Michael Jackson This Is It 10th Anniversary Limited Box

so, what are the last news?? what is it?? a collection for the 10th anniversary of this is it this is insane! what! the details on video! deluxe box! blue vinyls! translucide? what else? a beautiful book a blue ray! and a ticket, in a display box! this is so cool! too good! with LEDS! 1000 copies! where we can order that!!! let’s go! what? hello! hope you are doing great! as you may know, there is a new collector book, out in december everybody talks about it on facebook, instagram…everywhere but everybody is complaining about the price of it so I want to give to you my feeling about that i have put a shirt in relation with that, fist in the air! lol don’t go in that system! but it’s not all black or white…let’s talk about it let’s take a look at the official website when we see that picture… as a collector, I really want to buy it now! limited to 1000 copies worldwide let’s see under that there is others merchandise for the 10anniversary hoodie, t shirts, hat… and the famous box, here… 539.99 euros without shipping! with shipping, I think it will be almost 600euros this is a pre order we will receive the box… around the 13 of december we have a really nice light collector box in the box we have blue vinyls… a this is it blue ray 3d a ticket from the show and a nice book that’s what we have in that box i want to be honnest I would like to tell my felling as a collector for me, collecting items… is something you can’t explain when you collect, you want the get items, just for the item itself so there is no relation with the quality of the item so, just as an “item” yes, I want to get it! it’s so beautiful! nice box! the box make lights, and maybe also make sounds…. in the box, blue vinyls we have already the black ones, but not the blue so it’s new the dvd looks “normal” maybe the packaging will be new…we don’t know about the ticket… most of us have it already you can find it on ebay maybe that one will be in a plexiglass display why not… and to Finnish, we have a 60 pages book seems nice, with the this is it logo on the cover so why I make that video? to send a message to the estate of michael jackson at the beginning, I was like all of you, always complaining about them…. effectively, with that box they didn’t do a real good creation… but they make a new item to collect so for us, the collectors (not the fans) but the collectors people who want to get nice items we have to say this is a really nice item to collect we can’t say the opposite but sadly, when I see the price, and I think that’s why lot s of people are complaining 539.99euros I really can’t afford it this is insane when they have made the diamond celebration box 2 years ago the box was about 200euros… to spend 200 euros, I have think about it… during 4/5days… I said ok, I take it, and I will be careful next month… but here, spend 600 euros! you must have a lot of money on your account it’s really to much money for that kind of stuff I don’t want to be rube with the estate, of course they have to make money when they make new items, I’m happy to have new stuff for example, the new vinyls colored jackson 5 vinyl, one per month this is nice, and cheap, for 20euros, you take one vinyl this is cool to get one vinyl each month I’m ok with that as you know, mj one is making a lot of merchandising i am a fan of mj one as soon as I can spend 20/30 euros for a little item I take one! this is nice, not to expensive but now I’m very frustrated really nice product, I mean for a collection but I’m so sad because I won’t be able to pay it I can’t afford it as you know, I pay most of my items for a very low prices even my Smile 12, I didn’t pay for it, it was an exchange I think have a nothing for that price in my collection… it’s too much money i understand the fans… for the fans, who love Michael before collecting… i am also a fan..but for the fans who are not collectors i understand them and of course the theme of that box how we can celebrate something like that? it’s a sad period Michael died during that show…and maybe he died because of that show… so for me it’s not the best theme for a collector box they could have choose maybe dangerous to make a box… a beautiful box, with dangerous artwork on it…. it would be cool… But, even it was dangerous, or new material… 600euros this is impossible I can’t afford it, and you are like me, thousand of fans, who can’t afford it i have spok with some friends of mine in 3/4 years or maybe in 6 months! maybe we will find that box for a better price on ebay if I can get it for 200…300euros max! maybe I will take it! but for me this is a bad signal sending by the estate and the answer to that signal we don’t need to enter in that game even me! I ask myself! maybe I should sell some records, and take it! but I say no… because if that box is sold out in a week… then they will make projects more and more expensive in next years! and the fans don’t want that but I am asking to the fans to be calm with the estate what is inside of the box is not the best for us…
but it’s a question of point of view even there were interesting things, new songs… 600euros is too much money but If they make box like 2 years for 150/200euros, this would be ok why not! but now, for 600euros, I won’t take it…and I’m sad! tell me in the comments what is your felling if the estate see that video…(I will put the English subtitles) it’s a positive critical I really love the box! for 250 euros, I would have take it now! I would have to be economically next month, but I would have take it its really beautiful but 600 is too much I hope that you have enjoyed that analyse please subscribe to my channel new unboxing video on Monday! see you soon! bye!

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