Mikasa Marries WHO? Eren Assembles Scouts | Attack on Titan Chapter 127 Review

Attack on Titan chapter 127! Isayama definitely watch my last video I was like hold up Jerry I got you so sup guys Foxen here but seriously you see am i delivered with Attack on Titan 127 going from the previous really rush chapter to a very slow burn today so go ahead and give a colossal thumbs up bring the bell and let’s dive into this kicking this off is a dream oh but now not that then Jean dreaming this is really setting the stage overall for the chapter really just astounding getting a huge focus I don’t know if it was just me but I was really getting this Kenny vibe from him oh and who’s this random woman here could that be Mikasa? kind of looks like it although I’m not sure so let me ask you what do you think Mikasa or some random extra casino whatever an out of the picture the Stallions about to make a move who taking a step back of course this whole thing was his idea future slash dream let me ask the question could this potentially setting up some des langues then would be the usual cliche if it were by the way wake up oh yes this flashback time after that rushed attack on Titan 126 leave it Isayama to fill in some of the gaps now too bad for you no time to sleep knock knock it’s aqua I mean Hange time to save the world and it really was hard to see this Jean was really depressed as hell was just giving in to this dire situation I mean who wouldn’t giving in to the reality of eren’s Titan Requiem it even seems like the mention of that district position could have been something that vlog dangled in front of his face if anything this has even more to Jean him just somehow finding the motivation deep inside to get the hell out of that building in my phone II was surprised are you getting so much out of him come on Issei yeah my how about me cus on next you don’t have to leave her to the very end of this story anyway a little bit of Levi’s info dropped here so you got hanji clarifying a little bit more Omnibus Korea Stannis Levi is awakened to balint but not exactly fine enough to find it apparently Levi is not gonna be able to go god mode anytime soon if anything this does allow Levite to still be in the fight somehow but also at the same time not to take the spotlight away from Mikasa which it does very much feel like that’s the way the story is going Makana having a huge moment at the very end anyway for honja here the main objective if it wasn’t already crystal clear it gotta go stop die no Eren her message mass slaughtering is wrong I definitely hope that line comes off better in the attack on Titan season four anime. By the way from this Hange panel oh I’m assembling a group of super-powered individuals really hanji playing up that Nick Fury role and don’t lie you can’t unsee it with her eye patch – that’s right screw Game of Thrones he say I must like were Avengers now van for Mikasa here finally some scraps from her yamakasi being quick on the uptake – Hajis request no hesitation at this point I don’t need to try to stop Eren but find his founding Titan dance more like there’s please then for the stallion so you had the guy being logic on some ways but not in some others I mean someone did have to bring it up the topic about what happens to Paradise Island in both scenarios either era I’m wiping out the world or Eren happily backing off from a friendship speech at least right now if you’re on the island and especially if you’re an Eldian then the Titan royal destruction plan from Eren does benefit you clearly a lot more I did like hunches responds to those you have hanji being in this complaint disagreement with this worldwide destruction plan and then you could tell she’s really heard about it which is why you and I are waiting for some type of Eren update cuz really his code gives planners not only put the attack on Titan world but the story overall in this clear position of Eren in this completely evil position everyone has to stop him I’m hoping that Isayama is gonna bring back the grey areas to this Titan issue most likely via Eren stones by the way I was really proud of Hange’s motivation here to continue fighting for freedom this time outside of the walls in one aspect you never blaming ourselves for the current Eren issue which to be fair that whole situation between both of them could have been handled a lot better at the same time it is easy to point that out in hindsight not to mention the fact that hanji is not 100% to blame either as for the hanji scene with the fallen Scouts in the bank seeing everyone here gave me frickin chose I almost started tearing up and hey didn’t this remind anyone of Eren’s final moment in attack on Titan season 3 just before the charge trust me this is gonna be a more impactful scene in the season 4 anime I’m just praying right now that this is not a parallel to our win situation you know before his fall to the Beast Titan looking at this from a slightly different angle it does feel like Hange here speaking to the attack of had an audience freedom does not stop at Paradise Island freedom should continue way past the ocean like why is urban most certainly would have had that mindset if Levi had made him the Colossal Titan instead urban would have kept advancing forward past the whole Titan basement reveal for Jean here notice the guy still had Marco close at mind years later come on commander stallion here we come really just studying the foundation for some of the stuff will hit her in this chapter next up Avengers Assemble the bootleg edition so a couple of things from this bonding shot first off hanji when did she get promoted to chef mama position mommy levi the guy appears to be knocked out oh don’t mind him uncle Levi is just getting up in age any over to the side drinking that’s right bitches I’m legal ma gab agreeing with that booze idea Reiner Saint miss you Joe probably just thinking about the quickest way to die Pieck in Titan form I mean the cart Titan just can’t stop looking creepy as for the trouble in paradise time for the freaking blame game to begin the reason for this it was all you Devils in your thirst for blood that caused all of this Oh Helena I will see you in the warrior to banking air is freakin mom there are to blame one thing to notice here is that line about playing the victim car for something that happened thousands of years ago it really feels like this is some real-life commentary from Issei Yama something that is very much applicable to our human history in so many different forms although I should also be fair and point out that they do mention going back thousands of years some similar issues in our world are more recent going back hundreds of years for example by the way I was really just waiting for it wondering how long it would be until some obvious common ground got reached thankfully hunch it became the voice of that reason all of you you gotta stop being ignorant Devil’s van for blonde girl Andy here really asking when he all wanted to hear the air and topic I do have to hand it to Annie really knowing how to press someone’s buttons holy crap did any easily trigger perking Mikasa Mikasa was like one second away from going full-on Akron mode on Annie and even any four years later she’s not one to back down bitch I got my ring ready come at me so Annie versus Mikasa around – nope just another time when we say Emmett teasing your fun bits I do gotta say this little Mikasa demonstration was sore rising so easily provoked clearly she still has some deep feelings regarding Annie hopefully we see more of that on screen anyway dinner time so finally Kiyomi is making her way back into the attack antennas story a few