ever but because you’re wearing that shirt I vlogged question are you a girl? Yeah, no offense. If you are a girl if you are [a] boy, but a be a shirt yeah, no offense I’m dying so many times on this one Ronald son credibly easy can I go oh? You almost though No, well, I did it. Oh Do you see me climbing on it? Yeah? I see you. Oh now. I need to climb down You got fit So that’s why you get Rid are waiting [for] me. I? Did wait for you? Well? We’re [just] right behind me come on Okay Wait, okay? Yes, I made it. Oh he’s oh my God. [oh] who knows oh Hey 628 oh Dad gasps. I hate [gaps] tiny guys like that I was thinking you gonna ever have an author he’s not waiting for you to you oh my He just wants to go for it Hi, Ron. Oh, nothing about me. I feel lonely now. Oh. Oh [bye]. [bye] rattles. [oh] I’m waiting for you at the next stage No waiting now. Oh my God spell it spell [mm]. Mm. I have to wait for me. I’m on time Now you have to [win] with the money – hey have to be on the same stage the real I want to say [Stage] I [saw] cars on 23 did you just fall because of me? Yes, okay, wait right there cuz you did that [oh] [boo] boom [third] [up] there we go, but if you just walk down [here], we can watch the Gonna get hurt what I? Didn’t cheat. Oh I’m just jump fruit. Oh oh um They didn’t think about this in the bird why’s that? So [let’s] just keep jumping On the yellow pads and now in the red path is it supposed to be a rainbow. Oh, that’s how it goes Well does it go so hard this is like the best of you could ever have [curry] away to me? [hey], [wait] [for] me. Okay. I’ll wait for you. Snack blue. This is deadly [how] [to] [rainbow] Well level R1 Okay, it says at the bottom. Huh, no, it doesn’t um. Yeah at the bottom of [your] screen, right? Oh here 20 and on 20 you Know I not I’m [olaf] [or] but what does all levels do I don’t know wow That’s so hard. Can you walk through it try you never can [oh] Yeah, what else try walking through it you can [bet] it doesn’t at that hmm. [oh] he didn’t think about this Yes Jimmy wow [he’s] jumping jumping really high? Well someone. Oh, yeah, all right a magical walk through every stage. Oh no, no, you can’t, but you can [oh], no, you can’t know we’re [only] I’m waiting for your fine. I’m waiting. Okay Illa watch me eyes watching I’m waiting wait Okay, that’s an unlined. I’m here Alright, let’s go rated your lucky color. What is names are you on? I’m on Stage 32 wow, so seven minutes and light and like 23 Stage is already Wow, why would video guys all good so weird? I mean so evil There’s so [laughing] but like [the] middle or mom Disgusting wrong you’re not even waiting for me at my we’re a team Wait for me wait for me. Come on that away got some zero Banners here Hi, Ronald I See my band or [some] [zero] fan mm-hmm. Uh Yeah, Joey stop – it is zero Myself and I don’t know what that means jumping You fed yeah, yeah, I also fell apart my to us, so Are you under [oranjee] kind of square? Yes? Me too. I’m right behind you. I’m are either oh He’s writing something. Let’s stay here and wait. Oh Karen can you please accept my room? [well] [when] would you [guys] do like me? So I guess I would No, no Since there we go zack. I’ll just get to it. Yeah um guy. No [yep] jump jump jump It’s like a crafting table jump We’re now, we’re thinking about Minecraft imagine. I would love it. No. It’s on your Minecraft or I mean the most amazing thing ever There should be a Minecraft Bobby. I know [I’mma] [should] be like a million people playing it. [oh] this one [is] Gonna be painful oh sang oh This one you can’t touch dread. Oh This is Gonna be so difficult [we] are you don’t Wanna above me? I’m under a beautiful. [oh] everyone up. I’m on good cheese. Wanna you could just walk across I try and keep on falling. Oh yeah some people are falling Yeah, do a lucky one No I’m a brain noob. I’m lucky. I’m lucky I’m lucky oh Yes for you know, so I Was [a] great new penelope Jim what there’s two grannies. Just three great now I know there’s only two [grenades] There’s two great games again. Now. You have a new Genre. You want any craig enumerate? There’s loads you like the hardest one in this matter [whoa] on now [now] reg mood. You know lucky [ah] Watch me hey Jimmy you all saw that did you did you undo me comment down below [but] Ronald is a cheater Okay, yes you can’t hide apply for blooper and discredited everywhere you Yeah, I’m um. Yeah, my I press wsy, so or no Just Gonna take entire episode it is I’m gonna scream at the end of the video skin to Stay O Y skin, this is so hard No nice instead of your head You standing on my head, okay you go [first], then