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Hi. I’m Christine Dustin. I’ve been a competitive swimmer since I was 5 years old. I’ve competed at the national and at the collegiate level. Now I’m a swim coach and the Fin Fun swim instructor. Mermaid tails are a super fun way for kids and adults to play, use their imagination, build swimming skills, and get a great workout. But first, let’s go over some important safety tips. Step one: This is for the kids. Always swim with adult supervision. Any time kids are in the water, adults should be constantly watching to make sure they’re safe. Step two: Make sure that you are swim ready. Remember our first video about your swimming ability. It’s very important to be swim ready certified. If you can’t swim with two legs you aren’t ready to swim like a mermaid. Swim ready certification is mandatory for mermaid certification. If you haven’t completed this training yet, please watch this video now. Step three: Always put your monofin on while sitting at the edge of the water. Even though you’re super excited to put it on, you’ll need to wait until you’re close enough to slip into the water. Trust me. It’s a lot easier and safer this way. Step four: Only swim as a mermaid in places where you would normally swim as a human. If you aren’t comfortable swimming in the ocean without a tail, don’t do it with a mermaid tail on. If you can’t swim in the deep end without a tail, don’t do it with a mermaid tail on. If you normally stay close to the edge or the wall without your tail, stay close to the edge or wall with your tail on. Step five: If for any reason you need to get out of your tail quickly, you can kick it off while swimming. First wiggle your feet out of the tail. You will usually pull one foot out first and then use that foot to push on the fin to get the other foot out. Then pull your tail down and swim out of your tail. Step six: Kids you don’t have gills! Remember your upper body is still human so you’ll need to breathe the same as you normally do when swimming. Don’t hold your breath and don’t dive too deep. Make sure you’re near the surface so you can breathe when you need to breathe. A good tip is to roll over onto your back and float when you need to rest, and then just breathe normally. Step seven: When you show up to the pool with your pretty tail on you’re definitely going to make a splash. But make sure you’re considerate of the other swimmers there. Your monofin is going to make you swim faster so make sure to watch where you’re going. A good tip is if you’re on your back make sure you have your hands above your head. And if you’re on your front make sure you also have your hand in front of you and that you’re watching where you’re going. We hope all the little mermaids out there have fun and swim safe. Make sure to watch our other Fin Fun safety videos for more instructions. Thanks for watching!

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