Michael Jackson’s Surprise Birthday Party

Me: Okay Everyone. We got all of the things ready for Michael’s Surprise Party. Now we just need to wait for Michael to come home. Simba: Cadi. I’m just curious. Where is Michael? Me: Simba, Michael is at the store. He should be back any minute now. Simba: Okay. Luigi: Guys! I see Michael’s car! He’s back from the store! Me: Oh shoot! Everyone hide while I turn off the lights! Michael: Guys! I’m home! Michael: Hello? Michael: That’s weird. Where is everybody? Michael: And why is it so dark? SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! Gabe: Bork bork! Michael: Oh my god! Is this party for me? Nala: Yes it is! Today is your birthday, so we threw you a surprise party! Michael: Wow! This is amazing! Ox: What are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started! Bruno Mars: Make a wish buddy! Michael: I am! Me: Happy Birthday Michael! I love you! Michael: Aw! I love you more, Cadi! Michael: Thank you so much guys! This has been the best birthday ever! Bowser: Oh no you don’t! Bowser: Oh!x14 CLMJABM! How dare you not invite me to Michael’s birthday party! That’s it! Bowser: You are groundedx6 for life! Now I am going to destroy the cake, cookies, and cupcakes! Bowser: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Michael: Oh no! Bowser! Look what you’ve done! You ruined my best birthday ever! Mario: Oh!x12 Bowser! How dare you ruin Michael Jackson’s Surprise Party just because you weren’t invited! Mario: The reason why you were not invited is because you have been a bad boy! That’s it! You are grounded until Harry Styles’s birthday! Mario: No more parties for you! Go to your room now and go to bed! Bowser: *crying* Mario: And Cadi, ignore what Bowser said. You are not grounded. Me: Thanks Mario! Me: It’s okay Michael. We have plenty of ice cream in the freezer. We can have that instead. Michael: Alright then. I’m hungry anyway.

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