“Mew-Gulf” Where to celebrate Valentine ?? ‘Sweetheart Mughlaf’ shouldn’t miss this clip [Sub Eng]

Q : In the Valentine theme There are games to play. Q: If Valentine’s holiday, where to go? Gulf : Holiday? Q : Where to date? Gulf : Same as before. P’ Mew like to go to the sea. want to take to Maldives because the sea is beautiful Q : Don’t you like him? Gulf : Mountain? I like it. But P’Mew likes the sea. Mew : Gulf like the mountains. But don’t know if we like it or not. Q : This is a question or telling sentence. Mew : This is a question. Gulf : Like krab. Q : In summary, where would you go on a date with you? Mew : Where should Valentine’s Day go? Should go to Maldives together Q ” What if Valentine’s Day is in Maldives and the bodies have been swapped? Mew : Shocked Gulf : First shocked Shocked why he was in this body? Q : What do you want to do? Mew is Gluf , Gulf is Mew. Maybe switch bodies back. 5555 It’s strange. It’s not body Mew : May I sleep long? I can’t sleep longer than 8 hours. But Gulf will be a person who is a bed limit . Want to know what the limit will be. Gulf : Wake up will cause a headache. Q : If comparing flowers to each other, what flowers would be compared? Gulf : I’m a sunflower Will get bright all the time Mew : I’m a ………………. Mew : I’m a forget me not flower. Q : Why is it a flower? Mew : Don’t forget me. Q : And forget? Gulf : See you everyday, shouldn’t be forgotten. Q : If they can exchange organs, what will be exchanged? Gulf : Let’s exchange Six-pack. I want to have a nice body. Want to know what the Six-pack will look like Mew : I want to exchange my mouth. I want to know what a beautiful mouth would look like. Q : And if exchanging then what to do with the mouth? Mew : Will try to kiss 555555555 Q : Do you have any concerns? Gulf : P’ Mew has just been hospitalized in the past. Want to take care of your health Because this period of hard work, do not overdo it. Mew : Also, take care of your health because you are also an intern, we work very hard. We want you to share a lot of good time and rest. Gulf : Thank You. Q : When working with other people, do you have some jealousy moments? Gulf : No Mew : Most of us come together. Gulf : Yes, it is a long time to go to work alone. Q : Are you jealousy? Gulf : No, I’m understand that it’s work. Q : Trust each other? Mew : Won’t you be jealousy? Gulf : Well, you didn’t do anything to make me jealousy. Or you do? Q : Where do you like touching each other? Mew : Like to catch a belly Gulf : Like to shoulder like to play Q : Please show love to each other, but don’t say the word love. Gulf : ………………………………….. Mew : ………………………………….. Q : Last question.
tell fans of love with 3 words Mew – Gulf : Ummmmmmmmmm Mew – Gulf : I LOVE YOU……

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  1. Thank you so much for the subtitle❤️ they have a lot of international fans as well so subtitle is really needed. Thank you once again😍

  2. Thank you so much for English subtitles and also… good questions by the interviewers… not the usual ones and MewGulf never disappoint with their chemistry

  3. Whoever made the eng subs for this your an angel. Just enjoyed it sooooo much. Truly miss them already. I hope theyll still be together in the next series. MewGulf together forever.

  4. gulf is so so so beautiful and mew is damn handsome. they always look good together. please be together for real😭😭

  5. Thanks for English subtitle. Love its so much and we must to remember that sign language of love them😊🤗😘🇮🇹

  6. Of course Gulf, you’re always bright like a sunflower 🌻 and that’s what I adore you🥰 although you don’t need six packs because we like you when you are chubby🥰 keep it up my little brother 💐🍀🍀😊

  7. Yeah Gulf smile brightly and warmly like Sunflower…and Mew dont wanna forget him that he always stick with Gulf…perfectly campared flower

  8. Thanks for the engsub 😘😘😘

    What Gulf wants from Mew body? His abs
    What Mew wants from Gulf body? His lips
    What are they gonna do with it? Eehhmm.. Kiss the abs with the lips 😆😆😆😆

  9. เอ็นดูการสตันท์ของมิวตอนน้องทำมือ 🤟🏼 เสียอาการไปเลยนะพ่อคุณ แต่ไม่ยอมแพ้ จุ๊บน้องซะเลย น้องก็เขินนะดูออก ยิ้มตาหยีเลยเด็กน้อยเอ๊ยยยย ส่วนหวานใจก็ตายเกลื่อนจ้าาาา 😊

  10. งื้ออออ หัวใจดต้นผิดจังหวะ 💕💕💕💕💕

  11. น่ารักมากๆๆหวานสุดๆ มิว&กลัฟคู่จิ้นที่อยากให้เป็นคู่จริง #หวานใจมิวกลัฟ

  12. ชาย,หญิง,ชะนี,เกย์,เก้ง โดยตก"พร้อมกันแล้วทั่วประเทศ..เบาหวานขึ้นตา แทบบ้าแล้ว.เรา.ยิ้มไป,ดิ้นไป,ไม่ไหวแล้วเด้"

  13. The bond these two have I can not describe. When they look at each other it's almost like they have telepathy and when Gulf laughs Mew can't help but smile at his wife.

  14. I love the way they are around each other, and how they look each other i the eyes when they talk. They are not stiff or awkward with eac other at all, love them. Wish they have all the good and beautiful things in this world. Thank you for the english subtitles. Hugs from Finland to Mew and Gulf

  15. Bii looks tired i can see black circle on his eyes,,,,both of them must be tired and exhausted please take care your self guys,,,,love you😍😍😍

  16. am i the only one who notice that when Gulf smile he always turn to Mew. When Mew speaking Gulf looks at him with a smile. Also when Gulf speaks he always look at Mew.

  17. คลิปนี้ ม้วนต้วนไปเลยเรา555 ฟินระดับล้านนนนน 😁 #fcบ้านนอก

  18. ทำไมตอบคำถามเหมือนคบกันแล้วอะงง?? โยนไม้พายในมือทิ้ง 😏😏

  19. หยอดคำหวานทุกวันคิดอย่างอื่นไม่ได้แล้วนอกจาก….แฟน

  20. No worries Boo Mew, nobody will forget you, amazing kind and talented guy and strong heart 👍 so, Forget Me Not suited you well 🙏

  21. รักพี่มิวพี่กลัฟเหมือนกันค่ะ..☺❤❤☺

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