Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 12 | 2nd March 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

won’t you have breakfast? No, I’m not hungry have breakfast from today on wards, you’ll have your lunch & breakfast with me… as now I’m your husband whatever I’ll say, you have to do that the breakfast is served! I was so famished what is there to eat? I really don’t know about Shahmeer he had came so late in the night, & don’t know where he has gone so early in the morning God knows about this boy! oh wow! the breakfast is going on here hey yes, come … have it quickly please sit, let me prepare some more breakfast keep sitting whoever needs to do the breakfast, has to prepare itself oh Zafar! what as such has happened? my daughter doesn’t prepare the breakfast for all? if your wife will prepare the breakfast, will her respect get lessen? I’ve always seen Ayesha, preparing the breakfast no problem, it will just take two minutes only… let me prepare it uncle has started to insult us so openly do something, before its too late hey, what shall I do? everything is in Shahmeer’s hands and unfortunately, that boy doesn’t have any concern he’s been wandering like a lover also think anything else, except for Shahmeer he won’t be marrying Ayesha he has to get married to Ayesha listen! just accept whatever I’m saying to you be friends with Ayesha we all three, together will control Zafar’s wife… & will make Zafar learn the lesson through Shahmeer but right now, the main danger is Zafar’s wife just understand the matter! listen yes say it! can you please bring me two mobile phones? why two? one for my mother & one for me I’ll bring them upon returning but keep selected numbers in that I will keep only yours & mother’s keep loving me, I’ll give you all the luxuries of this world I don’t need any luxury just keep your trust in me, that’s enough for me you are doing very nice talks today try to smile a bit if you need anything, do let me know without any hesitation you have no idea, that from which circumstances I’m going through these circumstances have made me so helpless & alone you aren’t alone I’m with you right now you are in difficulty, & I want to support you in this difficult time where have you lost? I got afraid no need to be afraid, till the time you’ve done anything wrong this is my house I take care of the expenses of this house nobody shall dare to speak wrong to you except for Ayesha! she is my daughter is she talks any rubbish, try to avoid it or make her understand with love OK? whatever you’ll say, it will be done good Javed take me to Maira’s, so that I can give her, her things mom, what has happened to you? you’ll take this junky to Maira’s place? brother Zafar has given her luxurious life
he’ll discard all this stuff there is no value of this, for him it can be junky for you but for me & for my Maira, it’s so much in fact, everything…. if you can take it, then take along alright then, we’ll go in the evening.. take a side, let me do this no doubt your exam is so tough, my God keep me steadfast I’ve started to fall in love with you I want to spend my whole life with you or else erase the memories of mine & Shahmeer’s heart on one side there is pain, and furthermore is the fearfulness… where shall I go? shall I commit suicide? if Shahmeer wouldn’t have been in this house
then I would have shown patience but if Zafar will get to know, then no need to be afraid, till the time you’ve done anything wrong you’ve been up since morning… at least do some work there is plenty of work in the kitchen, but you…
hi! hi! you took so long to wake up today! yes, I couldn’t sleep the whole night then I gave the breakfast to Shahmeer in the morning, then I slept at 9 AM Shahmeer is still sleeping? No… he has gone somewhere since morning.. he has gone! but he was saying that he’ll sleep after doing the breakfast what! where he must have gone? call him! hello! yes Shahmeer, where are you? are you in the office? No, I’m going to Islamabad I can’t stay in that house anymore why? when will you come back? may be, never Shahmeer, what are you saying?