I’ll see how you do it Nice and come [y] Nice. Hey, [I] wish you could just go around it bad me like the best thing. I made it did you really? It really made it hello. I’m not gonna be when you’re doing that good job Royal. Thanks Cheer me on eyes Cannot be failing all this now don’t fail Die oh you’re on touch Tourette’s back that make sense But but what does that mean? [I] just ran the reset back back back I mean of you guys means back man Oh, you grandpa version of Back bay [by] hey, hey Hey We’re almost on [the] 50s 42 I’m on 42 Okay, there. We go. Yes what? Oh me. I’m sorry. I’m gonna wait so guys. I’m just gonna be waiting you guys Tell me so saying the comments down below, but Korea is such a waiter okay? Don’t get me a milkshake. No, okay Bye wanted with full box give me robots and I’ll buy myself a milkshake No, never. I won’t give you my money you have more robots than me. So you better know I Almost fell ron. You’re not waiting. That’s when you get rid of waiting for me also saying the comments are troubles, not a waiter Yeah, not asian. You were a waiter here Say Ronald’s not patients in the comments, okay? Hashtag ron’s not patient like see Ronald’s movie all without me He said so say no, I was not patients curry on this one the yellow one is the right one The yellow one is the right one are you test for the next one? I know I have a strategy It’s the yellow and again Do you think I’m hacking? No? You’re not it’s an easy thing Just put your screen. I know make a do it and you can also write [rumble] – Hacker. I’m Putting my screen [root]. That’s a tactic This is glasses. Go hard wait for me Yes, I’m not gonna wait for you. This is such a hard thing in the new [I] mean Just [one] [chance] don’t bail down down Yeah Yum, why? all right, I Did it [oh] you did it [ah]? Really did I really just do that this stage of stage 50 all wrong, please wait for me? Yeah, right, Ronald [sucker] is one steady Ronald stone uh patience Yes, good job Ronald [hey] [Nothin] [Nothin] me not good at make you spike didn’t make it I just made it and I fell on this one on the first chunk [if] you take real long. I’m not waiting I’m not taking too long just to my diary Patient I must say trusty now. I’m not gonna wait for you [come] [in]. I really no. I’m not gonna wait for you that s it uh Why is this happening? It’s so fun one Ronald wait you just [died] yeah on the stage after you oh Is this turning into a challenge? [oh] no? It’s not just we’re still team okay? Well my head rolls No, no, no, no [posed] [is] so much fun. It’s so so what what [what] would, I call this intense right Megaphone all be gang up Mega Mega mega mega screaming y’all be you would scream once you die, right? This time if you created us um um map a map game say I call it the [mega] Screaming Bobby [y-you] see what I made I died on the last [room]. Do I have a game for you Nothing. Yeah, why why? Come on. We [can] beat a record of 100 So we could do episodes of this Are you alright? Are you serious? Are you serious? I choked right on the bloom ah [make] it. Oh, yes, this one is hard You see what I mean, please move what wait for me need help on Carina Nope, yeah, no um yes You need help oh Am I supposed to do that wow? Korean firm Speed One before I said I was Just watching What is this game alright? I think you need to do the hack furnace Are you doing the hack you just have to go this way? No, you don’t [crunchy] one, okay. Keep on doing it into one more jump Okay Like this don’t go on that one. I think you have to go to this one and then that one There you go Now I push tricks to card. Oh. Oh you’re so easily bottles. I feel you’re a devil You should have grown horns on your head what? [no], drop some trying to push the green shirt guy off it, and then there I repel Ir Devil and then there were no devil at the same time We’re [doing] video for delay wait for me. I’m waiting. I’m watching as a perfect view from the pink ball. Hello Come on. You can do it rattled Come on. You can do it. Yeah, you do it [wrong] come on get onto the balls the balls Hold oh sometimes we call for one blue Skin and you I get random apple That’s my question. Let’s jump what it? You it’s not Rueb. Oh not for oh It looks like a dot from here from winner die the dime dime session Should we call the dying session? Oh? Oh Chris? [I] [long] you’re not a graduate now I go down like [flat] teens say it again. If I phone now I go down 15 stages Do you really yeah [way] [to] just kill yourself? Why why oh why I’m supposed to go? Where do I go from here? Don’t film yeah, okay. I done it. I on it. Come on. Just going back. [oh] ah What