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hello, youtube friend. the food we will eat today is mexican food Our family challenges Mexican food for the first time today. It may be somewhat different from local Mexican food because it was made in Korea There is a mix of Korean style cooking methods. Let’s start a pleasant meal. bon appetite thank you for today’s food The kids have already begun to prepare food with chopsticks. There is a wide variety of delicious food available, but our children’s first choice is potato fries. The name of the fries is bacon cheese potato. It is topped with bacon, garlic, and jalapenos pepper. Let’s taste how it differs from ordinary potato fries. i wonder dad thanks please give jalapenos once try with bacon This is similar to the Korean pepper. this is spicy can you eat this? pepper? is it spicy pepper? a little try once is this? let’s try not spicy at all I think it’s a little spicy. it is not spicy at all mom, is it spicy? so delicious really yummy so good The potatoes and these sauces fit very well. These two foods in the middle are salad pasta. One thing contains shrimp, the other one contains chicken This pasta was cooked using various kinds of vegetables. It is likely that this food has both health and taste. I wonder what flavor it is. let’s eat once let’s try shrimp first sarang, try this mom, please give it to me here what do you want to say, pyori? Is this a cream pasta or a tomato pasta? This dish does not contain tomatoes and cream. It is a dish made with salad and sauce. smell good yummy is it? dad, i eat shrimp tail now this shrimp has no tail I had a tail that I ate a while ago. so fresh taste right and so delicious really yummy mom, i will feed you here is shrimp tails again. you eat so well next, let’s eat chicken this contains chicken thanks babies, these are chicken meat i will help you for sarang here chicken this is so yummy try with meat You should eat lots of vegetables. chicken is not vegetables. Right, so you have to eat vegetables together. let’s try together it will be sweet Please wipe off my face. try with this wait, i will give you some meat give me meat Can i eat three together? It is delicious even if we eat together two. i will try three i will try three, too so yummy really delicious this is yummy Chicken pasta and shrimp pasta taste different. i think so, too I thought it used the same source, but it’s a little different. One is a sauce that is good for seafood, and the other is a good source of meat. eating meat and vegetables together is most delicious It is delicious if you eat pasta and fries. next food is buritto This is the food that is cooked on the grill by putting rice, vegetables, and cheese in a tortilla bread. Inside, you can put meat, prawns, chicken etc according to your taste and eat. We put shrimp in today. And the thing that fried this burrito in oil is that chimichanga If this put in oil and fry it, It can be upgraded to that shape. Then, let’s eat the basic burritos first. Is this Burrito, and that Burrito too? This is to fry the burritos and sprinkle the sauce. wow This dish contains various vegetables and rice. and shrimp Give me the part at the end ok, give me your plate and me this edge part is for pyori, This part looks handy and easy to eat. The ingredients are very abundant. This is clogged at the end, so eat like a handful of buns. There is a very good point. mom, try this once Dad eat chopsticks. This does not require the use of chopsticks. this contains red pepper. mine also contains it but, not spicy at all My food also contained red pepper. I put it in my mouth a lot but it is a spicy taste. really? do you cut it? yes this contains cheese right it really contains cheese yes please, wet tissue this is really delicious very good me too this is more delicious than potato fries If you eat it and get a little greasy, eating this salad pasta will make your mouth fresh. It is not, you should eat with this. try Don’t you feel greasy if you eat it? is it oilly? not oilly at all how is it? not oilly i think It is the most delicious to eat the French fries cheese and Brito cheese together. try please eat this pepper instead of me babies, how is mexican food? so yummy mom, please eat pepper instead of me next food is Quesadilla It contains various vegetables and cheese in a tortilla bread. It seems to be similar to the ingredients that put into Burrito, but it does not have rice. and we ordered chicken buritto. let’s eat this looks like pizza right try it dad, so yummy so, try this once Eat it like you eat pizza. Take it with your hand and eat it. This green vegetable is like parsley rooted in creamy spaghetti. that’s right it’s taste is similar to buritto right I will try a little more delicious method. After spreading this on both sides, I’ll put the salad that came with it together. Try it and this cheese of fries, it is really delicious. She fell in love with this french fries. it is so yummy It is delicious to eat with any food. What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten? potato fry is the best no, the best is Quesadilla. is this? really? sarang’s best is buritto The cheese inside is so delicious. Today, favorite foods are different from each other. second is potato fries mom, how about you? my best is shimp salad pasta dad, how about you? my best is shrimp salad pasta, too I changed my mind. second is shrimp pasta, third is potao fries mom, how about you? me too third is shrimp, fourth is chicken fifth is buritto Next time let’s try to eat tacos, I have eaten this. yes, mom and dad have eaten this. This is meat, tomatoes and various vegetables put on top of tortilla bread and sprinkled with seasonings. look so yummy really yummy These foods are similar in ingredients. But the cooking method is slightly different. that’s right really yummy but This tastes bland. yes, this is more light please, wet tissue The order in which we ate these foods was very good. I had greasy taste in eating Buritto and Quesadilla. But at that moment, I ate tacos, and my appetite was renewed If we had reversed the order, it would not have been good. Finally, the last food to eat is chimichanga that is beef chimichanga It is a food cooked in oil with burritos. Let’s eat how it differs from Buritto. let’s go i will cut it for you dad, it looks so yummy yes, so much I wish I could eat it first. This is full of meat. Are you tough? There are rice in Buritto and Chimichanga, and there is no rice in Taco and Quesadilla. right what is this? it is quesadilla. pyori loves it because it has cheese waht is your best? I’ll give you one by now. sarang’s first is this, second is that this is for sarang, she want to give first next is me here Sarang eats what she eats with fries. However, it is true that fried potatoes are delicious. Especially, the part with cheese is delicious. that’s right this is Cheddar cheese. how do you know? I saw the color and saw it. you are food professor it is me no. it is me sarang, too is this your favorite? you ate this a lot please, give me chimichanga By the way. This fried potato is addictive. My hands keep going. dad is the name of this chimichanga? yes, chimichanga here this potato is so greasy but, can’t stop eating dad. Here comes the cheese, peel it off. It contains bacon, and it tastes sweet and salty. that’s right please, wet tissue mom yes What is the best among the ingredients of this food among vegetables and shrimp? everything really? Choose one. can you eat olive? It is on the pizza. right is this tomato? no, it is paprika i can eat paprika it is my chicken here is so many shrimp this shrimp has tails right can you eat tails? yes, I have been eating since I was a child. since child?? when is your childhood? a month ago She has grown up now. this shrimp has real tails i can not eat it tail is so yummy this looks so delicious try it i wanted to eat it i will find it again this looks so delicious this contains cheese and bacon that’s it so yummy right dad, please water here you find it well we had a good meal today we will come back for more joyful meal see you next time bye bye

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