Meghan Markle’s Marriage Is Just Plain Sad

Meghan Markle stepped into a fairy tale when
she wed Prince Harry, but after the romantic nuptials, rumors about the unhappy state of
their union began to dominate headlines. Take all that gossip with a grain of salt,
but there are some things about Markle’s marriage that seem a little sad. When the Duchess of Sussex attended the European
premiere of The Lion King in July 2019, reporters paid close attention to her conversations. One such convo reportedly involved music producer
Pharrell Williams. According to ITV News, Williams said, “So happy for your union. Love is amazing. It’s wonderful. Don’t ever take that for granted, but what
it means in today’s climate, I just wanted to tell you, it’s so significant for so many
of us. Seriously. It’s significant. We cheer you guys on.” Markle thanked him, of course, but she didn’t
end the chat there. She added, “They don’t make it easy.” Her comment may have been a reference to the
press and the public scrutinizing her every move. One Twitter user summed up the Duchess of
Sussex’s challenges in one tweet: “She’s referring to the press and tabloids. The dog whistling, Piers Morgan verbally attacking
her, and the nitpicking from commentators talking about ‘breaking royal protocol’ and
let’s not forget having to deal with threats and racist comments from trolls towards the
couple.” Let’s hope things get a little easier for
the royal rookie soon. Markle has been inundated with reports detailing
her husband’s alleged unhappiness since their wedding. A source told People in December 2018, “Something has changed, and no one can quite
put their finger on it. [Prince Harry] looks cross with the world.” The report was published seven months after
he wed Markle. Ouch! The public has also scrutinized the couple’s
interactions at every event. The author of a February 2019 piece in Woman’s
Day about Harry’s behavior at the Natural History Museum observed, “[Prince Harry] was there in body but not
in spirit. He wasn’t as tactile as he usually is with
Meghan, which was a surprise given they’re usually hand-in-hand at all times. He’s even stopped laughing and joking with
photographers like he used to as well. Harry seems distant, like he has a lot on
his mind.” Not only does Markle have to deal with unfortunate
rumors about her and her husband, but she’s also subjected to stories detailing her supposed
feuds with other members of the royal family. A June 2019 article in The Sunday Times accused
Prince Philip of trying to talk Prince Harry out of marrying Markle in May 2018. The Duke of Sussex’s grandfather allegedly
said, “One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t
marry them.” This may have been a reference to her time
starring on Suits. Then there’s the case of Kate Middleton, Prince
William’s wife and Markle’s alleged nemesis. Numerous reports have surfaced about animosity
between the pair. One report even claimed that Markle flipped
out on the Duchess of Cambridge during Archie’s July 2019 christening. According to New Idea, a source alleged, “Kate was very upset after and was visibly
shaken. She knows Meghan is emotional at the moment
and was taking everything out on her at the rehearsal, but it didn’t make it any easier
to take.” In an especially unfair twist, Markle is seemingly
blamed for everything, even when it comes to her husband’s friendships. For proof, look no further than the accusation
that Markle is responsible for, quote, “pushing out” Prince Harry’s pals. “One thing I have heard is, because I’m friends
with a lot of Prince Harry’s friends – one is a very close friend – is that she has pushed
them all out.” Television personality Lizzy Cundy claims
that the duchess is, quote, “ruling the roost,” and that she even pushed out one of Harry’s
closest friends. It’s probably best to take her report with
a grain of salt, but if this story has any truth to it, it’s safe to assume Prince Harry
had a say in it. It’s likely Markle couldn’t have anticipated
just how different life would be across the pond. According to one source, the Duchess of Sussex
is “miserable” with her new life. The source told Us Weekly, “Meghan made a huge sacrifice by moving across
the pond, away from her mom and friends. Marrying into the royal family isn’t anywhere
near as glamorous as it seems, so in a lot of ways Harry feels responsible for Meghan
being so miserable.” Apparently, Markle’s so-called struggle revolves
around her inability to speak out or clap back when things get rough. As an insider told Us Weekly, “She’s always relied on her own voice to stand
up for others, and for herself. So not being able to say anything is a debilitating
feeling. She’s always been so independent, her entire
life, and that’s all been taken away from her. She’s always been able to clap back on social
media and now she can’t.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. I didn't know i would end up liking Meghan because of too much unnecessary trash and hate posted about her….I actually just love her instead….

  2. Please. Harry and Meghan lied about a fake pregnancy and carry a baby doll around. They are liars and completely self absorbed. They have a bottomless source of money for whatever they want. They snub the Queen and Meghan considers herself more Royal than the Royals.

  3. Harry is happy and hate the press. But the British press will use any one. To make money this is what the press do Let's remember they killed Diana So Harry is going to always hate the press period. Megan keeps telling Harry don't worry about the press and be kind.

