Microsoft makes Fun of Apple#2(You will hate apple after seeing this)

just when you think you know what a computer is you see a keyboard that can just get out of the way and a screen you can touch and even right on when you see a computer that can do all that it might just make you wonder hey what else gonna do [Music] hi Siri what’s the party for I just got a keyboard I’m a computer now like you so you have more power like an Intel Core i7 processor like I said I just got a keyboard but you’re running full office not just the app version right I don’t like where this is going and what about a trackpad and external ports maybe this party thing wasn’t such a good idea this kid’s got great stuff how many strikeouts this season um I’m gonna switch apps hold on what’s his kids he all right 173 how about against lefties 288 what’s going on I can hear you with the video stop I just have to switch back I think we gotta pull the trigger on this kid all right I’ll go talk to his agent bo how are we looking um I think he’s in talks with another team [Music] I am delighted we could share in the serenity and joy of this beautiful date as we come together to celebrate the commitment do you mind moving your enormous phone you mean the enormous ly awesome galaxy back surge one-trick pony aren’t you a little young to have an iPhone you want to go I see copy BOTS autocorrect this is there enough with that Sarge karate you think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia they’d stop fighting all the time I don’t know I think they kind of like fighting the windows phone nokia lumia 920 and gadgets reader’s choice smartphone of the year hi I’m Mac and I’m a PC surprise you showed up alone no security guard to protect you from the angry mob of Windows 8 users don’t need them anymore Windows 10 comes out today did I miss 9 or is that in the grave already with Clippy and the Zune good one but you won’t be laughing soon Windows 10 actually does a lot of stuff better than a Mac and in some places feels more modern can you say the same thing when Vista was released and I think Windows ME I’ll prove it to you lots of people are happy that the start button is back but the real game changer are the new tricks to manage multiple windows you can get this improved view when you swipe three fingers up on the trackpad click this task View button or hit the windows and tab keys so you took expose and gave it a different name revolutionary yeah well where did you get the idea of split screen apps that’s coming up in your iOS 9 and Mac OS L copy ton whatever yeah what we’re doing it better than you anyway you can still drag windows to the edges to snap them side by side far easier than holding down a button Mac the system suggests app pairings and on a bigger screen you can even arrange for apps my favorite trick is maneuvering them around by just holding down the windows key and tapping the arrows wow that keyboard shortcut looks great actually would really speed things up for me and wait till you see how helpful Cortana is on the desktop what’s the weather in Hong Kong it’s currently 82 and rainy but she’s really speedy at searching and launching apps and websites and because she can access your calendar and email she reminds you of things and feeds you the news you want it’s one of many things that makes even upgrading from Windows seven worth it Siri why don’t you come to the Mac but what about apps that’s when the operating systems really about are you’re still old and ugly and what about PC virus software that’s still popping up all over the place sorry did you say something I’m updating right now our core apps like photos are okay but aren’t as good as Apple or Google’s and we’ve got all the traditional software but finding a good third-party app for Twitter or photo editing isn’t easy you spend most of your time in the browser though so we have this new edge browser it’s fast and has some cool features but honestly even I still use Chrome Oh does it work with my iPhone and her Windows PC is still pretty crappy yes it works with your iPhone all of Microsoft’s big services are available for the iPhone or are coming soon if you want to do Mac things like it iMessage on your computer you’re at a look and you’re right Apple still makes better quality hardware and trackpads than most Windows PCs but you know what you can actually try Windows 10 on your Mac and it works really well I will try that nice job PC now just try not to mess with things for a while maybe I won’t make fun of you as much oh by the way your fly’s unzipped Oh Laura’s holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa all of my earth jackets but you’re running full office not just the app version right I don’t like where this is going ah I missed it again ready set [Music] hi Siri what’s the party for I just got a keyboard I’m a computer now like you so you have more power like I said I just got a keyboard [Music] hi I’m a PC okay we’re past that we move beyond them yeah I had to restart there you you know how this actually I don’t Oh what max don’t have to add them them you lost me I’m gonna go get IT

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  1. Apple is still Bretter Then Microsoft because only the Microsoft Store is so Bad that no one Want To Download something at it.

  2. Mate you’re a fucking dumb cunt, why would anyone, including me hate Apple after watching this video, I would not want a phone that has a battery that explodes and a slow phone, as I am writing this review on your gay fuck channel/video(s) on an iPhone 8, and it significantly faster than my mums Galaxy S9.

    Samsung’s are also not that user friendly unlike iOS where you only have to use volume, power and home button (If you have one) and for the touchscreen all you need to press is an app, or swipe the screen or hold down an app to merge it with another app to make it a folder (which you only have to tap and swipe on it to use it) tap the delete button one the top right of the app(s) or simply just move it into another spot. Easy enough far better then Samsung.

    Also Samsung has been sued by Apple for copyright infringement and without asking for legal permission to use their products in their videos as they are a rivalling company and I’m sure Samsung would do the same.

  3. ipad pro air phones – 600 lumia – 200 how did apple win ᕕ༼ ͠ຈ Ĺ̯ ͠ຈ ༽┌∩┐ #microsoftischeapersometimes.

  4. Windows is full of crap. More advertising in their devices than actually good stuff. What happened to windows phone again?stfu

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