bidders back I didn’t mention kiyomi’s icebergs power stone playing a major role for the finale and now we’re here supposedly they got access to a single plane nearby that definitely solves one issue how to get close to Dino titan Eren easy fly over to him perhaps this does help to explain Mikasa in the air of the latest attack on Titan vol cover getting into the Yelena stuff you mean to tell me there’s shady backstabbing person lied about her background you don’t say Yelena actually of Marlene for the actual yell on a juicy bit it feels like she was given this flag moment from season 3 just speaking the truth about this assembled group wanting to save the world ha all of you guys are just hiding behind the truth all of you guys are killers not to mention a split second away from chomping at each other’s necks I do wonder how many new fans Jelena will pick up after this chapter even I have to applaud her Jelena heading more weak spots bingo bringing Marco up when she dropped that name I could freaking feel the tension hello my old friends Reiner and Annie I mean really goddamn I got chills as Reiner was going over the details about what happened to Margo and I do feel bad about the whole situation Ellie’s creditor Reiner the big fella spoke up soon right away about him being the one who ordered Annie to do it if there was an overall message from this chapter it was this one and I thought it was getting hammered a little bit too much talking about the issue of killing before killing before fighting it’s always better to try to dunk an outlet which has a message that should be pretty obvious and feels forward to logical at this point although perhaps Armin would disagree anyway I saw it coming a mile away Reiner just couldn’t let it go he had to keep slapping the horse’s ass eventually Reiner you’re gonna get kicked but come on you know it Reiner secondly wanted to get a beating he’s really become the darkness of attack on Titan I would feel bad for Reiner but the guy is a Titan even after that thrashing the guy would just sleep it off Gabby on the other hand I’m sure that Gabby hate Club was in full blessing this girl getting stomped on don’t hurt my cousin hoodie dudes but honestly honey it’s heightened powers when you’re gabi and then what’s this some character development from Gabi some curious how you guys feel about this despite almost everyone hating this a little devil you say emma has actually given cabbie more development that some other fan favors post time skip she’s gone from one of the Paradise Island Devils to be wiped out now all of a sudden begging on the ground for them to help I do have to hand that you say I’m a finding ways to break the tension find you with her meal question and then Levi being like damn it I’m trying to recover a shut the hell up as for manga thinness even this guy that has risen and take a tough spot and Marley has had quite the progression at first it seemed like he was mimicking Willie’s steering the wheel gesture but now clearly the guy wanted to comfort Gabby one of those little devils he’s got an attached to just leaving it to Falco good luck kid which by the way need I smell a slight death flag being raised am I gonna be surprised at all if Margot dies or gets hurt for one of these little devils then for Jean I am freakin enjoying his progression so much the guy actually ended up putting his issue aside for the moment they were saving some brief comedy via Reiner wake up a whole aren’t you he wouldn’t I got a feeling that rhinos gonna start acting like this abused life real soon naturally like I explained it in my last video these guys aren’t working together but that does mean they forgiving one another and what about me from any Tibet they cut away from this part damn Aneesa imma give me more any dialogue next up cliffhanger time the Jaeger STD group has occupied the port so Kiyomi you’re still on the freakin island unfortunately these guys once again are gonna have to kill other humans I’m getting this vibe of them fighting the military police in the uprising arc the manga version you even have flock being set up as as mini-boss figure before the main Eren fight is he gonna do it key you me dead or alive so overall this chapter is definitely a huge step up from the previous rushed one taking a step back it does feel like clearly there’s still much more to the attack on Titan Astoria left especially we get more chapters paced like this one the popular old estimation was attack on Titan ending in around chapter 130 but that’s definitely not happening even chapter 135 seems too soon last video I predict an attack on Titan crossing over to 2021 but for a concrete chapter estimate 135 to 140 seems about right right now as for Dino titan eren nothing new from him this chapter no new Titan Bonnie or nothing from Eren’s point of view let me mention I don’t mind especially with what we got although I what am I getting this quick glimpse of his new form Eren has truly become part of the huge attack I’ve had a mystery pose time-skip you finally got some insight into what was really pushing Eren to advance forward being fleshed out via the Titan Rome stuff but then after that months of nothing more in my last attack on Titan video I did go over the various issues for the previous chapter thankfully I could say attack on Titan 127 fixed some of those problems I was expecting flashbacks to be heavily used more but he say mature is a different round instead some of the discussions were hinted at happening off screen which meant you were given a follow-up on the whole paradise teaming up with Marly awkwardness the only one thing I did want more often I didn’t get surprised Annie and he did get combined with the whole Marco topic but nothing yet regarding me cos I and Annie from the season 1 events to be fair you could argue shader that was hinted at from Mikasa her really just wanted to turn Annie into barbecue Titan meat still I want more of that unfortunately nothing from Armin and any yet I’m still waiting to hear that heart-to-heart conversation at least mentioned something about the we’re crystal love chatter some deeper discussion with Annie may have started on that horse wagon hopefully that gets flashed back to later then for the holy by squad and Annie I’m gonna be fair for now and give this a pass you know Levi being locked out if anything Zeke is still a top priority in his mind by the way from the beginning of the chapter signed random theory you have Sean either having a dream or imagining in this feature quite theory time could that have been Jean looking into a possible future in other words this vision of a future made possible via eren yeager or depending on how cynical Eren wants to be a faint memory just some quick theory to consider probably not the case by the way in case you missed it or were confused about the previous chapters problems definitely watch my full in-depth video on that chapter go and see if this new chapter fix some of the rushing stuff plus a huge thank you to my patreon supporters follow be hardcore fans are freaking awesome if you want to go ahead and join up definitely check my patreon link down below whether you want to become a deeper friend of this community find out some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans or catch by month livestreams and yes we’re definitely talking about this chapter next livestream so check my page one and consider supporting but anyway more important are your thoughts was this chapter better paced did you prefer the previous quicker pace chapter mean yes keep in mind I do read the comment definitely check out that previous juicy attack on thunder video NL see guys later

