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  1. Ps4 I see your add Fortnite avatar can you plss add more skins like Omega plss everyone is having Fortnite avatar right now

  2. It may or may not fit but It would've been cooler to make the 3D part styled like MegaMan 8-bit Deathmatch.

    The Cake and Mega Buster reminds me of the Title Screen from Portal 1, SO THE TYPE OF DETAILED TEXTURES LIKE PORTAL WOULD BE VERY COOL TOO-

  3. Pretty standard. This is all they got for a 30th anniversary? Capcom just give nintendo or… yeah just Nintendo, the rights to the blue bomber. Tired of seeing the disrespect given to him

  4. Rock man in Japanese. ロックマンだろーが、バーカッ!!I, I'm sorry. I got something suddenly, what the fack!

  5. Take that Sonic and Mario!!

    Megaman is an iconic hero and he will regain his popularity. You guys don't get your own themes on your console(except mario)…

    But not sonic

  6. I've been wanting a Mega Man theme for ps4. Considering I have one for ps3, 3ds, and Xbox 360. Im excited!

  7. If it didn't look like one of those creepy YouTube animations by a deep web meme creator I would be interested

  8. Something to replace my Transistor theme but I want to buy this game on PC or Switch. I wish I could just buy the theme.

  9. Qué buen tema! Ahora seguiré jugando MegaMan legacy en la playa junto a mi Nintendo switch! :3

  10. Does anyone know if we get this theme as soon as we preorder or do we have to wait until the release of the game to get this theme?

  11. some ideas for video games could be a never ending story one, where trying to save the land from the nothing and flying on the white creature from it, and a dark crystal game, and rainbow brite, and fraggle rock, betty boop..ones like these haven't been done to my knowedlge yet like many other retro characters have..and i liked collecting those games..like your strawberry shortcake one and woody woodpecker.pac man etc ones..love those type ones with retro characters and from shows i liked as kid in 80's!

  12. im sorry but this is thr ugliest cgi i seen all year. this make megaman look megashit. im going back nintendo's channel

  13. i like the classic megaman them in the beginning but then it begins to look mediocre, i wouldnt buy this theme

  14. Definitely downloading this right now.
    Though i hope avatars & a theme is released with megaman x legacy collection 🤞🤞

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