Merry Christmas! We are doing our family dinner Filipino-style tonight.

– Merry Christmas, everybody. We are about to have our
Christmas family dinner. We have some amazing chefs in our family. We’re very grateful for them. We just finished offering this food and this dinner to Jesus Christ, and asked Him to accept in celebration of His birthday. And now, I’m gonna pass it over to my sister’s mother-in-law. And her and my sister’s husband actually have been slaving in the kitchen all day. We got the benefit of actually just showing up for this dinner tonight. But this is a very
special Christmas dinner. We’re doing it Filipino style. For those of you who know what kamayan is, this is a kamayan Christmas dinner. And here is chef number one here to explain what we have going on here. – All right, so we have rice. – [Tulsi] Okay. – And this is adobo. – Okay.
– With vegetarian ham. – Okay.
– From the Philippines, and some jackfruit. And I put some of this toasted garlic on top as a garnish. – [Tulsi] Looks amazing. – And then we have the kare-kare. It is actually peanut sauce with some coconut milk. It’s got some banana
heart, yard-long beans. – [Tulsi] Is that bok choy? Baby bok choy?
– See bok choy. And some eggplant. – [Tulsi] Yeah, that’s one
of my favorites actually. – This is the sauce for the kare-kare. It’s made out of salted black beans. It’s the version– – What’s it called? – Bagoong. – [Tulsi] This is called bagoong and– – Yeah, it’s actually, in the Philippines, it’s made out of anchovies but this is a– – [Tulsi] This is the vegetarian version. – The vegetarian version of it. And then, we have the– – [Tulsi] And this is really salty right? The bagoong is really salty. – Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit salty. Because the kare-kare doesn’t have any seasoning in it other than peanut sauce. – [Tulsi] Yeah, which is amazing. – And then we have– – Okay, I’ll take over. – Okay, cool. – Ampalaya, the bitter melon salad is raw. It’s got raw onion, raw tomatoes, and– – [Tulsi] Ampalaya is– – Bitter melon, yeah. – [Tulsi] A nice palate freshener. – Oh yeah, and then we have
roasted eggplant salad here. – [Tulsi] That’s amazing. – Same thing as that. Tomatoes and chopped onions in it, and some chilies. And then, what else we’re missing here? We have the famous Lumpiang Shanghai. – And then explain. – [Tulsi] There you go, that is– – Explain how kamayan works, ma. – All right, so you eat
with your right hand, and you get some food with your left hand. So everything you touch, you only touch your mouth
with your right hand. So everything is clean. So you don’t actually touch it. – [Tulsi] So you don’t ever touch? – No. – [Tulsi] You don’t ever touch the food in the middle with the hand that you’re eating with? – Oh no, no. – [Tulsi] And what’s the number one rule that we’re about to all do, sister? – Go wash your hands. – [Tulsi] Wash your hands
well before we get started. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Tulsi] Yes. – Okay, so that’s it. – [Tulsi] This looks that’s it. This is amazing.
– Looks good. – [Tulsi] Are we excited, people? – We are.
– Yeah. – [Tulsi] We’re very hungry. – [Carol] Have been for a long time. – [Tulsi] Yes. – [Mike] Quick before I pass out. – Exactly. We’ve been a bunch of, Abraham and I, and my parents, we’ve been on the road, almost all day today. We had went to church this morning in Conway, in South Carolina. Beautiful, amazing Baptist church. Best way to start Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And then, we all piled in the car, and drove up to D.C. to join my sister, her husband, her mother-in-law. And we’re so grateful to be able to partake in this incredible meal. We’ll come back and show you the empty banana leaves. When this is all said and done. Merry Christmas, everybody. I just wanna say thanks to all of you for your incredible support. I’m just, we’re all so grateful this Christmas and every single day to be standing shoulder to shoulder, side by side with so
many incredible people all across this country. As we fulfill this real
meaning of Christmas of actually loving, and
caring for one another, and taking action to be of service. To be of service to God, to be of service to others, to protect our planet. And I have great hope. I have great hope for
what we will do together. – [Abraham] Somebody’s
asking about dessert. – Dessert is coming later, trust me. Part Two, part two. Marisa’s asking if there
will be ube dessert. Unfortunate, is there ube? – [Vrindavan] We do have ube. – We do have ube, I didn’t even know. It just got even better.
– She made and brought from the Philippines. – [Mike] And durian? – We also have this
beautiful thing, durian. – [Tulsi] This is durian. – It’s amazing, I don’t
care what anyone says. It’s the best thing on the planet. – [Mike] People have a hate-love relationship with durian.
– Yes. – It’s amazing. – This is basically nature’s creation of ice cream.
– Ice cream. – Obviously, you add nothing to it. I’m amazed that we’re
able to get durian here in D.C., in the middle of winter that’s creamy, and beautiful, and amazing. If you don’t know what
durian is, check it out. Marissa, just for you, this is… – Mama’s ube, she made it.
– Oh, there you go. – [Tulsi] Homemade ube, homemade ube. – Yeah, yeah
– In the Philippines and brought it. – [Tulsi] Brought from the Philippines. – She made it. – So you do you wanna know? – Yes. – [Mike] Okay, how about let’s eat. No. Yeah, they’re like,
“Okay, enough already.” And here’s the lilikoi
cake she made as well. It’s incredible, it’s incredible. – [Mike] Abraham, call 911, I’m gonna pass out.
– All right. All right, all right, we’re done. Eating time, merry Christmas, everybody.
– Merry Christmas. – Aloha, happy birthday, Jesus.

