Melania Trump Talks Media And Her Marriage In New Interview | TODAY

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  1. I understand your message Melania Trump one of the messages the first born male of the 4th Ray is saying through you is that when the 3 above 2 bellow merging process happened slightly over a year and a half ago and how the 3 above are in 3 different universes with the first born male of the 7th Ray the first born male of the 4th Ray is with the first born male of the 7th Ray and with full shapeshifting full dna activated ability's in risen universes it's beyond obvious that the first born male of the 4th Ray chose to be in a female shapeshifted body with the first born male of the 7th Ray and obviously the first born female of the 4th Ray who is part of the 3 above is also with the first born male of the 7th Ray obviously in a female body also and the first born female of the 7th Ray part of the 3 above is also with the first born male of the 7th Ray obviously in a female body

    3 above in 3 different universes with the first born male of the 7th Ray in 3 different universes all 3 chose to be females for the first born male of the 7th Ray and 2 bellow I understand the messages she is channeling through you at this point


  2. Melania Trump is beautiful she seems like a nice humble person im not going to drag her through the mud just because i don't like her husband like they did Michelle Obama calling her a man , a monkey in a dress etc. all because she's black and racist whites didn't like Barrack Obama that's so ignorant.

  3. Don't live a life style you can't defend in the end cause everything you do is a part of you once one always one don't forget

  4. I expected the butthurt liberals take out their unwarranted disdain for the potus on Melania. But at the end of the day, she'll still be smarter, prettier and richer than you.

  5. These immigrants can't speak English properly. Gold digging self serving opportunist who looks like a robot lizard.
    Fake marriage, embarrassment to our country. Michelle Obama 2020!

  6. I Love First Lady Melania Trump. But I have a question for you Guys. Why mostly everybody focus on Dating, etc. When we have so many things to solve. Like in the Old Testament I think in the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament The Psalm talks about, something like Neither the East nor the South and the West but God is our Judge. Also in the Book of the New Testament again in 2 Corinthians 5:17 talks about that if anybody is a Christ he is a New Creation

  7. The LORD bless our lovely beautiful first lady Melania Trump and his adorable husband Donald Trump our President and their little one precious Barron and keep them and all their family, the LORD make His face shine upon our beloved First Family and be gracious unto them, the LORD lift up His countenance upon them and give them peace

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  9. "He is fighting for the American people, everyday…" even when he is on the golf course or vacation, more times then any other president has ever been.

  10. She is niave as all get out. She believes him and agrees with him. They are so very much alike. She doesn t get it.

  11. It’s too bad our First Lady is not treated with the respect she deserves. Just imagine what we could all learn from her. The MSM and disgruntled liberals hate her for no reason. She has only ever done positive things as she represents our country. She and the President are doing what they truly believe is the right thing for the country just as President Obama, Bush, Clinton, and the rest have done. Those who hate this administration should try putting themselves in the footsteps of this family for one second and realize this is just like any other family who have a different opinion than you do but are human beings and at the minimum deserve the respect any one else does.

  12. People on her commenting about how she's an order bride, opportunists are just the same kind of people that attacked Michelle obama

  13. Your name and family name is a shame. No one would use it to advance themselves. Anybody from Africa to anywhere who is of good breeding and education can speak proper English. She can't because she is a pornographic trash posing naked for old tired men.

  14. I can’t wait for the day when her contract to stay married and whatever else to Orange face ends, and she can finally tell the truth. I hope it was worth it for her to lie for this ignorant, chauvinist pig. The only thing I could possibly understand her not divorcing him is their son, he must have legal control over him.

  15. Whatever you think about Donald Trump… his wife is an incredibly sweet and strong person… she is a First Lady worth looking up to.

  16. Melania your husband is a jerk. I do not think Barron should be any part of any of this he is just a kid. I’m sorry you as a mom and he as a kid have to hear any of this. Keep strong and by God get rid of this guy. He disrespects you in public and who knows what diseases he may contract and give to you. Get rid of him. Take care.

  17. If you wanna be a first lady just move your balls to your front(chest)….and marry a trump…

    There you go another truth….but she'll call that cyber bullying….

    Despite the fact it involves no children and nothing but the truth….

    We live in times where the truth is labeled bullying….and fakes are dominating everything….

  18. He is fighting for America every day! but the media only critizied instead to help, Democrats after drown the Country in wars and Bank debts, mistreat Us citizen with the military police wont help Trum, the Private Industry want to help only if they have $$ to earn on deals, so Yes is not easy to Fight for America, and of course he is an old school guy of 70 years +, with experience on Real State the business of the last 3 Centruries, at least he is trying. Everbody cares more about my car, my house and to be on the lane early on Black Fridays, please wake up!

  19. Melania is amazing! She should be more outspoken to moderate the toxic media. She could get her husband some great PR

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