Michael Jordan Tribute to Kobe Bryant | A Celebration Of Life | Kobe & Gianna Bryant | Feb.24, 2020

whats up boss, welcome to jdrag TV Were gonna watch now the tribute of Michael Jordan to Kober Brynt Jordan said that Kobe is like a younger brother and they are so close to each other Jordan even joked here he said that he will be getting a new crying meme for 3-4 years because of Kobe let watch the basketball legend has to say Celebrities and Sports stars come out in full force to tribute Kobe and his daughter Gianna Kobe is one of my Idols when i was a kid and he is one of the Superstars that many people adores when we were young and if were gonna make a jumpshot or driving to make a lay-up we shout “KOBE!” thats one of many impacts that kobe made to us but now he is in heaven with his daughter Gianna rest in peace idol KOBE thank you for watching boss, don’t
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