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Hi, my name is Paul Friedman. I founded The
Marriage Foundation and the topic is about menopause and how it is impacting
your marriage. And so, I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not here to sell you on a
particular drug or an herbal remedy. I know you’re going through it. I know it’s
difficult, I don’t have personal experience with it firsthand but I have
seen the effects — it’s not so pretty sometimes. Here’s the thing, if you’re
having menopausal problems, if you’re having financial problems,
if you’re having problems with the kids and your marriage is doing well then
it’s taken in stride. Your husband is there for you.
He’s supportive of you, he understands he’s not putting pressure on you but if
your marriage is not functioning well, if you don’t have that dynamic going where
the two of you are spiritually bonded then there’s a lack of understanding
that creeps in. There’s resentment it’s not fun so I know it’s after the fact so
to speak that your marriage hasn’t been doing really well and so now this is one
more burden but the solution isn’t different. The solution is get back to
working on the basics of your marriage even though you may have been married
for quite a number of years. People don’t know the basics of marriage — they don’t.
We’re not taught. In fact, society has tried to take spirituality out of our
lives for some insane reason and so even love is promoted as a very shallow thing
where love is the deepest spiritual experience there is. So look, I’ve laid
it all on in both of my books. Your marriage is probably not on the verge so
you don’t need the course but get one of the books so you could get an
understanding so you could start working on your marriage, not on the menopause,
not on this one problem. You can see doctors about that, there’s ways of
dealing with that but let’s be honest. The real problem is that the dynamics of
your marriage are not as they should be. Take this advice. I’m not trying to sell
you a book. You make a buck a book when you’re an author. I’m trying to help your
marriage. Blessings to you, blessings to your
husband, and blessings to your family. Okay. Now if you thought this was useful
like it. share it. If you want to comment comment. I’m open, I’m receptive but I
want your marriage to really be incredible and there’s no reason why it
shouldn’t be. All right, God bless you!

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