Mettan – Bachelor Party for Stian

You guys ready? See you soon! We will! Good luck! Ok, this ain’t my field of expertise, but i’ll try to rap about this peculiar day I had. I was on my way to work, felt kinda good, but then i saw this chest (it was kinda ugly) I thought: “Hmmm. What might this be? Could it be: buns, a bat, a rabbit, cheese or just some clothes? Huh, it WAS just some clothes… But not just any type of clothes! It turned out to be inspired by something quite familiar! lol Is it really THAT tiny? Get in there! Yay! Perfect! Me, and my impressive accuracy, was getting dressed up as Link, himself! I unsheathe my sword, ready for some adventuring! The princess is gonna be wooed by a certain guy with curly hair. (hint: me) The road is long, and these pants are tight!, so I better get going, post haste! I started walking, but stumbled over another chest. Felt like Scooby when I saw three rupees Wait, what? Three rupees? What am I supposed to do with these? Anyone care to explain? By all means, step forward. A man showed up, with a grin on his face and said: “I would like to show you my d..” HEYHEEEY! Hey! Look! it’s… …my deck. Aaaaaaahh Got some good things for sale, stranger. But you’re from an entirely different game than I. Four rupees. “Four rupees”? But this one’s worth 5 uhh… He’s color-blind I’m not! I’m getting robbed over here… Excellent choice! The man left, and I was none the wiser, so I went to a bar to get a beer. I noticed a shady fella, looking at me.. ..flipping the bird! Huh? What did I do? He flipped another bird and said: “Up your ass with broken glass!” That does it! Imma send your ass to jail, where YOU’ll be the one dropping the soap.. UNSHEATHE THY WEAPON! With my magic missiles from my magic arsenal, Imma do you crazy.. ..don’t move an inch, or I’ll shove you down the toilet! But before we fight, I have to smack you with this shoe! Don’t ask, It’s just my warmup routine. It was either this, or we make out. But enough chit chat, start packing You’re going on the next train to hell, asshole! Sparks were flying, ears started smoking. This is dead serious, I ain’t joking! He tapped 5 swamps in order to cast Liliana.. ..but my deck was blue, so she had to bite the shoe. (bye-bye!) My mana pool was getting drained, so my magic skills were halted! But suddenly! I drew the best card in the world! And that did it! WAAAAHH!! Listen ♫ – “Zelda’s Lullaby” (ocarina) *giggle ♫ – “Mette, You’re so fine, I’m gonna make you mine ♫ – “When I’m all sad and blue, the one cheering me up, is You ♫ – “There’s no doubt, you always make me smile” ♫ – “We’re not exchanging last names, and we don’t have a car.” ♫ – “Mette, you’re so fine, you’re mine ♫ – “On a railroad track, you’re my railroad bike” ♫ – “I tattooed my paw, you have first priority regarding my chode ” ♫ – “Now, you and I will dance, and I’m gonna swing my ass all over the dance floor.” ♫ – “Meeeeetteeeeeee” ♫ – “oooooh” Burger! ♫ – “Meeeetteeee” ♫ -“Fjeeellheeeeeimm” Well, hello there. *aaargh!!

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