  4. The people love Harry and Meghan The world 💙 loves them also. The British press is the only one that doesn't because they are not making money off of them. Megan is the one that is kind not Harry. I think the British people know this already. I like the British people and the British people are going to turn against the press real soon. Because they are getting sick of the press. They telling lies every day.

  5. I just wish the British people could see what the USA see and Canada see the clothes that Megan desinged it's so unfair to the British people the clothes are beautiful and top quality you can a whole complete out fit. For under $100. Blouse, jacket, pants And Dresses also that comes with a scarf that you can make a complete different look. Also under $100. In clodeing shoes we here. In the USA we see the models but I don't think they show the clothes in the UK.this is so unfair to the British women I think the press don't want the British women to know the truth. Why don't some one do something about this. Megan speech she said I have been doing this for a long time this is the truth.

  6. Sure she knows what smart works needs because women need work clothes not just any clothes. So Megan did some thing about it. Hay people don't let the press fool you. They are not telling you the truth. Start checking for your self. Women are going on line and these classes for a good price.thousands of women are shopping on line. Serena William also has a line of clothes really nice. They also keep calling out then I have to wait the clothes don't even. wrinkle .I guess Megan can't tell the people because she is a Royal it's a shame.

  7. The thing I love is we all barley know anything about their inside lives other than tabloid lies and rumors. No one but Harry knows how she is. You guys are really so gullible.

  8. Bitch didn't no one told her what it would be like to be a royal?!? She knows that for sure! But still choose to marry harry so she could gain connections after that bye bye harry

  9. Perhaps Harry's FINALLY starting to see through Meegain's narcissistic , control freak , egotistical personality & the damage she is doing to the royal brand ! She also needs to learn the difference between being a British Royal and a self entitled Diva celeb & to learn FAST !!

  10. I wouldn't give a shit if I was told to not do the things I have always done that made Harry fall in love. I would keep being myself. Fuck them.

  11. Meghan brought some of this on herself. She's attacked President Trump, attacked Kate, given feminism another black eye, and behaved like an entitled child. She wanted to be "royal," well she got royal. Kate is a classy lady who carries herself with dignity and grace.

  12. Ohh a huge step for her moving across the pond… hey too much hypocrisy makes everything even worse
    Good if it is not that funny being part of the royal family. She will pay for her over the top ambitions

  13. Megan is a vivacious lovely young woman she easily takes the limelight away from lovely Kate, without even trying. Megan is not buckling under the rules of Royalty just trying to get the hang of it. I believe the meeting between these two was deliberately manipulated by interested parties for the NWO to get mixed-race into the persona of the Royal family by the Monarchists who support the English Monarchy that gives England that edge, history, and dignity, and human interest. Why else would her truly awful family ever have past the acceptance test leaving her to rely on Royal condescension to walk her down the aisle?
    Meghan was the perfect seductress for an overly protected virtually inexperienced Prince. The combustion went well, now there is the fallout Harry for the first time seeing himself as the virtually unnecessary royal, his wife and family the target of malicious press his beloved Grandmother his strongest Allie nearing the end of her reign.
    A tough testing time ahead for Prince Harry and Megan we wish them well!

  14. They probably just wana live their life in peace without every nano second being scrutinized. The baby looks just like Harry and I am happy for both of them-the timing was right for both-they knew what they were getting into. Wish them the best

  15. So she is puppeteering all of the royals? She has more say than Prince Harry? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 all I hear is salty people

  16. Why are these women so pissed with her marrying harry oh yeah shes half black! But white women date and marry who the want. Racism will never change. I pray Yah protect Meghan Harry and Archie peace and Blessings!

  17. This has everything to do with how society is in general, using the media to nit pick EVERY single thing. Leave them in peace already…

  18. She's the new Camilla. They'll divorce in 10 years but unfortunately her baby is royal by blood so she'll always be able to parasite off the royal family.

  19. What a Stressful life they have!!! Always observed and always criticized… It’s not easy and really sad!!! They need just to have privacy and an own marriage life without being 24h under people judgments!!!

  20. Its pretty obvious WHY harrys pissed off his wife is getting scrutanized for everything and given his history with the press and his mother its clear to see why especially in this day and age racial slurs to his wife and young child of course hes going tobe pissed off hes royalty so he cant express himself to.the world where a normal person would when provoked tell who ever the provoker is to fuck off. Harry cant my advice to the greedy slouzy low lifes of the worlds press is FUCK OFF leave them be imagine your in their shoes personally I wouldnt be able to handle it fuck knows how they can.