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  1. Durian can smell like a ripe pair of sneakers and is banned on public transportation in some countries. It is not too bad if you don't inhale the durian fumes as you eat it. Ube is my favorite ice cream and is used in halo-halo in the Philippines.
    My son was born in the Philippines and lived in Loboc, Bohol for a while. He still likes to travel back for visits

  2. Marry Christmas and blessings on jesus and Mary. I just want to learn how we can prove that Dec 25 is in fact the true birthday of jesus. I am curious to know because moses and jesus are true Prophets of God as per Islamic verses in Quran.

  3. From a Trump supporter as myself to a democrat as yourself, Tulsi, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas yesterday, and I want you to know I have much respect for you, and I hope you keep speaking truth to Hillary Clinton and her cronies, our government desperately needs more people like you in office.

  4. The only democrat I can tolerate. I won’t vote for you but, I respect you and wouldn’t mind knowing more about you. You feel genuine and from the little I know about you — I like you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. I tell my younger daughter, tulsi 1st female president, then she be 1st female Latina president,….now my granddaughter look to you, plz….stay strong

  6. Just remember that Christmas is not a Christian holiday and has nothing to do originally with the birth of Jesus. It is a pagan holiday where the Germanic tribes and Vikings in Northern Europe celebrated the shortest day of the year and the turn of the season. They also celebrated the longest day of the year in June, midsummer, which is still done.

  7. Please don't be a vegetarian/vegan Tulsi. You will break every guy's heart who dreams of eating a juicy burger with their dream woman. 🙂

  8. Tulsi is your typical normal human being who just wants peace but is vilified by the war mongers who wants to cash in on spilling more human blood.

  9. I could not love this video any more. Imagine, a presidential candidate showing off their vegan Christmas feast! I am beyond thrilled. If not for the war machine propagandists, this woman would be leading the race for president by far. Such a role model!

  10. Balute & Ponsit huh???? Merry Christmas!! Noone Cares!! Rice for dinner! Well they do eat Rice 8 days A Week!!!Anchovies!!! You got to be kidding!!!!!🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂

  11. Merry Christmas Tulsi, 
    Tulsi Gabbard is just very genuine, very real. She is like family, very down to earth yet seen it all! Tulsi Gabbard would make an incredible President, the World would take a different shape, and it would be much better!

  12. A Hindu singing Christmas’s carols!!! NOW I’M IMPRESSED:
    “ The Infinite Soul is thought to have incarnated among mankind four times, as Sri Krisna, Lao Tzu, Buddha and Christ.1 These four are denoted as avatars of the Infinite Soul. Here the term avatar is used in the broader sense. While many Hindus reject the idea of avatars outside of traditional Hinduism, some Hindus with a more universal outlook view the central figures of various non-Hindu religions as avatars. The specifically include:
    Gautama Buddha – (Avatar of the Infinite Soul)
    Jesus/Christ – (Avatar of the Infinite Soul)
    Zoroaster – Avatar of the (Transcendental Soul)
    Vulcan’s (AKA Planet Nine?) orbit was defined with the aid of the times when the Christ and Buddha incarnation of the Infinite Soul occurred.
    “ Marginal data suggests that there may have been an incarnation of the Infinite Soul (i.e. The Maitreya, The Fifth Buddha, The Twelfth Imam [Mahdi], The Second Coming of Christ, The Messiah) on 16 June 2008 at 8:00 AM EST +/- 1 (or 1.5) hours.”

