Memorial Song – Minnesota Got Colder by Corey Koehler (Celebration of Life)

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  1. heart n soul, honest n real…just layin it out…the memories we don't really like thinking about but are always and forever on the edge of our thoughts…thanks

  2. @coonskm Thank you for the nice compliment. I can't take all of the credit for the video though, my sister helped out a bunch. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. @CoreyKoehlerMusic Wonderful tribute to Minnesota. I loved your pictures and your music.
    I visited your channel but I couldn´t write a coment.
    Thank you so much for sharing your compositions. Light hugs and endless blessings. Sofía

  4. Hi Corey, Great number, Having just lost A soul mate to cancer, I can see where your coming from, Thank you so much. All the best from an Aussie Mate & thanks for the post.

  5. @robbie69612 Sorry to hear about your friend Robbie. It is good to know that the message in the song reaches across the world. Thank for the compliment.

  6. @bobcornish2004 Bob, thanks for the comment and the kind words. Feel free to post it where ever you'd like.

  7. @HeGivesMeHope01 @HeGivesMeHope01 Thank you for sharing your story and I appreciate your kind words. Here is something else that might help you. I've been reading a book called Tiny Buddha (google it) the past few days and it really is giving me some insight into issue like this, maybe you can find even more piece of mind.

  8. Corey, Great tune! Wonderful way to honor those we miss. I have a couple pix of my folks, Dad died at the age of 54 and Mom at 69 both too young. I'd like to share them with you sometime.


  9. that's a touching song Corey.. brought back memories of my daddy.. but it was Ohio that got colder that day he passed.

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