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  1. Yeees yees my stete dinner went goodful. Who knew my drink would get swished with donald's and I would be the one needing kidney surgery. Sorri umerica!

  2. Watched the CNN piece about her first appearance and Jeannie Most stated Laura would love to do SNL if it was okay with Stephen.So what's up…how great would it be to see Laura and Alec together.

  3. Moi aussi. I don't know what's more offensive : the charade in the white house or the tweets. How can Trump make tweets worse than emails, benghazi and everything else Clinton did?

  4. Honestly, I feel like Donald Trump would have sex with that "mop with googly eyes" so Melania has time to escape.

  5. Colbert has so much hatred about another human that he has degraded himself beyond what trump has. This proves that Colbert is a nasty human

  6. Never try to watch her with stuff on your face, it's pure torture. It takes all of Stephen's restraint not to crack up at her…….she is amazing!

  7. Every video makes melania looks good, while evrybody is stepping on trump. listen both are asswipes. melania is not better than trump. she is dumber,because she does not even have a highschool degree! at least trump went to college. she fingered herself in nude pics….. so why is she depicted as is she is full of wit? She is a plain asswipe! A donkey in the white House!

  8. She comes from a 1 bedroom condo……so how in hell can someone without a degree plan a white house function? can U see how stupid U are? the white house is bombarded by a kitchenstaff. they have their own staff. she is a zero…..not a hero! abig fruitloop! so stop acting like she is that smart!

  9. Im sure Melania wishes she had her class and was as smart, good looking, and her accent was as understandable as hers.

  10. Brilliant, brilliant. Laura is hysterical! Hysterical! Yeah I don't know if people caught that barbed wire around the hat. Super cleaver super funny. It is very very difficult to perform brilliant comedy because it is incredibly hard to hold straight face/and not laugh. Did Melania pass the US History test required for becoming a citizen? Yah right eh?
    Donald J. Putin, Apprentice we are coming for you and it's not going to be pretty, it will however be your favorite shade of orange. Yes we are, we are coming for you..

  11. I don't know what I love more… The way Melania Trump really does plan her wardrobe to block or that we all know what she's doing and Trump's completely obtuse about it. BOTH! I'm going with BOTH! 😂😂😂

  12. the impersonate should be put in jail by lawmen for assaulting and attacking the first lady melania trump👠👱‍♀️🇺🇸!

  13. Laura Benanti mustmake Melania feel like a ‘FAKE’…Melania just as Trump 😡🤬feels like a ‘FAKE’……🤯President 🧐🤔

  14. Melania Trump doesn't SPEAK FRENCH!!!
    She's a LIAR like TRUMP!!!

    Any PORTER of 5* Washington DC Hotels SPEAKS FRENCH MUCH BETTER than FORMER PORNOMODEL Melania Trump!!!

    Melania is still FORMER PORNOMODEL and MOST of American citizens will NEVER RECOGNIZE Melania Trump as First Lady!!!

    Human Rights Activist, American citizen.

  15. He thougt a young hot wife would impress us. We are impressed – that she's the worst, that she's married to an abuser,,that she has chosen to be abused…
    And we are neither amused nor giving a crap anymore.
    You want to sell your soul for a pig man, then take it back TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

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