Michael Che Once Did Stand-Up at a Drug Dealer’s Birthday Party

-We’re here with
Michael Che, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ]
Congratulations. “SNL” received multiple
Emmy nominations. I know that’s what you
care about more than anything. -Nah. -But you and Colin hosted
the Emmys last year. And, then this year,
they announced they’re going hostless. -Right. We broke it. -What do you think about
the idea of going hostless? -I think it’s
a great idea, honestly. -I do, too. -Yeah, you know, people think
they want comedy, when they don’t. -They don’t really, no.
-Really don’t. Like, as a stand-up, you get,
like, corporate gigs and you get gigs
for all types of places. And they think, “Oh, then you
go out and you do comedy, and then we’ll do
our awards,” or whatever. And it’s never a good idea.
-Yeah. So you’ve had comedy go badly
at corporate shows. Is it true you that once did —
Because, sometimes, people will ask you to do comedy
at a birthday party. -I’ve done a birthday party
where they asked me — Literally, it was in a club. It was for drug dealers.
-Did you know ahead of time? -No. I knew as soon as I
looked at them. I knew the way cops know.
-Okay. What were some of
the dead giveaways? -Well… See, if I say it,
then I’m the bad guy. -Alright, we’ll leave it
at that. How did the comedy
for the drug dealers go? -It went bad, man. Drug dealers do not have
a sense of humor. -Yeah. -The deejay actually asked me,
“Hey, do you want me to turn the music off
while you’re performing?” I was like, “Yeah.”
And he was bummed. He was like,
“Oh, what am I supposed to do?” Yeah, it sometimes happens
that way. -You had a another big thing
you did with Jost, which was WrestleMania. -Yeah. -And this was really fun,
because — -That was a dream come true.
-A dream come true. Here you guys are walking out
to WrestleMania, about to wrestle. -Yep.
-This should be noted. This is full heel behavior
by Jost, who’s wearing a Beckham Jr.
Browns Jersey after he left the Giants. And this was in
MetLife Stadium, right? -That’s right. -So they were —
Everybody just hated Jost. -Oh, they booed us mercilessly.
-Yeah. -And I don’t know if you’ve ever
been booed by 80,000 people, but it is not as — It’s fun
until you make eye contact with somebody and then
you can hear specifically what they’re saying about you. And this is Jersey,
so it’s not nice. -It’s not nuanced criticism.
-No. -I have not seen
this photo before. This really, I think,
encapsulates where you were at. -I thought that was
“Family Matters” or something. It was like Urkel. -How did you —
In the moment, though, do you feel any fear,
physically? -Oh, no. Well, once your bowels loosen,
there’s a calm that — -It’s still a big guy.
It’s still, like… And —
-Yeah. -But when it was over,
how were they to deal with? Were the wrestlers — I could
only imagine the level of professionalism you have to have
to do a job like that. -I mean, I was blown away. Like, coming from “SNL,” you
know, like, it’s very similar to the work ethic and the
professionalism and all of that stuff in that — [ Laughter ] Don’t laugh. -I mean, I worked there for
a long time and I even didn’t know. I’m like, “Is this praise?”
-No, no. It’s actually —
It was, like, so awesome to do. And a shout-out to Seth
and Triple H and everybody that let us do it. It was great.
It was so much fun. -You’re doing something
August 29th which will be a lot of fun but also has something very serious
and sad behind it. Tell us about
LugerFest this year. -My good friend Kevin Barnett,
a.k.a., “Bird Luger” — that was his nickname —
he passed away earlier this year, in January. And he was so loved in the
comedy community. And we’re doing a benefit show
for his family August 29th. It will be Michelle Wolf
and me and Jerrod Carmichael and Jermaine Fowler, the
Lucas Brothers and Lil Rel Howery. All of us that were together
that kind of started together and made the rounds together. We lost a
great, great, funny guy, but, also, this will be
a fun night. -And that’s fantastic. And that’s August 29th
in Brooklyn. And then “SNL” premieres
in the fall. And thank you so much for
being here, buddy. It’s always such a pleasure.
-Thank you. -Thank you so much.
-Michael Che, everybody.

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  1. Michael, whoever booed you needed to go the the drug dealers birthday party with you, might have unwound the too tight miserable sods up a little so that they could appreciate some humor.

  2. Michael Che is awesome. I really hope he made some money off of that tee republic shirt I bought with his devastating #allbuildingsmatter meme. Most under appreciated appreciated man I know of.

  3. In the 90's, sometimes, slam poets, and spoken word artists, cld get gigs like the birthday event Che describes. Further, like the wrestling anecdote, once yr bowels loosen, it's all good. It's all to the good.

    From what I've heard.

    That fest will be fyah.

  4. Pretty funny guy but lazy racial humor as always. This city is white, that guy is white so he's like this, the usual from him. I don't mind it but it seems like the theme of 80% of his jokes sometimes. It still needs to be funny.

  5. Look, if singers can do karaoke with MBS, you can party with a dope boy. Only question is, did you really get paid in cash or some rock.

  6. @MichaelChe your resistance to seeing Nanette shows your misogyny and homophobia..Learn to read a room dude and get moderately woke you arrogant jerk.

  7. The age old question for titling videos: base title on 1) the most interesting piece, even if it's only a few seconds, 2) the thing on which the most time is spent, or 3) summative title attempting to capture everything?

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