Milano Tattoo Convention 2020 | 25th Anniversary Edition | Killer Ink Tattoo

Hi, my name is Reese Hilburn.
I am from San Diego, California in the US. I’m at the Milano Tattoo Convention
and this is my first time here. I’m so excited to have been invited here,
it’s an awesome show. I was able to book out the entire weekend and be
a part of such an amazing group of talented artists. So, such honour – I’ll definitely
be back next year! Hi, my name is Alex Bruz.
I am from Venezuela. I have been tattooing for eight years and this is my presentation
at the Milano Tattoo Convention. I have been attending it for approximately four years, and this is one of most prestigious
conventions around the world and that is why I love to come. The level is high, so many good artists, and each year the competitiveness is higher. And well, I’m super happy with this experience. I love to come here,
and I hope to be back next year again. Hi guys, my name is Filouino.
I’m 26 years old and I’m from Austria. I work at Sacramela Tattoo Studio and I’m now
the second time at Milano Tattoo Convention. I really enjoy it because, first of all, I’m half Italian,
so it’s kind of coming back to my home country. I can meet a lot of friends of mine
who also come here. Yeah and I love the quality of the
artists on this convention. My favourite thing about working on convention
is, of course, meeting all the people and watch them working in life. So yeah, I can learn a lot and
connect a lot with the people. I would definitely come back to this
convention next year, for sure, yeah. Overall I love everything over here,
because you’ve got top artists showing their work and I’m working in the same row
with the best artists that work in styles I like. I’m planning to come back next year with
awesome artwork, amazing clients and good vibes. Hi, my name is Lucky Luchino and
I have been tattooing for almost 20 years. In the last 12 years I have been in Spain
but recently I have returned to Italy. Today I am here at the Milano
Tattoo Convention for the 25th edition. a great convention and a good experience. It’s always fun here in Milan; I came
here for the first time quite a few years ago and now I have returned and I hope to
keep coming because it is a convention that I enjoy. There is a lot going on and I can
meet friends from all over Europe. Without a doubt at European level it is one of
the best conventions in which you can participate, together with London and Paris,
and therefore it is a pleasure to be here. If all things go well, I will be here again next year, I hope very much, and I hope to meet
even more people and more friends who will come here to see me and to
visit everyone, thank you very much.

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