  13. PS Jesus was born 31 March 3 BC around 8:20 AM and became the Christ at sunrise March 4, 33 AD. So Christmas is really celebrating when Prince Gutama became the Buddha.

  14. Thank you Tulsi Gabbard for allowing us to be a part of your family Christmas. The food looks amazing and LOVE LOVE DURIAN 😋…with love from Yang Gangs….#HumanityFirst 👍👏👏👏

  15. You are the only Democratthatis even remotely reasonable. Minus some of your extreme (progressive) policies I think your character would make for a fine president.

  16. Tulsi, you have BROKEN MY HEART! I THOUGHT that you were about Bernie, only to learn you are about your JOB OPPORTUNITIES! How could you vote PRESENCE, on one of the most DANGEROUS presidents whose been in the Oval Office, GW BUSH/CHENEY being #1! You have truly let me DOWN …….. HOW COULD YOU? For I have been following, supporting you since you told the DNC to Kiss your Last Ass, that you were NOT GOING TO GO INTO THE SEWER with them! THIS IS HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WITH YOU …. right up to your PRESENCE VOTE! This is when you BROKE MY HEART! For I believe, you are another OBAMA, say all the GOOD THINGS, then get into a POSITION whereby, you SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS! I was HOPING that you would be apart of Bernie's Administration, over the PENTAGON to help CLEAN OUT THE CORRUPTION within our Government! Now I know you are JUST LIKE OBAMA, the CLINTON'S, PELOSI, SCHUMER, and the rest of the Establishment Dems, for you are all about the MONEY & OPPORTUNITIES with Wall St & BIG MONEY!

  17. Gabbard's interjection of "Jesus" (who didn't exist) into the ceremonies before the meal puts the lie to the idea that Christmas ISN'T a Christian holiday and that non-Christians shouldn't feel oppressed by its official sanction and insistent promulgation into popular culture.

    Every time you say "Merry Christmas", you endorse the Crusades/Inquisition/slave trade/genocides against native peoples/pogroms/Holocaust and all the other crimes of Christianity, the most-murderous idiotic superstition ever to walk the Earth. (At least it used to be that only ONE virgin would get tossed into the local volcano at a time.) Every time a Christian acts as if they love non-Christians and just want to have us join in their joy, they're lying to your face.

    I've always said a candidate for President would have a better chance of success by campaigning on "I like it up the butt" than "There is no God". Which Buttigieg may be proving right now.

    At least now this bullshit is over for another year.

    (Still supporting Gabbard. But this crap makes me ill, as always. Rot in Hell, Jesus. If you or it ever existed, of course.)

  18. Then go to the Philippines and run for president Democrats are so untrustworthy no matter who it is lying power hungry trash

  19. If you and Trump would get together it would be an unstoppable steam roller. You are amazing….keep up the great work.

  20. Love how real you are! You don't pretend to be anything but yourself. You are a true patriot and bring so much appreciation for our country and everyone in it no matter who they are or where they come from. That and many other reasons is exactly why you should be the next President of The United States of America!

  21. Merry Christmas Tulsi !! So happy to meet and see your family members and to see this amazing ethnic food.
    God bless you all and may Krishna bless you with the power and wisdom to lead our country.

  22. Tulsi, your an amazing and unique person! Keep speaking your truths that many of us support. Bok Choi! I used to choke on that stuff! Mabuhay! Salamat Po!

  23. Read this guy's fantastic writeup – submitted to some newspaper.

  24. FYI:
    Ampalaya aka Bitter Gourd is a very good alternative for diabetes sufferers who could not afford insulin injections as it would help lower blood sugar levels. My father has diabetes and it help lower his blood sugar levels

  25. You played yourself by voting neutral on impeachment yet saying he is "unfit to serve as president". Your vote and your
    statement are a contradiction. You cannot be trusted only a fool would support you!!!!

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