Millennials & Marriage: Why the decrease in married couples could be good

Hi, single millennials! Sixty-nine percent of you want to get married. And that’s very nice. And for you guys still looking, you know what
it’s like, right? It’s like picking a movie. No. Na uh. Have I seen that before? Nope. Nope. Ok so you feel overwhelmed by choice. I mean, welcome to the 21st century. But that might not be the problem. Ok, some context. Why do people even get married? So they get married for legal rights and benefits, for the financial stability, for the religious ceremony, for the sake of, you know, having
kids, for companionship, and for making a life-long commitment. But overwhelmingly, love is the main reason
people get married. This is marriage in the U.S. So it used to go up along with population,
but in the last 30 years it’s been going down. So this huge spike is before and after World War II
when people were like, ‘Ooh there’s a war, we should get married’ and then came back and
they were like, ‘War’s over we should get married.’ This other spike is in the 60s when all the
baby boomers–the kids born from these weddings– actually came of age and started to marry
each other. And in the 70s with women’s liberation and
a number of other things, there’s been a steady decline. Today, it’s millennials whose numbers have
dropped, but is that actually a bad thing? So the top three reasons that millennials
aren’t getting married: They think they’re too young. They don’t feel financially ready. And, to quote U2, they just haven’t found
what they’re looking for. But each of these is not as bad as it sounds. For those who don’t feel financially stable,
don’t worry, that could actually change. And for those who feel too young, the good
news is getting married a little bit later will make your marriage last a little bit
longer. And for those who haven’t found what they’re
looking for, this might not actually be a problem. Loads has been written blaming too much choice
on things like apps. But is that entirely true? I don’t think the data supports the idea
that we have too much choice in our lives. Settling down, mating, it’s worth getting
right, and it’s not easy to get right. And if you’re looking for something specific,
the bigger choice set you have, the likelier you are to find it. People have options, and options are good. Options are good. So milennials aren’t married because reasons,
but check this out. Eight-two percent of Americans believe in true love. The other 18 percent I think are dead inside. And for those milennials who aren’t married,
they’re not that worried about it. They either already live together, or they’re
single and don’t care. So love is all around us and when it comes
to marriage it might just happen later, or not at all. And most importantly, that’s ok. Thanks for watching. And if you want to see more videos, subscribe to NBC Left Field. And if you want to see another mixed reality one, check out the piece we made about athletes’ bodies and how they’re changing.

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  1. "True Love" isn't something you find, its something you do. Love is an action, not a feeling. The perfect partner doesn't exist. Marriage is about making a choice and being committed. Its about doing the hard work of putting another before yourself and vice-versa. There is never the "right person" or the "right time" or the "right amount of money." Those are often mere smokescreens to cover up the modern person's inability or unwillingness to make sacrifices. As for the primary reason for marriage being "love", that is a modern understanding and I suspect is one reason why so many marriages end in divorce now. While it is true that love is of paramount importance for a successful marriage, I just don't think most people have more than a thirteen year old girl's view of what love even is.

  2. Because there is an undeniable correlation between the decline in marriage and women's liberation, the decline in marriage is a good thing. If the facts placed causality squarely on men, this video would be about how men are ruining society and need to curb their behavior, grow up, etc. sick cinematography, though.

  3. This is really sad. I feel bad for whoever watches this and actually agrees or internalizes the message :/ Ladies, cut through the modern propaganda please because you do NOT want to end up 38yrs old, single, childless, lonely, and having to lie to yourself every morning that you are satisfied with your life choices. I don't care what Buzzfeed article you read about how great it is to "be a business leader and not a baby breeder!", because everyone knows what a fulfilling purpose for human beings is. It's built in to our biology and into our souls for goodness sake! Cheers everyone and good luck!

  4. 69% of millenials wanna get married?…. No wonder 4/5 marriages end in divorce under 5 years…. Most of them can't leave home till there 28

  5. To any Millennials watching this especially the women the only chance you have to get any kind of money and the lifestyle that you want is to marry a successful guy but the problem is is that the successful guy who makes millions of dollars isn't going to want some little blue haired, opinionated troll, … making most of you useless, enjoy working at Starbucks

  6. You dont get married youll end up with cats and no money, also marriage sucks for dudes anyway. And guys realize it so good luck to you ladies.

  7. we're not getting married for four basic reasons, in no particular order here they are.
    – women think they deserve the top 10% of men, no matter how undesirable they are themselves
    – men are shutting down or looking abroad for companionship because of the completely one sided (unjustifiably) power dynamic in western relationships that says any woman no matter how talentless and ugly is a goddess, and any man no matter how amazing is a worthless dog only suited to be sucked dry of resources before moving to the next one.
    – men in western society are becoming less and less masculine, and let's face it, nobody actually likes feminine men (unless you're gay then its a different story sometimes)
    – women in western society are becoming increasingly more masculine, in average they don't know how to be a woman anymore and despite what modern feminists insist is true, they want to be women, they just don't know how anymore so they understandably get bitter.