Hello! Shahmeer! what happen, what was he saying? he is saying that I’m going to Islamabad, & cannot live here anymore what! he can’t live here? oh God! all of this has happened due to that ominous girl if she doesn’t want to get married to my son, then why she got into love with him! just message him, tell him that mom’s not feeling well he’ll come back, message him oh God! ominous girl… the day she has entered in my son’s life, she has destroyed him don’t know, where he must have gone? why has he left the house? is it because of me? furthermore, Shahmeer & Ayesha’s marriage proposal has been fixed, they’ll get married soon No, no… he was about to get married to Ayesha! do you think, that Shahmeer can betray anyone? he use to love you so much and your betrayal has shattered him he hasn’t betrayed you, you’ve betrayed him! No I haven’t betrayed anybody this separation was written in our fate oh God! if the family will get to know that I’m the same girl, due to which their son has left the house, then… then what will happen? my God! please take care of this secret of mine else, my disgracefulness will kill my mother my God! take care of my secret Shahmeer, please come back brother Zafar doesn’t like us to visit again & again so shall I leave my Rs. 5 lacs? now your sister has been wed off to that house that’s why, it’s another house for us… or not? don’t talk rubbish I don’t want, that Maira’s life get more disturbed due to us oh God! what are you talking about? it means all is my fault! we aren’t worrying her, and didn’t you feel ashamed at the time when you were dealing for your sister against Rs. 10 lacs I got into your talks and don’t taunt me for this, at all times I’ll go to work as if I’m doing all this for you this useless man is full of anger! idiot man! come inside tea for you thank you if you allow me, can I sit with you for sometime? yes, for sure.. come please what’s your name? you are elder than me, in the relationship but I’m not into being so formal, you can call me Aimen you know, you aren’t of the age to become an aunty, furthermore, you are so beautiful thank you leave this thank you, just tell me do you like uncle or not? it means, that you didn’t like him at all hey no, it’s not the matter anyways leave, if you like uncle or not… but I like you so much only Ayesha is there, who is mourning without any reason it’s natural, whatever she is doing her nature is to create fuss you know, she is so clever & a liar person she fills uncle’s ears against us please stay cautious from her Aimen what about your brother? any information about him? Shahmeer! he is such a big drama, don’t know with which girl he has been in love with and you know, mother has become so restless by crying I get so scared, by these circumstances… therefore, I’ve come to sit with you hi! uncle hi! what is it, why are you quiet? has Aimen said anything wrong? hey no, she has brought tea for me OK did you talk to Ayesha? then talk to her if you’ll initiate, then she’ll accept you in fact, you should initiate this… mobile, one is for you & the other is for your mother thank you he didn’t even replied me of my message his phone is also switched off continuously don’t know in what condition, my son must be in! you’ll keep sitting like this, or will do something? what shall I do?
what shall I! all three of you together, have made me crazy no need to talk about that girl, in front of Zafar else the matter will get more complex let me go to Zafar where has my son gone! open the door, Zafar what is it brother, is everything alright? Shahmeer has left the house what does it mean? don’t know, what has happened… I really don’t understand do something man, Parveen’s condition is so bad by crying had he fought with somebody? no, there isn’t any fight this is to worry upon, that nothing has happened something must have happened, brother nothing has happened, honestly has anything happened at home? No, I was in my room don’t worry, let me call his friends please check.. let me go & see Parveen aunty, stop it…. don’t cry don’t know…