nothing? I don’t get what to do? I don’t know what to do Why don’t I die [oh]? Am I serious I’m not Gonna take that checkpoint? Okay All right, my hands are perfectly rubbed To do this [no], and we have like seven more minutes left. Come on. We could do this What’s day during one? I’m in some car may [5556] Run away from me this stage is just the hardest things you can ever imagine Why I? Wish I could just get the stage or you go over. You know I fell down like ten stages and I died if I touch that checkpoint [I’ll] be so mad ah I got a checkpoint What I? Think you cannot touch stuff blue. I wasn’t touching blue. Yeah you were. [what’s] your tip of the finger? Come on. Let’s go your hair is blue. So if you’re lucky You can touch blue. I think that is true anyway. [I] should [have] brought got little hair today, no No, what stage are you? 156 this last one Okay, okay [waiting] for you up a 60 stage. Oh You’re at 60 Mm-Hmm. [oh] One let’s go move your feet. Let’s go guys do you Really after this stage. Don’t you know looking for you. I’m in front of you I See you huh? [oh], this one’s Gonna be difficult care who not Dummy did you just die yeah the great killed me [I]? Guess you are not met for grade What is it maybe I just have to walk on a few all are trying to trick me – trying to trick me There’s no floor, but there is [Karina]. There is a floor You ever see that perfectly clear if you can’t see that wow get glasses well, no [offence] How about touching it? [oh]? Why why why I’m so confused I’m using an iPod right now in Row? Oh? I don’t usually use my eye my iPad. I don’t [even] know. What is called I Don’t even have Roebucks on Roblox on it Come on. Let me have this chick there. We go. I Love this one. This is not the best water. [oh], you’re trying to trick us no floor nutter. No. They’re not cooking us Come on. We can do it just hold my back. Oh They are so good so mad about this Let’s just relax here for a little oh But not not not not for long. [I] fell like 15 10 20 stitches And kill yourself then hey Who did that [oh]? We got it [boys]. Y’all steady on your head, and [then] [I’m] almost [off] until I just moved back on your head your head
And they just started burn salve on Ronald’s head and guys when you’re playing Roblox of Ronald not know it’s down on his head your Guys, you know, that’s why oh Dude, that’s cheating oh That happened to me Ronald trust me tap it to me like so many times And I’m practicing [Arby’s]. Oh Oh, oh, how we’re supposed to do this Are you the same stage as me [oh]? I’m on 65 what stage are you on 64 [Karuna] stop this okay? oh I’m really really really now. I’m on 66 How do you do that? [wow] you see? How good? [I] am at always well wait for [my] 67 Can you see the 50 this son? Yes? No, I can’t but let’s just get onto this pink. Row. Pink is my lucky color You won’t die [on] this I will never die if you fall here you for like 40 stages Wow I’m not Gonna [sell] [not] [it] sell stuff Down the 40 stages ah I didn’t fall on the 40 stages But fell into the bit like right in the middle the black hole right in the middle It’s like the Michael’s always coming with us always beneath you. I think anyway ah Pink is not my lucky thing anymore green is oh I do too like Kareem a lot to Me and pink looks so nice together What stage are you on? 68 oh me too Come on [do] [you] see me diving? [I] hate pink now guys guys. I hate pink. I now hate pink So I’m never gonna wear that shirt again cuz it’s pink never never never And don’t line. I’m never gonna. Dye [my] hair pink. Why would I even do that anyway uh? I like my hair dye way it is ah [Carina] wait for white pork Yeah, yeah, meet you wait for me. Now. You wait for my diet away from [Satan] instead [of] me you wait for Okay away from me Ronald. No actually you don’t need to Push the science session I push [Subzero], Fanon, I went on his head. He jumped. He can’t jump and I jumped on in so you’re like I’ll go and then [you] died yep, okay. I just wanted maybe free listen. I am except for so calmly all right I just make my [lawyers] make it nice table and just make it Greater evil pinkness Hot pink is evil. Hot pink it is hot pink or pink. I got no clue. Hey pink [you] know Okay, I guess I guess I’m gonna have to I guess I gonna have to be very sad when I send this outro I’m just beyond be happy if I don’t know Ma, but um this all be has pink So I hope you liked this video If it is smash that like button also smash the like button if you want me to do another [episode] all those guys you know It’s saved Insane it’s all see y’all next time goodbye

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