Melania Trump’s Terrifying Christmas Decorations

– Hello, it is First Lady Melania Trump. Look at my trees soaked in blood, soaked in sweet, sweet blood. Ah, to be an ornament, to be admired, to be placed in a small box
away from your husband’s eyes for 11 months of the year. Sometimes, I look into the mirror and I throw knives at it. I eat glass. Be best. Be best! Save me. My Christmas gift to Donald is to touch his penis for exactly three seconds. Look, it’s my prison. I love fashion. I am a happy lady from another
country and I wear perfume. Be best.

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  1. We should bully this piece of shit Melania and make fun of her accent because Donald Trump is her husband. Stupid bitch needs to be treated differently because she sounds like she didn't grow up in America.

  2. The lady, and I use the expression loosely, that did this video, is a jealous [witch with a capital B..].
    Melania is so beautiful, pure, and sweet !

  3. Melania Trump is the most classy First Lady we have ever had , to bad there are so many stupid mutts doing the bidding for the globalists one % that Trump is fighting.

  4. This narration is sick and disrespectful; not to mention, in poor taste and vulgar. I think the decorations are beautiful. Everyone's Christmas decor is a personal thing and NO ONE should be the critic on this topic. Except for disgruntled ignorant socialists. Pardon me if the truth offends

  5. Omg! Leave her alone it's her freaking home and decoration .you all are stupid blood really only sick people say nasty things like that! Go find yourself and island and move there. Stay there!

  6. It looks beautiful i love it!!!. Just because it's the presidents wife doing a color scheme, it's a big deal lol! Alot of people do one color of lights on trees or one solid color of a tree or one color of ornaments. To each there own and yes i agree our tax dollars do go around into their pockets one way or another lol. I just try not to burden my brain with that on Christmas i have enough to worry about😘

  7. Yeah, and I suppose these types of trees were "terrifying" to you when Michelle Obama had them in the red room of the white House a few years back at Christmas too, huh? Pathetic! For you to trash this, really is nothing more than trashing our country. This is the "People's House", and it wasn't just Melania who did the decorating, but volunteers from all backgrounds from all over the country. Why don't you think about that before being nasty just for the sake of it.

  8. This isn’t comedy it’s mocking the other side. It’s BULLSHIT.

    I’ve always loved the color red and saw no problem with it .

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