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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
easy Mickey Mouse theme party centerpiece and setup here we go you guys have been asking for me to make
a Mickey Mouse centerpiece and today I have an interesting spin on it I’m going
to be making a Mickey Mouse centerpiece out of two balls for viola tree and some
balloons so let’s get started the very first thing I’m going to do is paint two
large plastic balls from Dollar Tree and this is going to serve us Mickey’s body
and I’m going to be painting them in gloss red I’m also going to be using two
small round glass vases from Dollar Tree as well and I’m going to be painting
them in yellow while I let the other two items dry I’m going to move on to
Mickey’s gloves and I’m going to be using two Bev clubs from Dollar Tree and
I’m going to be cutting them down because they’re a little bit too big and
I want to you know cut them to be proportional with the rest of the body
so what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut this down a bit and cut these down a
bit as well I’m not going to cut individual fingers because I don’t think
the material will keep it together so so I’m just going to come and then I’m
going to glue it with hot glue and you see the difference there’s a
significant difference on this size look at that alright so this one is adults
and it’s gonna be more like kid size now I’m going to cut it all the way open so
I’m going to cut right here s-so okay and then I am going to glue it
together again inside out once the glue is dry you’re going to
turn it over again and here’s what it should look like now I’m going to add
some fiberfill inside the glove to give it some life so you’re just going to
push it in until it is all nice and fluffy and here’s one glove one more to
go now I’m going to be drawing buttons on
Mickey’s pants this is gonna be his body slash pants and his pants has two
buttons and they are white and I’m just grabbing whatever I have around the
house to use it as mold to make my buttons and I thought these two
chocolate coins will be perfect you can also use like a you know plastic shot
glass or whatever you have that is round to make the buttons I am going to use
this and I am going to grab my pencil and I’m going to trace around it and
here they are two perfect circles now I’m going to go ahead and paint on with
acrylic white paint and there it is perfect all right so now
it’s time to put Mickey together here I have my small round bases which are
going to be making shoes I am going to turn these upside down and I’m going to
place them together okay and then here is the upper part of his pant him aka
body and this is the lower part okay so what I’m going to do first I am going to
glue these two together now I’m going to grab the lower part of his body and I’m
going to glue it on top of his shoes so I am going to center that and then you
are going to glue it down make sure that when gluing you Center it this way but
also back and front now I’m going to go ahead and glue the part on top of the
other Bowl and I’m only going to use hot glue because hot glue on plastic bonds
very strongly so no worry about falling apart he’s coming along is coming along next
I’m going to be making Mickey’s head with a 24-inch black balloon from Party
City and I’m just going to open it up and blow it up so easy what are you guys think too big I’m
gonna let a little bit of the air out until I get the ideal size okay so I
think this should be a bottle right I do wonder had to be a little bit larger
than the bottom saw I think this is perfect so next I am going to cut this
part right here and I’m going to glue it down onto the top of my bowl right here
I’m switching to my low temperature going to make sure them have a little on
top next I’m going to be working on his ears and for that I’m going to be using
nine inch black balloons from Party City and now all there’s left to do is glue
the balloons on this side of his head next I’m going to be using foam balls
that I’m going to be placing inside Mickey’s love to help me keep them up
right here and I’m going to show you just how I’m going to do that so
basically what I’m going to do actually what I already did
I am going to take the largest balls the largest foam balls come here and I
sliced a bit of it so you can see here’s the regular one and here’s the one that
I sliced a bit so you want to take just a little bit of less than a quarter and
you just want to make it flat then you are going to place it right in here
okay so this is going to make the gloves solid and then you are going to switch
back to your high temperature hot glue gun you’re going to switch back to your
high temp and then you are going to add glue all around here
hold it right there for a few SEC’s okay guys this is it
this is my Mickey centerpiece and it is absolutely fun it was so easy to make
and so so so so so affordable only twelve dollars I’m going to show you how
he looks with a bow although Mickey doesn’t usually were
able unless he’s wearing his suit but I don’t follow rules
so I’m gonna put it on and you can decide whether you want to keep the bow
or not how’s that do you like him with a bow or without let me know in the
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