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  2. Hey Foxen Anime , I really enjoyed your videos and updates of Various Anime , including Attack on Titan but there's been something bugging me about the AOT Manga and here's the Problem : From the time Eren Declares War on Marley to Levi's Tragic Fall to the Current status in Attack on Titan's Latest Issue , How many Days or Weeks or Months have Passed since then ? Just wanted to know Your Opinion , Great Review and I plan to join your patreon in coming weeks , Thank you 😄

  3. floch went from coward soldier who feared death in shiganshina arc to semi-dictator in yeager faction

  4. Can't we just discuss that for more than ten chapters, people were dying, Reiner is having a depression, Eren has a 50/50 chance of dying, Annie came back, Horseboy may or may not had dreamed about getting Mikasa or a random girl PREGNANT, Jean SUCKER FUCKING PUNCHED Reiner….

    And then there's Levi saying: Fuck these people. I almost died yet I'm not allowed to rest in peace.

  5. Eren is doing this to unite the world as one, making them realize that no matter what.

    In the face of a powerful enemy, the whole world has to unite as one to be successful. And this is Eren’s true objective.

    In other for peace to come true there has to be sacrifices, and Eren is being the sacrifice.

    I believe Mikasa will be the one to kill Eren, only for him to smile at her while she kills him.

    But who knows, I could be completely wrong.

  6. I love all this but I’m really ready to see Eren and get to the fighting like I’m truly tired of the build up and flash backs and ready to get to the climax fight. I don’t think it’s bad I’m just getting impatient now.

