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  1. I´m sure Miki will be in the top ten this year!!! he will be a surprise!!! Good luck to miki and spain!!!

  2. ♥️ Miki! His English skills are great. I was surprised to hear him speak so fluently 🥰🇪🇸 12 points from Germany

  3. OMG. I love this interview. Miki is so adorable. Based on this interview alone, he's moving up my points!

  4. Él parece muy divertido y lleno de la energía. Ojalá que él vaya a obtener muchos 'douze points' y consiguir el mejor resultado para su país desde Ruth Lorenzo. ¡Buena suerte, Miki!

    He seems really fun and full of energy. I hope he gets a lot of 'douze points' and gets the best result for his country since Ruth Lorenzo. Good luck, Miki!

  5. I hate the stereotype he is spreading like "party, tortilla, dancing". Spain is not that, that's the foreigners' wish. We are much more than that…

  6. I'm really happy for him! He is so excited to be part of Eurovision. It's been ages since I see a Spanish act finally understanding what a great opportunity the contest is for their careers 🙂 On top of that he is making friends and having a good time. Good luck Miki, I hope people vote for you!

  7. I love this sense of Happiness he brings. That's how I feel everytime I visit Spain. Such an amazing country 🇪🇸

  8. As a Spanish, having Miki representing us makes me feel proud!!! So much energy and good vibes!!! Keep it this way Miki!!!

  9. He's a nice person and a cute guy,but i think it will fail as Susy Portugal 2014 failed , very popular with fans but on the day will fail on votes

  10. Miki is a new mood.

    Spain is in my top 10 this year (7th place) and I don't think they've ever been that before. So Spain did a pretty good job to impress me this year!

  11. I think that Luca and Miki is the participants that was i the best mood on the interviews. It makes me very happy to see people in so good mood. One of the reasons is maybe that You guys is so happy when You interview them😁👍 Happines from Norway🇳🇴

  12. I just love this guy and this song so much. Thanks for the interview, you guys are hilarious 😂🤣. Love from Holland and love from me👌❤🇳🇱🏳️‍🌈❤.

  13. Actually Miki didn't win OT! And he even wasn't in the final. The winner was Famous 🙂
    Edit: Yes, the winner's name is Famous!

  14. El inglés de España, da vergüenza ajena sinceramente. Podría esforzarse un poquito más tanto en vocabulario como en pronunciación, y aún deberían esforzarse más si van a ir a Eurovisión, ya que es algo internacional y deberían tener unos mínimos del idioma universal. Como español, me avergüenzo completamente

  15. España winner of Eurovision. See you in Barcelona 2020 🔥🔥🎉🎉🇪🇸🎉🇪🇸🔥🇪🇸🎉🎉

  16. Miki para tu informació en Andalucía també comemos ensaladas y nuestra dieta es igual de saludable o más que en otras partes de España. Besis 😀
    PD: no entiendo el mensaje que pedía el entrevistador para Andalucía :s A lo mejor cree que la canción es flamenco o algo…

  17. genial Miki, muy bien! eres un gran representante de España. Me acabas de convencer de ello con esta entrevista.

  18. For all non-spanish people who enjoy his song, type "charanga" un the search bar and you'll see what he means by the parties in the streets 🎷

  19. Me encanta ver a Miki tan alegre y emocionado por Eurovisión. No sé si era la mejor canción, pero sí que es el mejor representante

  20. Now I see clearly where the party comes from and #LaPachanga to the Mexicans ..hahahahaha obviously from Spain.
    Much success #Miki and that you are satisfied with your performance in Eurovision, the rest is the least it

  21. Miki is amazing! His happiness is so contagious that I love it! And yes what I was thinking was that at the final I'll get up from my sofa and dance.. There's just no way to keep still with a song like that and a so energetic artist like Miki.. I wish for Spain to win they deserve it! Love you from Greece! ♡♡♡

  22. Tiene un inglés bastante mediocre la verdad ( no digo “malo” porque es español, para ser español no es tan malo )

  23. "If you are not happy you will go nowhere"

    Oh well guess I'm never going anywhere

    Grand final tonight!! Good luck to everyone 🙂

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