Michelle Obama Surprises Ellen with a Birthday Message

So I took your DJ booth away. It was a fake DJ booth. He’s not a DJ. And I took it away because
we’re trying to keep it real, up in this mother. That’s– That’s right. I’m fire and lit. So do you want to know what
you’re sitting behind today? Yes. Well, Zenor, show him. OK. Oh! For my birthday, some
people have people jump out of a birthday cake. But I want you to jump into it. Oh, OK. So you will be in the
birthday cake the entire show. Love it. There you go. Yeah, it’s good. Kind of makes you miss
the DJ booth, doesn’t it? Yeah, a little bit. That’s what I pictured. Yes. Whatever makes you comfortable. But happy birthday. This is, look– I will be in a cake
for you, Ellen. I will do it. This is awesome. And also, you know what? I have a surprise for you too. One of your friends actually
made a nice little video surprise for you. So check this out. All righty. Happy birthday Ellen! My dear, dear friend. I’ve always thought we
have so much in common, like we both stay fit. We both believe in the
power of women and girls. And we’re both authors, although
my books have sold more copies than yours, like a lot more,
not that it’s a competition, because it’s not. But if it were,
we know who’d win. But seriously, Ellen. I love you. I admire you. You are one of
the most generous, the most kind, the most
inspiring person that I know. You inspire and touch every
one you come in contact with, including me, and
this week, as we are once again reminded that
each day is a precious gift. Barack and I are sending
you all our love, all the birthday wishes
that you can imagine. I hope your life continues to
be filled with joy and laughter, and so, so much love for
many, many years to come. I love you, babe. I love you too. I love you a whole lot– and Barack. Thank you. That’s so sweet. That’s amazing. Are you comfortable? I’m trying to find– You seem to be sinking. –the cool pose. It’s hard to do– Don’t try to find a cool– no. It’s hard to find what to
do with my arms with this. No, this isn’t it either. Don’t look for a cool pose. There’s not going to be one. There’s not going to be. Look. Even though today is my birthday
show, I don’t want any gifts. But if you want
to make me happy, you can watch my brand new
episode of Game of Games tonight. Tonight’s a really good one. All the contestants are twins. And here’s a little sneak
peek of one of the games. Hands on the table, this
is for possibly $100,000. Yes! Ready, set, and go! [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Yeah! Yeah! Come on! Come on! Not me, not me! Whoa! Woo! [SCREAMS] Oh, my God! Game of Games airs
tonight at 8:00 on NBC.

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