whether my son has eaten the dinner or not! Ayesha, you can bring him back home please call him back OK, stop crying at least don’t worry have some patience, sister in law he’ll come back himself Ayesha sit just finish it, Ayesha how much more will you annoy me? you go to your wife I don’t have any concern with you and I’ll always stay upset with you I won’t ever forgive you alright, don’t forgive me… don’t only just tell me, that have you fought with Shahmeer? I didn’t had any fight with anybody I stay in my room for the whole day nobody comes to even ask about me that’s why, I’ve done second marriage so that you shouldn’t feel that your mother isn’t there you haven’t done the second marriage for me, you’ve done that for yourself and if you were so much concerned for me, then you must have got a lady of my mother’s age she is of my age stop talking rubbish, Ayesha! you are crossing your limits I’m sure that you also like me even if you accept it or not this is the truth she is my wife… I won’t leave her this man is telling a lie, he is crazy he is mad, he is of dirty mind she & her sister in law has taken Rs. 50,000 for marrying me ask her I swear upon my mother, this man is telling a lie… there isn’t anything as such Shahmeer you don’t know, you’ve entered in my life as an angel don’t know, if you haven’t been there.. what would have happened with me what would I’ve done at that time! tell me, how do you find my bride? how are you feeling mom? thanks to God since you’ve got married, my health has become so good, by the grace of God take something,.. have tea why are you asking for tea, ask about the dinner no son, thank you so much… in fact I’ve come to invite both of you, if you can come for the dinner with us.. day after tomorrow! actually, I’m a bit busy nowadays as soon as I get free, I’ll come to your house for sure try to come day after tomorrow, my son.. I’ll wait for you OK mom there is a small gift for you No, no.. I don’t need this but I need to talk to you, how will I contact you? please keep it, she gets worried uselessly later on ask brother to insert the sim, OK try to come day after tomorrow, OK son Zafar! if God willing… Khalid is sitting after talking to Zafar, as if he has fulfilled his responsibility but what shall I do? shall I go myself to look for him? he won’t come like this let me call him, I’ll tell him that you are so unwell & hospitalized yes, this is right… do this he loves that girl, but he also loves his mother what happen? his number is switched off then drop him a message I know, he’ll call me for sure he’ll come back if he gets to know, that you are telling a lie & you aren’t unwell, then? I’ll apologize to him, he is my son… he’ll forgive me I enjoyed so much after doing the shopping, it was such a big mall Javed, look at this.. its a bit pricey, but the quality is so good right! yes… it will look so good on me, see..
Javed! does it look good? it’s so good, but haven’t you spent a lot of money today?
Javed! son no need to create fuss about this, you keep on being jealous of me…
bring me some water what is it, if I’ve done a lot of shopping for the first time in my life? I also have some desires and learn a lesson from your sister, as she wears such an expensive dresses Javed…
if I’ve done this shopping, so you are being upset it’s not a problem, but the money you’re spending… it is for the business Javed, just look at the mobile phone, it’s so good… now I’ll keep it my hand to show off I use to feel so shameful, while using that third class mobile OK, fine you’ve bought a lot of things today for yourself, you should have bought something for mom also Javed…
what’s the need to buy anything for mom, recently we’ve bought 2 dresses for her furthermore, her son in law is here now.. now he’ll bear all expenses of hers water! hello! hello Aimen! Aimen, how is mom? what has happened to her? she got unconscious while sitting there even in this condition, she was missing you come quickly, Shahmeer… else it will be so late I’m coming… just coming alright yes Sharique, this is Shahmeer’s uncle speaking hi! do you know, where is Shahmeer? his phone is switched off since yesterday No, I haven’t visited the hospital OK then, let me see alright then, I’ll wait for your call don’t know, what this boy is upto you’ve made a good decision, Shahmeer as far as heart & love is concerned… only lucky people get such things yes, Shahzad… do you know where is Shahmeer? yes, I’m calling him too… but his number is off I’ve already called Sharique alright do let me know if you get to know something
I’ll wait for your call OK have you ironed the clothes? where are you lost? have you said something? where do you get lost all of a sudden? you’re hiding something from me, for sure No, it’s nothing like this you tell me, what were you saying! have you ironed the clothes? yes, they are done OK alright mom, stop crying you’ve become so restless by crying I’m bringing breakfast for you, & you’ve to eat it…
NO I won’t eat anything.. till Shahmeer comes why are you acting like a kid? you’ll ruin your health in this manner Shahmeer… where have you been? mom has ruined her health by crying for you & your ego isn’t lessening at all this is limit you are perfectly fine, mom so what else I would have done?
