Mexico City Travel- Fun for an American?

Legend has it in Mexico If you don’t give your luchador an offering of mezcal every night. Evil spirits may enter your house. What’s going on guys it’s Jon coming to you from Mexico City. I’m on the balcony of my apartment through AirBnb. Staying in the Roma district. And i’m already loving this city. After just two full days here. Yesterday I went on a free walking tour downtown. I’m not going to show any footage of that. But I do recommend that you take a walking tour in any city you go to. You know learn the facts. facts, learn the history of that city before yoru start exploring anything else. Two of the things I remember most from that walking tour. 1) Mexico City is actually sinking. Every year. Try taking a photo somewhere downtown. See how difficult it is to level your camera straight. And two the first movie theater in Mexico City built in 1907. Is now an adult movie theater. Yeah things can change a lot in over 100 years. Alright before we head out I want to show you guys my Airbnb. This place is super retro. 1960s/1970s themed. And we’re going to play some music to fit that era right now. I’ve stayed in over 50 Airbnbs and i’ve never had a host leave so many things in the refrigerator. When we arrived. Look at all those cervezas. Marco if you ever watch this video. Muchos gracias. I’m going to be concentrating this vlog on Condesa and Roma. Two of the more stylish, hipster neighborhoods in Mexico City. And I want to tell all the Americans out there that if you’re afraid to come here. I’ve been walking around the last two days, I haven’t seen anything that weird. I’ve felt more unsafe in other cities, even in the United States. I think if you stay in the right areas, you can have an amazing time here. In fact you probably have a higher chance of tripping on some of the uneven side walks. Remember what I said about this city sinking? I’m loving some of the street art I’ve already found in Roma. This is kind of a bohemian hipster area. A lot of cool things like this. And a whole lot of trees everywhere. That’s really impressed me most so far about these parts of Mexico City. You think city you don’t think trees on every single corner. Just entered the Condesa neighborhood walking on Avenida Amsterdam. And essentially it’s just a big oval around the area. So you can’t really get lost. It’s surrounded by tons of shops. Cafes. It’s got the art deco thing going on. I really don’t feel like i’m in Mexico right now. Victor y Diana here are going to be showing us how to do flair juggling in the park. This is a dog school in the park. Where they teach obedience , they look pretty obedient to me. That’s an entrance to a bathroom. How cool is that. That was a raisin croissant I guess you could call it. It is so so good. I met Diego here in the park and he wanted to practice his English. So why don’t you tell everybody back home something cool about Mexico City that they might not know. Okay.. umm something cool about Mexico City. The food. I mean Mexico city is all about food. The spicy food is delicious. I mean it’s one of the best things here in Mexico. Also the touristic centers. It’s amazing. Roma. Torre Latin Americana. It’s just amazing. If you want to visit Mexico. I mean I know you have the idea that Mexico is dangerous. But it’s a really good place. So Diego came up to me practice his English and i’m going to give him an A+. Very very good. One point i’d like to make is that the locals in Mexico City have been so friendly. Normally you expect going to a big city that people are going to be a little bit stand off-ish. But they’ve been nothing but nice to me so far. Alright guys we are at Mercado Roma. I am meeting Meagan right now from couchsurfing. She recommended we go here.Meagan why’d you take me here? Well this place is really cool. It’s nice to get a taste of La Roma. There’s so many different types of food here. There’s French. Japanese. Vietnamese. Mexican. Et cetera, et cetera . And I see you’re making new friends already right? Yeah, obviously she’s my twin sister. I can see the resemblance. It’s pork and then you have some corn in here. They put lettuce. We put oregano. We put lemon. Umm these are called .. Radish. Yeah. okay. And that’s about it. It’s a really typical Mexican dish. This is the moment where I go uh uhhh Alrigh tip of the day? Tip of the day. Is to never. Never leave home without monedas. Change, coins. Because there’s always something you’re going to need. There are tons of people selling things on the metro. You might need tissues, you might need Halls for a cough. You need water. Ice cream. Never leave home without these. I definitely owe Meagan for that suggestion. This mercado here. Mercado roma is amazing. You can get mexican food. Vietnamese food. Burrito/sushi. All sorts of random stuff. Seriously , check it out if you’re in the area. Now i’m going to go back have a little siesta. And i’m going to show you guys just a little bit of the nightlife. Alright guys one last stop tonight. It wouldt not be a video on Mexico City if I didn’t include at least one nightlife spot. And this city is full of nightlife. I could probably do two or threes videos based on that alone. But we’re at Luciferina. And they have a very special cocktail. Made of.. ready for this? Tarantula venom. We’re going to go try it right now, to end off this vlog the right way. We’re watching the venom right now. This is so strange. Tongue, gums feeling a little bit numb right now. I want to continue this effect. I can’t believe this is legal. I agree with what you say about the tingly tongue. I’m definitley feeling that right now. It actually tastes pretty good though. I mean I taste the mezcalness. Uhh a little citrusy. It’s a good drink. I’m curious what my tongue is going to feel like after I finish this. That’s a wrap from Mexico City. I hope that tarantula venom wears off eventually. I’m still kind of feeling it on my lips right now. Uhh Mexico City has got so much going on. So many cool things. Take it from somebody that lives in New York. Mexico City is definitley worth a visit. Especially with the exchange rate right now at 18 pesos to 1 dollar. You’ll live like a king here. Definitley subscribe to Here Be Barr if you haven’t already. We’ve got weekly vlogs, travel tips videos coming out. Looking to help you travel smarter. Be a part of where you go. Thanks for watching. Buenas noches

