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-Where did you go last night anyway? Where were you? -When? -You said you was going to the gym but you was gone like an extra hour or two it seemed like. -Well don’t forget it takes twenty minutes to get to the gym, twenty minutes to get back, so that’s about an hour drive time– -Well I know, I already consiered that. I’m smart. I said an extra hour or two. -Okay, I’m not following you but. -I just wanted to ask you where you went last night. -To the gym. You know I run for about 45 minutes, then I go work out for about 45 mintues. -That’s about 3 hours right there. -Feels like I’ve got to gain her trust everytime I step out the house. I think she need to fall back a little bit. And give me a little bit of space. Instead of putting all these limits on me. -You see this right here? All this don’t come from not being at the gym. These little muscles that I got. I mean losing this body fat. -We went golfing together the other day, and that was great. But now he’s going back to the gym.. by himself, and I just feel like we’re not making any progress. – Can you believe we’ve
been married for 10 years? I can.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Why you saying it
like that, though? It’s been amazing to me. The ups and the downs been– Downs aren’t amazing. But the thing is, you
learn from your downs. Have you learned from yours? [LAUGHS] Hey. I’m still learning.
I think– – See?
– –you are, too. Wrong answer. No, it’s not. Mm-hmm. You know, you
learn in a valley. The valleys.
Now let’s go, babe. Yeah, but you stay in
them valleys too long, honey, you gon’ get dried up.

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  1. Martell ain't s**t. He doesn't have the least amount of remorse, he wants Melody to get over his infidelity without even trying to regain her trust and forgiveness…


  3. All I can say is that I hope they do the work to facilitate healing on both sides. This is really painful and being on a reality show can make it worse because it will continue to come up in ways they can't even anticipate. I think this was a bad idea. 🙁🙁

  4. We settle for cheaters….sad to see. She asking where he is at because probably she still does not trust him…do not get married if you are going to step out.

  5. Mel, either move on or move on. If you don't trust him, let it go. If it's been a year since the affair and you're still questioning his clothing when he goes to the hardware store, it might be time to chalk it up.

  6. This is why you don't stay with a cheater. The consistent wondering and nagging about his whereabouts ain't healthy ladies. YOU suffer not him.

  7. Sis if you ain’t gonna let this man cheat in peace, divorce him & push on! He isn’t going to stop cheating so stop nagging him about it.

  8. Melody..need to stop reliving the cheating drama. Forgive Martell before he get tired of this. Mel is not innocent! Get over it and love her husband for better or worse.

  9. Melanie looks like a fool monitoring this man’s daily activities. She knows he is lying, the viewers even knows he is lying & cheating. Either she is going to live with his cheating or need to leave him. How is she going to stay mentally healthy worrying about his whereabouts every day? That is a unhealthy way to live. She looks foolish, walking around like this strong BW, but allowing him to make her look like a desperate woman.

  10. Martell is expecting her to just get over his cheating with a woman who was more than just his jump off. He's extremely arrogant & obnoxious when it comes to respecting women period let alone his wife. This dude only looks good in the physical but has zero substance in my opinion he's an ego maniac the spot light has to be on him at all times

  11. Melody … you guys are 'Millionaires' … so buy a house and build a custom gym inside with all the machines and equipment ole boy needs … this way, when he says he is going to the 'Gym' you will know that's exactly where his azz is!

  12. 1:07 "Have You learned from Yeeers"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 …. IDK why but we have fallen in love with Melody wit her lil country accent !😘

  13. When you cheat you don’t get “space”. So yes, you have to go above and beyond to gain her trust back if that means answering 150 questions so be it, when it truth it’s easy to tell and shouldn’t be a problem.When Martel learns that Mel won’t just “get over it” because it’s annoying to him, then I think he’ll be okay. Trust is easy break and extremely hard to gain.

  14. I don’t watch this show. Haven’t seen one episode but I have clicked on these clips on YouTube because I subscribe to OWN. Every single one is about her husband cheating. Either she’s really not over it or this is a pathetic storyline. Either way, it seems very redundant for the viewers.

  15. 45 min + 45 min = 90 min.
    That's an hour and a half. Three hours is double that. Let's account for that extra time.
    Mel, listen to that woman's intuition. It's screaming loud and clear.

  16. 90 minutes equals 3 hours lol. Do better homie it's getting weak out there! Until another cat creep up in them Suga wallz!!!

  17. Let me tell you the truth.. I would leave immediately after the cheating… immediately. Immediately. IDGAF. Tried and tested.. I leave as soon as you start seeming distant. BYE.

  18. Martell and Mel are funny at times set better examples Martel would you like for some one to treat your daughter's like that if you keep your mess up you might bring a curse upon them.So the infidelity is something you want to take seriously.

  19. WHY.😐
    WHY all these Questions, Acting, & Stress…. Just to get Pregnant. 😐
    Like S-tF-U. Please. LADIES STFU if you ARE staying.

  20. Nope you dont need space! What kind of foolery is that! You think Melody is playin with you. Lol you better work out at home. Everything you need to do to keep your wife you should be doing and you need to be sincere about trying to win her and her trust back.

  21. These men have no respect, do not value or cherish the women they marry…… its like a game…. they speak of it the same way you would speak about eating a donut. No big deal! Just move on!!! Wow! This man is a disgusting piece of human flesh… i wish she would roll out!

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