Michelle Wolf Talks About the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

-Hi, there!
-Hi! -Oh, my God,
I’m so happy you’re back. And we’ve talked since,
but let me just say in person, congratulations
on an incredible job at the Correspondents’ Dinner.
-Thank you, thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-And how did, uh… -It was — It was —
It went great, and every single person
loved it. [ Laughter ]
Yeah. -Every single person
across the board. -Across the board. Yeah, yeah.
-Never happened before. -No, everyone loved it.
Even, actually, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
called me, and she was like,
“I loved it so much. I got every joke.”
-Really? [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -‘Cause I was watching.
There were a few that seemed like she maybe
didn’t like or get. -Well, you know, you give the best information
you have at the time. [ Laughter and applause ] It’s a philosophy. -You will be very happy. There was a tweet that I saw,
and knowing our relationship, I thought you were just
going love this. This is basically — C-SPAN
posted that in three days, you became the most-watched
Correspondents’ Dinner ever. You beat me. So, basically, in what
it took me seven years to do, you outdid me in three years. -Yeah, I’m gonna frame that.
-Yeah, you outdid me. [ Cheers and applause ]
Well deserved. -It’s great.
Yeah, I think that — I think that means I’m the
father of your children now. -Yeah, I think that might be —
that might be it. -They’re mine now. -So, I want to ask you
about another photo. This is afterwards.
This is a bunch of your writers. -[ Laughs ]
-You were just finished, and you walked into a party,
and this photo, I think, was maybe even in
“The New York Times.” -[ Chuckling ] Yeah. -What is everybody chanting
as you walked in? -They’re chanting,
“Lock her up!” [ Laughter and applause ] -A perfect — A perfect way
to end the evening. Obviously, you had —
This blows my mind, ’cause you were preparing for
the Correspondents’ Dinner, you’re preparing for your new
show that I want to talk about, but you also had time to train,
and then run, a 50-mile race. -Yeah.
-And I know you to be a runner. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -What convinced you
to try to do 50 miles at once? -Well, I wanted to do —
It’s an ultra marathon. And I wanted to do that because,
like, anyone can do a marathon. Like, even you did a marathon.
-Yeah, I’ve done one. -Except for that one…
-Yeah. -…that you didn’t finish.
-Well, I had a leg injury. -But you didn’t finish.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
You couldn’t do it, yeah. -I could have hobbled and done,
like, more damage to my leg. -Or you could have sucked it up.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, yeah. -Well, I didn’t.
So, but if you — -Most people power through it.
[ Light laughter ] -Where did you do your 50-mile? -It was in the Salt Flats
in Utah. And, oh. [ Laughs ]
[ Light laughter ] We have a salt flat here.
-Or just someone who — They just might be
someone who loves salt. -Yeah, it’s great. It’s just… No, so then I spent the weekend
in Utah, and that’s Mormon country. And I was at — I was with
my nephews at a playground. I wasn’t by myself, I promise.
[ Light laughter ] But there is this guy
at the playground wearing a T-shirt
that said, “Porn kills love.” At the playground!
-Yeah. -With the children!
-Right. -‘Cause they need to know.
-[ Laughs ] That’s true. -But I was like — I was like, regardless of your feelings
about porn, like, graphic tees
definitely kill love. [ Laughter ] That’s — No one has ever been
like, “Oh, a graphic tee! I feel like that manatee now.”
[ Laughter ] -That’s how I proposed.
I wore a “Will you marry me?” [ Laughter ] So you’re preparing
for your Netflix show. -Yeah.
-This is very exciting. How has preparation gone so far?
-It’s great. I would have to say that if you hated
the Correspondents’ Dinner, you’re really going to
hate this show. [ Laughter ] -That, I think, is good to hear
for a lot of people.

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  1. I love her sense of humor so much. Something about it is just so humble. Her banter with Seth reminds me so much of me and my friends roasting each other lol

  2. Lol..the liar..her face was horrified..she didn't love it. I loved it. Speaking facts in a funny way is the best comedy

  3. Not only did she beat Seth's youtube record but when he couldn't even finish a marathon she had to do the ultra marathon.
    It reminds me of when Jon Stewart retired and got his retirement beard going. Than appeared on a show, and Letterman
    came out. With his 2 ft long rumpelstilstkin beard. He said, Letterman even has to beat me at the retirement beard!

  4. A black woman can disparage a white woman all day, but as soon as a white woman says something about a black women… they get the Roseanne treatment…

  5. I love her but here's me with an invisible disability and a fucked up foot tryna power through a five minute walk around the block 😂😂😂😂

  6. I love when she comes up with her manacing HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :D. Please keep on destroying those incompetent fools at Capitol Hill.

  7. Hi there!
    Most annoying thing to hit Hollywood. But I’m glad she had some success, just to watch Netflix take away her show. Never heard of this guy, carrot top, until it started insulting Sarah. I want to be at a party with him/her, just to see which bathroom it goes in. Damn! I’m funnier than she is. It wasn’t the dinner, you bimbo, that I hated, it was you that was so unfunny. And if you guys don’t agree that I’m funnier than her, I never had a Netflix show canceled.

  8. I'm looking forward to Michelle getting her show back when there's a Democrat President. Is that selfish of me?

  9. Lmao she isnt funny all she did was spew out lame jokes and typical stereotypes about Republicans HEY LOOK AT ME IM MICHAELE WOLF I HATE TRUMP TO GUYS NOTICE ME SETH MYERS TREVOR NOAH NOTICE MMMMEEEEE!!!!!

  10. Seriously, what did they think was going to happen? I'm a fan, so as soon as I heard "Michelle Wolf," I knew exactly what was going to happen. You don't hire Pogo the Clown (Look that up) then get surprised when he turns out to have handcuffs in his toollbox, is all's I'm saying.

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