Mick Foley celebrates 20th Anniversary of SmackDown: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

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  1. foley didn't wanna get into the ring because he didn't want the fiend to finger him
    get your heads outta the gutter boys

  2. 20 years Mick Foley being New York Times best selling author is still weird to me.
    Cactus Jack/ Mankind/ Dude Love is a writer. What?

  3. Before SmackDown premiere wwe shows,undertaker is coming back to SmackDown but after you buying tickets Vince says undertaker is coming not SmackDown he is coming to Saudi Arabia

  4. Wow all these amazing interviews an those matches just wow. As sarcastically as a person can possibly sound…

  5. No Austin, Taker or Cena appearance?

    Edit Taker said he wasn't "needed" it's the 20th anniversary of SD. They should've extended the show and had these guys, along with Edge also, at the show. They carried SD for YEARS

  6. Mick Foley has a very bad sense of fashion. At least wear a suit when you are on the blue carpet for Smackdown's 20th Anniversary.

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