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  1. UPDATE 3/2/17:
    I'm going to return to Mexico City for 6 weeks in Mid-March and create a lot of new vlogs from there! . Voy a regresar a CDMX por 6 semenas en Marzo y voy a crear muchos vlogs!! New videos here (nuevos videos aqui) :

    Muchas gracias a todos. Be sure to hit like and subscribe (

  2. Thank yo for the very informative video, agree with you in everything you said, although I would not try the mezcal drink with Tarantula venom, other than that Mexico City is beautiful and interesting. Is worth to visit it and enjoy. Nightlife is great! and also I can tell you speak good Spanish too. Food in Mexico City is amazing. Thanks again and you've got a new subscriber. Gracias de Nuevo por video interesante y padre. Looking forward to watch more

  3. Hey, why the weather is not as warm and dusty as hollywood says? Hollywood is stupid and crappy, only showing lies about other countries, do not show anything of the real resemblance like mexico is, btw I will be there soon! 😉

  4. You were visiting the nicest places in the city. I love so much my city, but roma, condesa and the zones around dont have the real scense of México city. Thats bot real México. You had to visit a traditional market, to some beer in tradicional taberns in downtown.

  5. 2 things. Diego is a cutie (jailbait), my voice is weird on camera, and damn why we had to film with my crazy hair?! lol

  6. Y en relacion al primer cine en Mexico en la actualidad no queda nada que recuerde donde estuvo ya que fue reducido a locales y se llamaba "El Salon Rojo". Un periodista describiria en 1906 de la siguiente forma: "costaba de 3 salones de proyeccion y varios mas para diversiones y comensales.Para subir al segundo piso habia una escalera electrica muy favorecida por la gente menuda… en general era amplio y comodo. Aunque ya en 1996 el presidente de aquella epoca (Porfirio Diaz)le toco ver la primera proyeccion junto con su familia y gabinete en el castillo de Chapultepec y en ese mismo año pero con dias de diferencia se improviso una sala de cine para dar la primera proyeccion publica en un sotano de una drogueria o farmacia que funciono asi de improvisada por algun tiempo hasta su demolicion. Luego ya en forma como "El Salon Rojo" llego por alla del año 1906.

  7. 3:33 Named top 29 ice creams in world & I agree! Texture is kind of like a creamy icee! Try cajeta (goat caramel), Serenata de Amor & Mil Flores (thousand flowers)! Cheap too

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  9. 3. Bad things that happened to me in Mexico City:
    1. Got stuck in a very bad traffic jam
    2. I could not find any Chapulines
    3. I got drunk at 3 AM and left my card in the ATM

  10. Would you recommend that I take pesos with me? Or should I pay for things with US dollar and credit card?

  11. Hi, Hope you like my city "Beautiful Mexico City"😍 What you said about the oldest theater in Mexico city… was not correct… the oldest theater in Mexico city is the Teatro de la Ciudad" built in 1865 …you should mention it o the Beautiful "Palacio de Bellas Artes" ( Theater, Museum, and Opera house) and mention a old adult theater… because Mexico City has so much Art, and Culture.

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