Mehgan’s Explosive Meltdown | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

♪♪ -Hi, you guys.
-Hello. Oh (bleep)
It’s on. I’m DeAndre’s friend girl
Mehgan. Hi, Mehgan.
Nice to meet you. “Friend girl”? -Lindsey.
-This your new girlfriend? -Not my girlfriend.
-I seen her — You guys switch numbers.
That’s what we doing now? Man, what did I tell you
about drinking and telling all my (bleep)
business to strangers? Why would you
(bleep) do that?
Why the (bleep) are you
sitting here — You exchanged numbers
with her. First of all,
you don’t know her. You telling her
all our business. She look like a poodle.
This what we gon’ do. We gon’ leave her here at
Marriage Boot Camp, and I’ma pack my (bleep) ♪♪ I’m just like, “What the hell
happened just now?” JJ: Mehgan basically wants to
control every situation. She wants DeAndre
to want her even if she doesn’t want him.
-Yeah. Yeah. Why would you pour that water on
my (bleep) head like that? Mehgan:
Why did you switch numbers with
somebody you didn’t know? Like, what the (bleep)
wrong with you? Like, you’re gonna really
embarrass me. You been embarrassing my whole
life since I been with you. I did it really to just
get back at Mehgan, let her know how it feels to,
like, be in that situation where you just downplaying
somebody and not giving them their — their time and their opportunity
to talk. Can you
see his point of view about someone paying
attention to him… Of course.
…someone helping him
feel wanted? We’re supposed to be working on
our issues. Him giving her his number
is creating more issues. Everyone just looking at you
like you didn’t do (bleep) ‘Cause I didn’t do (bleep) Are we done? -Do you feel done?
-Yeah. Maybe you should talk about it
in private. -I do want to talk, actually.
-Okay. You guys talk about it
in private. DeAndre:
You crazy. Like, I don’t —
why the (bleep) you do that? Like, it don’t make any sense,
like, why you —
Why would you
give her your number? That didn’t make any sense. It took that to let you,
like, hear me out? Okay, so, are we done?

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  1. She is embarrassing. I understand why she is upset but she made an entire ass out of herself. She is disgusting

  2. If he would just stand up for himself. Oh well. He shouldn’t have exchanged numbers tbh but she ain’t have to pour that water.

  3. Soooooo am I the only person who just NEEDS a Meghan in their life 😍😍😍
    Something about her crazy ass LOL
    She can come check me boo!!

  4. I can’t believe Meghan is an Aquarius lol I mean we can be fucking crazy but just her over all persona and energy isn’t typical for Aquarius people. We are usually friendly and laid back

  5. she looked at that white woman like "bitch go ahead and say some slick shit on behalf of my man" lol just do it hoe.❤ Meghan

  6. Lmfaooo bruh this just gave me nostalgia asf ! 🤣🤣 I use to go off on my ex bf like that ! I don’t anymore cause I’m siiingle and ain’t got time to be acting all irrational over a friendly mf but I use to.

  7. The only thing that he needs to do is dump her disrespectful ignorant a.. as she should get her own money by working on her own things and not with a man that she doesn’t love or care about.

  8. I wish she would have poured Cranberry Juice onto him. Exchanging numbers while your at Marriage BootCamp??? I would be 🔥 🔥 🔥

  9. Meghan and this guy is not in a real marriage these actors be doing this because its a lifestyle they get paid to portray their own in a way a that TV needs to manipulate so they can be rewarded like doggies who get treats.

  10. He was disrespectful in this situation your not supposed to give anyone the time of day if your really tryna work on your marriage. So yes he was wrong

  11. I’m still trying to figure out how is everyone blaming Megan? He exchanged numbers with the girl. Am I missing something oooor

  12. Megan your right bro if y’all trying to work it out why tf are u doing that, the other couples don’t understand that sooo their stupid

  13. He he the dude from dat video wit the other girl saying "how he cheated and he did everything"..?? I really hope not

  14. Remember this is reality tv. These people want to stay relevant and on camera. This is al for camera but they won’t ever be famous so this all fake shit is dumb. Show is wack

  15. Mehgan wouldn’t even claim him did y’all actually watch the show? Mehgan was wrong she wouldn’t admit they were together and basically emasculated him about not making as much money as her and now she mad because he has options?

  16. Meghan definitely should be mad, but I don't think she should have insulted the other woman. Everybody ain't gonna ignore insults.

  17. What you think was going to happen when you married a bad girl clubbers. Lol. Plus she's totally right . I w9uld destroy that whole place

  18. Why is everyone blaming Megan if that was them in that situation they would do the same thing like her husband is exchanging numbers with some bitch 🙄

  19. so Meghan is crazy because her man exchanged numbers with another female? whoever feels that way needs to evaluate themselves and their relationship if they have one.

  20. I’m not understanding why Megan was the bad guy in the situation when he was giving out his number. Instead of complaining to her you should have said something to him 🙄

  21. How is she wrong? He’s taking another females number? That ugly ass therapist lady with her annoying voice and weird hand gestures.

  22. Fellas it gets to a point where you really have to sit down and ask yourself, "Is her pussy really worth all this drama?".

  23. Men always wanna talk about he lightest part of a situation minus the part where They did wrong.
    Woman: 'I called your Mama & she said she ain't seen you today like you said, so where you been?!'
    Men: 'What you doing calling my Mama for? You don't even like her.' 🙄

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