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– So, Tisha, do you
think that you guys can get back to what you once were? God, I feel like
I’m so emotional, and I hate that about me. When I’m hurt, I’m
really hurt, you know, and I just want to try to
fix it or try to resolve it. Like, OK, what can we
do to move forward? So– thank you, Martell. I just hate that part. I don’t like that part because
sometimes people are like, “Oh,” and I’m like,
“No, let’s fix it.” So it’s going to take some time.
– Yeah. Yeah. I hate to see us
at this place, too. Before we took the break I
felt like I wanted to cry, because I’m like, this is a lot. So, I get her feeling that,
and I’m sorry that you feel that, you know. Because, like you said,
we were close friends that hung out all the time. So, you know, I
apologize for my, you know, involvement in
the friendship not going the way it should go, you know. Because at the end of the day,
I can be honest and say, yeah, I’ve said some things,
too, that were hurtful and, you know, I
apologized for that. That’s never– that
was never my intention is for us to be at this place. Thank you, Mel,
for apologizing. I receive that. I do. That seemed heartfelt, too. – Yeah.
– And I definitely– [APPLAUSE] –apologize for the things
that I said and done, you know, that was hurtful towards you. The hurt is deep and
it feels like forever. And it’s still raw. And it’s still raw. It’s not gonna
happen overnight. It’s not going to
happen overnight. But at least we heard
everybody’s truth, yes? This seems worth saving. Yeah. It seems like both of you are
finally connecting on, like, a basic human level. Forget all of the
other silliness. And you apologized
and you accepted it. That was heartfelt. [APPLAUSE]

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  1. Some friendships just ain't weren't salvaging. Throw the whole thing away! I just don't see sincerity in this friendship and if I can't trust that you respect me, why are we here? I don't do friendships where somebody gotta feel like they are doing better than the other for the friendship to survive. No thank you.

  2. If melody hadn't apologized first I dont believe it wouldn't have got that far for them unfortunately.

    Tisha needed to hear that more than Mel and that has to hurt on another level for mel. sees like she always has to be the bigger person .

  3. I think Melody need to part ways with both Kimmie and Tisha. It's like having a restraining order both parties need to stay away from each other. Tisha is a beautiful loving mother and wife but neither Tisha or Kimmie will sharping Melody Stilettos. Melody need to be surrounded with professional strong women who leave home at home. She's climbing mountains with heels. It's a Holt thing l mean a business thing. The men will be always friends. Too much distrust and Melody doesn't have time to deal with mediocre high school friendships. Great Show

  4. Her husband was ..Verbally Abusive🤬 in explaining things to her🤬💔…..

    And he needs to be…Checked!🤬 looking like a Duck!🤬🤕✌

  5. Tv shows like these…DESTROYS!! FAMILIES!🤬💔 And…FRIENDSHIPS!🤬💔

    They all need to go back! To their …REAL!!! Lives!🙏

  6. In real life, they are still friends. These ladies are business women and playing the game of reality tv.

    Also, I was told by a friend who lives in H'ville that she saw the ladies out at an event and they were ALL having a good time together.

  7. Melody is still the real VIP and as the classy women she was to extend an apology to Latisha was a testament to her ability. Unfortunately you may have to leave some behind that are not really for you, action always speaks louder than words and paying close attention is in order. Respectably.

  8. She need to leave marsau… He turned on her like that! He aint got his wife back… And he used shaming on national tv… Which really dont matter… The point is…she got herself in a bad situation and thats her marriage to him… She deserves better… She really entrust him with her heart… She look up to him…she worships him… He and. His frenemies are using it against her…she is in a spiritual fight… # GetOut!!!

  9. Please don't bring Egypt back as a host!!! Nobody cares what you went through with your husband's ex. Your job is to interview fairly and not take sides!!!!!

  10. Melody posting all the receipts on Marsau on Twitter 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s going in on Tisha and her mum aswell smh this definitely isn’t over 😣

  11. Grow up man….these couples are still emotionally 10 years old ….they have grown physically but emotionally they all are kids…….

  12. Marseau needs to apologize to his wife for not supporting her. Right or wrong, Martell is going to support his wife. Marseau being silent doesn't stop the Holts from slandering him and destroying all marriages in their parameters. That is the type of people they are and have always been. Apology accepted, but friendship….hell no. The Holts are branding themselves for greater in reality television. They love it and will not let anyone or anything stand in their way. They are friends to fame and power, and everyone else is collateral damage.

  13. Melody girl, you are better than me! She didn't deserve that apology, but you're always the mature one trying to make amends. You were and still are the best one on the show to me Mel. Tisha's obviously jealous of all your success and independence. She wants to be you. Watch her…👀👀

  14. Mel and LaTisha will not be as close as they were as friends again. LaTisha messed that up. Martell is going to keep his distance from Marsau because he realize he picked up on some habits that he felt would make him more acceptable to the guys that have hurt his marriage and family. Kimmie is a better fit as a sister-friend for Mel because Kimmie is mature, matter of fact, and will tell her the truth. Kimmie is secure in herself; whereas, Mel is finding herself and beginning to really mature as a woman. Marice has a giving heart and want to see people do well. Marsau seems to be calculating and think of people and relationships has tools. He will take from you everything you have to give but give very little of himself in return. For him to have filed a complaint against Martell wasn't cool. If he is the leader in his home, he should have gotten with Wanda and said to her what see did was wrong by posting that video and that to make it right post another one apologizing, but instead he decided to exercise his "you ain't gonna tell me what to do and then file a complaint against Martell." Martell in turned filed a complaint against Wanda for a "perceived" threat that she made and recorded on video. I hope the woman Martell was cheating with sends him on his way, give him everything that she has that he ever gave to her, move away, and start her life all over again as an honest woman, because it's not worth it. God can will bless her with a good husband. Stolen water is not worth it in the long run.

  15. Funny how Martell handed LaTisha some tissues then all of a sudden, Marsau decides to put his arm around LaTisha… should of done that BEFORE he cheated on her. He's part of the reason she's so damned emotional to begin with. IJS…

  16. Martel gave the tissue, Marsau then puts his hand on tisha shoulder after the tissue gesture ahahaha..marsau will not be 1 upped, #payattention 🤣😂🤣🤷🏿‍♂️

  17. Mel apologizing is like Iyanla would say a "nice nasty" way of acting like she taking the high road. I guess the high road is to apolgize then be mean as all get out right after. People keep saying she the bigger person but should have apologized because her and her husband was the first to make the friendship go bad by accusing Tish's husband of cheating. Mel and Martell are terrible friend because they keep bringing up these receipts we have not seen or herd for about 7 episodes. And it was crazy to drag Tish and Marsua during their drama. With friends like that who needs enemies. Mel is ratchet period! But that is what makes the show good I guess.

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