MHS Students and Staff Celebrate Accomplishments as a New Year Begins

There were so many golden moments in 2019. One of them was that we celebrated our 110th year. Here are more students and staff to share their 2019 golden moments. I was scholar of the month. We hit peak enrollment. That means our student body is larger than ever before in MHS history. [Clap] We won the Cocoa Bean. We launched the 12th career pathway in our Career and Technical Education program. We moved into one of the newly built
homes at Legacy Campus. I learned how play the saxophone. We established our 23rd partnership in higher education so we can help our students graduate from college. We sent our experiment to space. It’s wonderful to remember all of the
golden moments in 2019. And as we move into 2020, there are going to be even more golden moments to come. So be motivated. Be ambitious. Be positive. And as always, be golden.

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