do you know! how bad I was? you left without even telling us you haven’t done right child leave this contumacy of yours just think, that she wasn’t in your fate and whatever is in your fate, value them mom, you aren’t understanding! let me live alone for some days if I stayed here more, then I’ll get so worried No, child../ don’t do this don’t go after leaving me, else I’ll die… mom, don’t make me feel guilty… and don’t cry promise me you won’t go, by leaving me yes? I’m here have you eaten anything? let me get something prepared for you, I’ll make you eat with my own hands my son he has come back Shahmeer, shall I prepare an omelet? No, I’m full did you feel, that since you’re back home… the house has become so lively Hi! dad where have you been? I was at my friend’s place what do you want? do you know, how much worried we were because of you! Khalid please… don’t start at the breakfast table Shahmeer behave yourself, else I’ll be so bad to you leave it brother, the boys are careless at this age alright Zafar but we should know at least, the reason behind… that he has left the house leave it brother, he is a mature & young boy… you shouldn’t scold him like this I’ve got a good news for all of you you’ve said to me, that Shahmeer & Ayesha likes each other sorry, I got a bit late in answering I accept this proposal start the preparations of their marriage ceremony Zafar, thank you so much you’ve kept our respect I’m very happy Ayesha, before the nikkah (wedding ceremony), I’ll pronounce you my daughter in law, not my daughter our family has strengthen more, I’m very proud of you Zafar honestly, Shahmeer is such a nice boy in fact, it’s my good luck that I’ve got a very nice son in law Maira congratulate him… he is your son in law congratulations Shahmeer also congratulations to you too Ayesha my best wishes & prayers are with you I don’t need your prayers keep your prayers with you was it important to create the fuss? at least, you should have respected the time for happiness oh! in what matters we got occupied in, at the time of happiness have some sweets, it’s my son;s wedding… take this let me give the sweets to my brother first now, my turn… to make you eat the sweets.. take this give this to Shahmeer as well.. take this Shahmeer take this, my child Ayesha, come my child… take this Shahmeer the fortune is about to make you my son in law can there me any more big injustice than this? what happen? why are you crying? I don’t know myself, that why am I crying! I am sorry, that Ayesha’s behavior isn’t good to you she is young right now, but she’ll be alright with the passage of time I hope that after getting married with Shahmeer, her bitterness will get over just don’t talk to her anything bitter she doesn’t like to see my face, and talking is so far OK, uplift your mood you look good while smiling we haven’t gone to have dinner outside, after our marriage, right?
let’s go today I’ll come back at 8 PM, you get ready by that time as you are a newly wedded bride, OK! good mom, I can’t get married to Ayesha why are you being so stubborn? what as such bad is it in Ayesha! there isn’t anything bad I just don’t like her really! and the girl you’ve liked, she didn’t thought you capable of getting married Shahmeer, understand the matter Zafar has agreed upon this marriage by so much difficulty I hope he doesn’t gets upset, if he gets to know about your love this matter will always stay hidden from him everybody was sitting there, therefore I didn’t refused uncle what do you mean my refuse? the meaning is clear, mom No Shahmeer, don’t do this didn’t you see, Ayesha & other family members were so happy mom, I don’t understand this… that why are you after Ayesha? Shahmeer, I’ve said to you you’ll only get married to Ayesha only… do you understand! mom, I won’t get married to Ayesha at any cost and this is my final decision and if you insisted on this matter again, I will go leaving this house & won’t ever return to this house, ever

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  2. Who else thinks forced marriage should end? Forced marriage is haram and illegal. It's sad how dramas justify forced marriage by playing with words. They justify forced marriage by making the girl look "ungrateful." And this is messed up because rejecting someone is a basic human right. Rejecting someone doesn't make you "arrogant."

  3. Those feeling sorry for the girl are the same people who were against Ulfat in Dil Moom Ka Diya even though she was also forced to marry a rich man twice her age. Still, she was shown in a negative role and the audience hated her. They kept calling her "ungrateful" and kept saying things like "looks and ages don't matter" but it degrades the value of consent and freedom of choice. No still means no. A girl still has the right to choose her life partner and reject someone even if that person is an angel.

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    Anas Ghazi writes – YouTube

    Anas Ghazi writes – YouTube

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