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Mermaid tails are so much fun! Swimming in a mermaid tail is truly one of those formative childhood experiences your kid will always remember. And what better way to get them outside, off
their electronics, and using their imaginations than a fully immersive, role-playing exercise
that builds confidence and swimming skills? Here at Fin Fun we believe everyone deserves
to dream. And mermaid tails make those dreams a reality. But first things first, let’s talk about safety. My daughter Charlotte and I are going to
demonstrate the six essential swimming skills you need before you put on your mermaid tail. The first step is going to be floating on
your back. Charlotte is showing us how she floats on
her back. Her face is out of the water, and the rest of body is just relaxed. This is important when you have your monofin
on because you will be able to roll over on your back, and just breathe and relax. The second skill Charlotte is going to show
is floating on her stomach. This is to show that she can be relaxed in
the water. It’s not to hold your breath, so make sure
you take a breath whenever you need to, and then go right back to floating. The next skill we’re going to show is rolling
from your front float to your back float. This is just a good way to take a breath when
you have your mermaid tail on, and it’s also good because you don’t scrape your mermaid tail on the bottom of the pool when you do this. The next skill is treading water. This is an important part of any swim test. It shows she can be relaxed, not panic and move her body comfortably in the water. Even though she won’t be moving her legs like
this with her mermaid tail on, it shows that she is a confident swimmer. She should be able to do this for about one minute. The next skill is to swim 25 yards or meters unassisted. You want to make sure you’re not holding on to the side of the pool, or holding on to a parent. Now Charlotte is showing the dolphin kick. This is the main movement you’re going to
be using when you have on your mermaid tail. You want to be able to roll your body from
your fingertips all the way to your toes. Just make sure you can do this basic motion. The monofin and mermaid tail are going to make this kick much easier. The monofin will propel you through the water. You’ll become a stronger, faster, more efficient
swimmer. You’ll be amazed at the swimmer you’ll become with the mermaid tail on. Not only as a swim instructor but as a mom, I love and trust Fin Fun mermaid tails. I get to see my daughter’s imagination and dreams come to life. My daughter loves it, and I love to watch her become a little mermaid.

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