Merry Christmas! Christmas party with Daddy [The Return of Superman/2019.12.29]

Merry early Christmas. Jooho prepared a special gift for Gunhoo and Naeun. Jooho is sweet. I can’t wait to find out. I stayed up all night to prepare. You may look forward to it. Okay? – Okay. / – You’ll be totally surprised. You have to yell if you’re happy. If you guys are happy, shout like this. Okay? – He orders them to react. / – Are you excited? – No. / – No? Okay. Let’s go. One, two… Ta-da. (Exclaiming) Gunhoo. Look. Ta-da. Gunhoo. Look. For an unforgettable Christmas party, Jooho prepared all that. He’s really romantic. (He prepared the surprise two hours ago.) I celebrate Christmas big. Did he prepare everything himself? That’s a lot of effort. – Isn’t it pretty nice? / – You did a great job. Sir, since it’s Christmas, Merry Christmas. (What do Gunhoo and Naeun think?) Ta-da. Wait. Gunhoo seems… – What’s wrong with Gunhoo? / – What do you think? I like it. Merry Christmas, Gunhoo. Naeun. How did I tell you to react if you like it? (Exclaiming) – What’s wrong with Gunhoo? / – What’s wrong with him? – Is it too glittery? / – Come here, Gunhoo. – Come here. Sit down. / – You do it too, Gunhoo. (He enters the party zone.) Gunhoo, put on the mask. Hello. (Testing) (I’m better.) (Do.) (Re. Mi.) Five high-pitched tones exactly. (Voice cracking) (Sol.) (Fa.) (Mi. Re.) – Five low-pitched tones? / – Yes, five. Merry Christmas. How cute. (Dashing through the jingle bell) (In a one-horse open sleigh) “Dashing through the jingle bell”? – ♪ Laughing all the way ♪ / – ♪ Laughing all the way ♪ (Next song is “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.) – Hearing them sing, / – ♪ I’m telling you why ♪ – it feels like Christmas. / – I know. – They like it. / – ♪ Santa Claus is coming to town ♪ Daddy’s friend is here. I’ll be right back. – A friend? / – Play that for Gunhoo, okay? – Don’t turn it off. / – Dad, I have to pee. – You have to pee? / – I have to pee. Come here. I can go by myself. I’ll bring my friend. (Gunhoo’s still into the microphone.) Gunhoo’s left alone. (Where did everyone go?) He turns around, and he’s alone. It’s like the movie. – I know. / – Gunhoo’s “Home Alone”? His dad suddenly left. Where did they go? What’s going on? It’s Christmas. – I know. It’s scary. / – What’s going on? Wait. This is getting scary. (Crying) – Goodness. / – Mama. (Whining) (The door is suddenly unlocked.) It’s scary. (Is someone here?) It’s unlocked. Merry Christmas. His sister is back. What a relief. (Who’s here?) – Who unlocked the door? / – Who is it? – Merry Christmas. / – What? (Santa Jooho’s special event) – It’s Dad / – My goodness. – playing Santa. / – Merry Christmas. I’m your daddy’s friend. – Sit here. / – It’s too obvious. Sit down. Merry Christmas. Sit down. Merry Christmas. (When children see Santa,) That’s right. Most children cry. (the children get surprised and cry.) That’s right. Children were happy when they were completely fooled. (Or become happy.) (The appearance of Santa) (makes them speechless.) – He used cotton candy for a beard. / – Sit down. Merry Christmas. Dad, what are you doing? Sit down. Merry Christmas. I brought some drawings. (He starts the event.) – What is he doing this time? / – It seems he prepared a romantic event. – What is this? / – Oh, baby! – Tree. / – “What is this?” Tree. Why are they suddenly playing a game? Playing. – Guess again. / – They are suddenly having a quiz. Who is this? (Let’s pass.) Naeun and Gunhoo. – Naeun is giving answers. / – Is this “Quiz Actually”? Gunhoo and Dad. Naeun, Gunhoo and a heart. – I prepared in vain. / – Give me a present. Give me a present. I am the present! No? Okay. The hole in the cotton candy beard is getting bigger. His breath is melting it. – I am hungry. / – Are you hungry? Okay. I prepared food. Don’t open your eyes, Naeun. Can I open them now? No. Not yet. – This is a proper party. / – Hold on. – Look at that hand. / – How cute! – Food is the best. / – Can I eat now? – No. Not yet. / – Why not? Do you want to eat one? – He prepared a lot. / – I know. He is the best when it comes to preparations. Gunhoo, sit down. There are cookies! Cookies! (Naeun looks after Gunhoo during the wait.) Cookies! Cookies! – What is he preparing? / – I spent a lot on this. Turtle? – “A lot of money.” / – Why did you use a turtle? I didn’t say “turtle”. I used a lot of money. “A lot of money.” (“A lot of money”, not “turtle”.) – Ta-da! / – What is it? It’s a turkey! I used a lot of money on this. – He said that so many times. / – It’s a turkey. – It’s like chicken. / – Did he cook that turkey? Gunhoo, look at this. It looks tasty. – Gunhoo, here. / – How will he eat that? It’s as big as Gunhoo’s face. Look at this. It’s big, right? – It looks tasty, right? / – Yes. Dad, I want to try it. Here. Try it. Open wide. It’s turkey. It’s just like chicken. – It’s tasty. / – It’s tasty, right? A bit at a time. Here. (Naeun likes the turkey.) Merry Christmas. You are eating well. Gunhoo should eat it too. – Should I give some to Gunhoo? / – Try it, Gunhoo. – It must taste similar to chicken. / – I’m sure. – Grapes. / – He eats with gusto. Eat the grapes after you are done. (Chewing) Open wide, Gunhoo. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. (His eyes open wide.) – It must be tasty. / – He closed his eyes. (Hurry up and give me more. I am sneezing.) – Merry Christmas. / – Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas. / – Merry Christmas. On a day like this, a cake is a must. Really? That’s right. – Close your eyes. / – A cake is a must. Close your eyes. (Expectant) Ta-da! It’s a cake. – Ta-da! / – That’s it. It’s a cake. – It’s an ice cream cake. / – Mickey Mouse! (She puts her hands together.) Gunhoo, come here. Touch it. Naeun did it. – What is that? / – Spin it. Which one will Gunhoo get? Mickey Mouse! – Children would love it. / – Gunhoo got the mouse! (Uncle, look at this.) My goodness. (I will try them on.) Gunhoo slides in his feet. Why is he putting them on so carefully? (They fit perfectly.) He is posing. All done. He is excited. What is this? (What’s the other present?) These are earphones. Are there earphones as well? A game is a must for Christmas. To have fun, I prepared a game. – Let’s clean up and play a game. / – Okay. One, two, three. One, two, three. (Falling) – My goodness. / – It opened! – It’s a unique toy. / – I did it! I did it! One, two, three. They made precious Christmas memories. Press harder! One, two, three. – Everyone, Merry Christmas. / – Merry Christmas.

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