  7. Yeah the girl in jean dream is mikasa you can tell by closely looking at her face you could see her scar on her cheek

  8. i really hope eren runs away with Mikasa at the end. Fakes his death with a plan Armin made and says goodbye to his friends. But every chapter is starting to seem like someone elses past thoughts. big bummer imo

  9. I liked the last chapter, but a lot of things felt like they were too convenient, and I HATED the way they handled Connie and Armin's debacle

  10. I would like to see Armin and Annie use their titan forms again. Now would be the perfect time to fight back. Female, Cart, Colossal and Armoured and Jaw titan all at once,

  11. For real though the 2000 years ago is a good point, fuck Marley, before they make their move, there was only like 1 person, 2 if you count Keith that knew there was life beyond the walls, everyone else had speculation or belief, Marley calling them devils yet ppl beyond the wall have no clue whats going on other than big fucking titans trying to get in

  12. Dude if Mikasa ends up with Jean that's just sad that it's just messed up that's worse than Marco being eaten by a titan because of the 3 traders

  13. I don't think any attack on Titans fan would ever approve this nor would they respect it and acknowledge it

  14. Ending
    Eldian stop eren from genocide and killed him
    Then eldian to marley now please don't destroy our island marley you devil birth we will wipe you out conclusion
    Eldian lost,marley win and eren died

  15. I dont feel anything about the continent characters. In fact I would love AOT end to be Eren altering memories of all Paradis people and like – All humanity beyond walls is gone by the titans


  17. I lowkey like Reiner now, atleast compared to Magath and Annie. I fucking hate Magath and Annie now.

  18. Dude, why does it gotta be Levi that's hurt 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. Yelena: exposing everyone’s crimes after blindly joining forces
    Reiner: How am I gonna die
    Yelena: ah yes, MARCO!
    Reiner: Method found

  20. If Jean ends up with mikasa attack on titan is dead to me…..like whaaaaaaaa …… would b and even worse bitch slap then a if naruto ended up with sakura domestic abusive ass

  21. Hange really touched me in this chapter her scene was beautiful! This is by far my favorite chapter of AOT. Annie's attitude and fearlessness when it comes to Mikasa was all I needed Isayama, Thank you.

  22. i don’t like how isayama is trying to like force people to like Gabi when he could be giving some time to more OG characters

  23. Everyone: teaming up and trying to figure out a way to stop Eren

    Eren: I literally wrote all of your guys deaths

  24. What if Eren's plan was just to unite all the people to stop him, and to help them realize that they can all work together as one and stop the racism and war.

  25. 6:22
    I think Mikasa and Annie are going to fight against each other again at one point later in the manga. Then we'll finally see a flashback of who won in that Mikasa Vs. Annie Part 1. Except in the future fight, the results might change or who knows, the victor for the first round might win again..

  26. Kinda already covered in Ep 126 and ironically enough it holds true.
    127: Scouts assemble
    128: Come up with a plan
    129: execute fails
    130: plan fails
    131: Eren
    132: Eren Ending
    133: Epilogue

    They could add more back story but honestly he could just OVA it cause I kinda want this to reach its end. Or he adds one ep to fully talk about reiner and annies actions but other than that there nothing left. Let alone who really cares at this point.

    Giant Meteor going to destroy all life as we know it in 1 hour.

    Hey guys lets use that hour to talk about why I hope i'm married in the future, why I have no last name, whst happened to you 10yrs ago.

  27. hanges dialogue is both morally unfounded, cucked, and cringe, if you don't want the eldian "samson option" to be enacted don't attack them. the main cast's moral stance on the rumbling is painful to read and so is isyama's himself if he's framing eren and the yeagerists to be the villains of this arc. "if you kill your enemies they win" is such a shit ideology.

  28. I still support Eren, I believe he is such a selfless character. Because of him old enemies are now uniting since they now have a common enemy (Eren).
    I'm sure he did this on purpose, he knows it's the only way to obtain peace.

  29. Levi: I am so badass i need to look like ken kaneki but the mask and hair is backwards because i do not want copyright and so that means totally no details

  30. If you squint hard enough you'll notice Annie showing Reiner a fraction of the compassion he showed her the whole manga.

  31. So is eren timing his death so that historia child becomes ymir reincarnated. Assuming eren doesn't get eaten and somehow removes the titan powers then that child will be Ymir ,royal blood and all.

  32. Lol I saw this comment from reddit

    Everyone: gathers around fire, awkwardly silent
    Levi: So… we're some sort of Suicide Squad now?

  33. I just want eren to live 😭

    If everyone thinks he is dead I am fine with that, but I want him to live

    He is too badass

    But obviously the story would be beautiful with all his friends stabbing him as he dies smiling or some poetic shit

  34. Native Americans blaming white folks about their current living condition and drug addiction.

    Henge: Talk about 2 thousand years of quarrels that none of us saw is dull.

  35. Jean: whats our baby name
    Mikasa :Eren
    Jean:but how abou-
    Jean: ok (Sad face)

  36. I just realized, the panel of Hanji knocking on the window to get Jean up and out the building reminded me of when in the battle of Trost Armin had to wake up Eren so he could pick up the boulder

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