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  1. Donna Brazile's just as much a part of it as any of them getting the debate questions to Hillary ahead of time.

  2. wow bernie is the only dem They mentioned that isn't a sack of intellectually incompetant shit !.

  3. One error: Donna Brazile is as much a part of the problem as those others. The idea that she would destroy any of it is a joke.

  4. Funny skit. Fortunately, the Dems are going away. Within the next year or two, no one will follow them. Too much corruption. Once the truth comes out, no one will walk away. The truth is toxic to anyone connected. It cannot be defended.

  5. Republicans before this sketch: SNL is too political! I remember when it wasn't political at all and everyone just watched things everyone found funny!

    Republicans after watching this: This is hilarious! SNL needs more stuff like this.

    For those of you who are both of these, you need to make up your mind. As a Democrat, I found this video funny because I don't take political sketches too seriously. So, you can either say that SNL shouldn't have politics, INCLUDING politics making fun of the Democrats, or you can be alright with the fact that SNL will poke fun at your political party once in a while.

  6. Mouth breathers and window lickers? Sorry, that's 99% of Trump's base. And you might as well forget about the knuckle dragging voters too, they're all loyal to their orange fuhrer!

  7. If the Democrat Party could wrest itself from the control of Abortion and Gay Rights Advocates it could salvage itself!

  8. All these people whose party encourages diversity are all white people. If they didn't play identity politics, the democratic party is finished!

  9. I dont think i could ever cope with pelosi and feinstein and hillary in power our country would literally implode

  10. Look at all of these trumptards conservcucks repukes……..All Of SUDDEN They Love And Agreee with SNL. LMao Thought ya didn't watch the show anymore???

  11. Democrats won back the house in the last midterms…and now they're doing everything they can to piss away the trust Americans gave them by doing the same centrist corporatist bullshit.

  12. I'm pretty sure they saw how AND was tanking after they decided to be so politically biased and this isn't going to undo it all though!

  13. Kate’s face sells just about anything. She’s both incredibly beautiful while making the most silly faces. Her pelosi stiff mouth of too much

  14. Please SNL. We are praying each day, that the cranial walls of the dorky waste, Alamierdina Occasional Cortex and Cerebellum, implode spontaneously, the next time she looks into a camera, head on, with her mule eyes..!
    Meantime, could you help us embarrass the bloody cunt to commit self euthanasia..?
    Just film her doing anything, and broadcast it..! She is the missing link between primitive simian-apes, and modern humans.
    Yes, She is.

  15. DEMOCRATS ARE SATANIC! From a source:
    Is there a relationship between the crackdown on the traffic in human babies for Moloch worship and the sudden push for late term abortions in New York and Virginia states? If the human babies required for sacrifice to Moloch are not available from Mexico because Trump is stopping the traffic on the southern border, or from Brazil because networks like the John of God fraud are being busted, then they must be home grown. It is notable that the new third trimester laws allow a single doctor to declare a mother in mental distress to “abort” a baby even when the mother is in full term labor. Then the baby is “revived” and taken away, and a live birth is never recorded.
    Another nexus is the connection to Democratic personalities such as Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, who both promoted John of God. Hillary and Podesta were solidly connected to the Spirit Cooking of the Moloch worshiping crowd. Though such personalities are prosecuted by the Tribunals, they are allowed limited public appearances under guard as Trump’s Junta deems the extent of their crimes too shocking for the public to digest. The prosecution of those involved in human trafficking is in process, despite the support it got from the rich and politically powerful. WAKE UP PEOPLE! THE LIBERALS ARE DESTROYING LIFE AND COUNTRY! DON'T BE CONTROLLED OR USED BY THEM!

  16. Buncha pedo protecting, baby killing, anti gun, race baiting, psycho mofos.. socialists will never gain traction in American. And we will never open our borders. America will stay America 2020


    Leslie Jones 101: If you can make people die of laughter by just a line, do it.

  18. We haven’t been this confident since the night before Trump got elected! LMAO. SNL was finally funny again. But I’m sure it won’t last. Soon enough they will have Baldwin back on with his tired ass impersonation. That guy should thank God almighty for Trump. Without him Baldwin would just be a washed up hasbeen.

  19. I'm running on a platform of: I will do as little as possible, say as little as possible, for four years. You won't even know I'm there.

  20. Alex Moffat's Schumer impression is spot-on for a dude nearly half the age of the man he's impersonating.

  21. They didnt include the truly hilarious Kamala, beto, buttedgeedge, etc. Their Politics is ruining this opportunity to be really funny.

  22. Liberals and conservative should support Trump, he's an outsider draining the swamp. Think for yourself and don't get brainwashed by the mass media corporations.

    CONGRESS SO WHERE DID ////////////////1/2 OF  THE DEMS COM FROM ??

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