  21. Meghan abandoned her sick father, refuses to help her impoverished family members and spent $1 million on clothes while lecturing about "ending poverty". She is literally Marie Antoinette.

  22. Nothing has been taken away from MM, she knew what she was getting into before she married Harry. She needs to stop her whinging and get on with her duties.

  23. I saw the title and just couldn’t believe how rude and disrespectful it is to make these blatant assumptions. The quality of her marriage is between her and her husband! Stay out of it!

  24. He does seem a little sad or distant. And I bet there is major shade between her and Kate. Kate seems to follow the more traditional roles and meaghan paves her own damn way. But come on we all knew this was going to be a trainwreck from the get go, that's why we are watching. 🤷‍♀️ I feel bad for everybody involved, I dont think any of them are actually happy. And how could you be when you have random people like me making assumptions and watching you. 🙄 they must all feel so smothered 🙁

  25. Poor Harry! Made a horrible mistake, and he has to pay for it as long as he stays with her. I can not understand how Prince William chose such a jewel and Harry got what he got….Bewildering!

  26. Oh pls f off, stop victimizing her . She was always chasing spot light, red carpets and perks. And here she is ! She's fine. only prob is meghan and harry act like celebrities instead of conservative royals, hence why Will and Kate dnt have this drama.
    They' live

  27. Poor Megan. Leave the poor girl alone, she has so much on her plate. So what if she snapped at Kate, she’s hormonal and under a lot of pressure. Sounds like a normal family to me. They are just people, not gods!

  28. Yea right like MM would "go off" On the future queen consort of England at a christening! 😂shes not a complete fool.

  29. i think Harry and Meg needed to wait a little longer before marrying, that way Megs could see what she was really getting involved with when joining the royal family. I honestly dont think Meghan has helped herself at times with the papers nor general public of Britain – who incidentally pay her life style. There doesnt feel to be any respect from her

  30. Good grief. She had a mission and bagged a Prince. Already has one baby insurance policy, will punch out another one , get divorced and be set for life. Smart girl.

  31. Meghan needs to realize that you reap what you sow. If she continues to sow bitterness and hate that is what she will reap from others.

  32. She just smirks and he looks angry and sick is she poisoning him. She knows what she is doing and planned it.

  33. well she shouldn't  lie every damn time she opens her sorry mouth. Everyone knows what she is here in the states and she never got her photo taken but since she married her he is a ass hole and she is just a liar. all in good time all this shit is going to come home to her. Everyone knows that she married him for the money and fame other than that she wouldn't have married him. Think what you want harry your day is coming like the rest

  34. U pay when u do not honor they mother or father in this situation father so karma Meghan ur father didn’t deserve this a sick old man who raised u should be allowed mistakes

  35. I heard “clap back” so many times! That’s unnecessary. You could have said “defend herself” instead. You see how subtle it is ladies… women of color seem to always be the one with the attitude after they’ve been poked.

  36. You have to remember Harry is so far down the pecking order in the Royal family he could live quietly. No one ever hears from Prince Edward for instance. The problem is Meghan was a relatively unsuccessful actress craving for publicity. Since she arrived in the U.K. she’s constantly in our faces. If it isn’t her daft vanity projects it’s her frivolous lawsuits. No one actually cares in the U.K. it’s just that if she is off the front of papers for more than one day, she creates another dramatic publicity stunt.

  37. None of THEM MEGS wanted TOO GET I TO ROYALS make her NAME SHE could not make it AS ACTOR OR REAL JOB HARRY was her STEP LADDER UP FAME FORTUNE SHE BROUGHT DORIA with her for good LIFE FREE but SHE DUMPED DADDY after all he did for her .no invite or FAMILY SHE must be hiding them ONLY FAMOUS haseball PLAYER NOTHING about her nephew wondering steets ..NO CHARITY inmegs SHOWS MORE everyday ..FAKE LIKE wallis ..harry fooled ..never see him carrying BABY heis the father .

  38. Harry and Meghan live a very well off but public life. I don’t envy them. Privacy is good. Money does not solve every problem.

  39. OH GIVE US A BREAK? She's broken every RF rule in the book. She does her own thing. Harry's fed up of her gerning? It's a pity P. Philip didn't try harder to put him off marriage?

  40. Its funny how is this all alleged drama in America but probably they are happy, normal and drama free about any of this in the palace or wherever they live, and Harry seems more distance because he has a son now, he has bigger responsibilities.

  41. What utter hypocrisy. Is she miserable during or after lavishly wasting the tax payers money? While this is money that can be used to somewhat better the life of those in insufferable conditions.

  42. Niki Swift you should talk about Prince Andrew having sex with under aged girls & not someone looking or acting sad by one or two still pictures!

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