  8. This is disgusting. What a dark world we live in.

    Anybody wondering why a video like this has been released? The reason is because recent data has shown there's been a small increase in the rate of people getting married in the past 18 months (and also an increase in the white birthrate). It's only a small change so far, but they are panicking because it could be a sign of a big cultural shift of people starting to want a more family-oriented lifestyle. Expect them to get more and more desperate if more data comes out showing this.

    This video is a lie. They pretend they want you to get married. But they don't. They want everybody to be single. They want you to postpone it until it's too late. More importantly, they don't want people getting married at 20 and having 7 children, that's their worst nightmare. They will do everything, use pop music, Hollywood movies, CNN, celebrities, social justice movements, etc. to try and manipulate young women into not wanting to get married.

    Don't fall for it. You will be 75 years-old locked in your house all day with no husband and grandchildren, all alone, whilst this Republican Christian girl who you used to bully and accuse of being racist will have 1 husband, 5 children, 23 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren when she's 75 and will always be around people, having her children drive her around the country, having her grandchildren jumping for joy when they see her, and you will look at what she has and feel so much sorrow in your heart. Seriously.

  9. The best we can hope for is that millennials NEVER breed – as confused as most of them seem to be about their sexuality, this problem may take care of itself. Never seen a lazier, less caring group.

  10. I came across this via ad when I was watching BuzzFeed unsolve, and I didn't skip the ad and I click into here.
    Nice video.

  11. As millennial women like you unleash a #MeToo on this world, prosecuting every male who dares flirt with you or ask you out for a drink, marriage will probably disappear entirely! Now that's worth doing a whole video segment on.

  12. A 50% divorce rate, 70% initiated by women, lifelong alimony payments. The stats are overwhelming for reasons against marriage…for men anyways. The rewards do not outweigh the risks.

  13. The video makes some good point and not-so-good points. I have two things to say.

    1) marriage isn't for everyone, and it is okay if you don't want to get married. Some people want to spend the rest of their lives with only one person. But some people like to date different people and don't want to commit to one person. There's no right or wrong answer. People have a right to choose what they want to do, and we have to respect people's decisions.

    2) I need evidence that supports "If you get married a little later, your marriage will last a little bit longer." I got married when I was 24 and my husband was 31. I was ready to commit to my husband for the rest of my life so I got married. Some people may make that decision at 20. Some people at 45.

  14. Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? Men, by nature (real men) aren't interested in marriage until they reach the mid-30s barrier. For those men, they want children, and they're choosing the right qualifications for their wives. Mother nature hasn't changed in several millenniums. As far as marriage, I wouldn't marry anyone if I couldn't answer "Yes" to this question:

    If your spouse became 100% dependent on you, say for a health reason (accident, mental/Alzheimer's, etc.) for a long period of time, do you believe you would take care of him/her, forever? Likewise, if you became 100% incapacitated, do you believe your spouse would take care of you? If you're in serious doubt of either, you are not in love. You are marrying for other reasons.

  15. It's called the herbivore man. Look at the Japanese culture.

    Feminism destroyed gender roles, and fucked up the natural order. Women's rights are important and all, but things have gotten out of hand. Women are more unhappy and entitled than ever, despite all the privileges they have. It's no surprise men want to opt out.

  16. I’m a millennial. Got married at 25. Divorced at 27.. ex wife had an affair and divorced me. Had to give up our apartment and 50% of money. Remember, just because you say vows doesn’t mean they hold any meaning or are contractual. Would not recommmed marriage to anyone. Too easy to opt out and people change.

  17. What a disgusting position about further decaying the american family and centuries old traditions. The leftist have no idea the damage they're doing to the not perfect, but best country in the world. Do these people listen to themselves?

  18. The reason I don't want to get married is because the benefits are minimal for a man. The only pros I see is saving on taxes and maybe some benefits due to health insurance, but thats it. The man in the relationship has to much to lose, if it doesn't work out and has kids they lose out on custody, men get stuck paying alimony and you lose half your things. The system favors the woman most of the time and the guy gets screwed. Getting married is the thing of the past. I can happily live without getting married to someone. The problem is this fucking capitalist country believes that spending thousands on some stupid wedding will make your relationship last longer. Another thing to consider is that divorce rates are way to high, and getting divorced is really expensive. The truth is that now a days people can be happy without having to get married. If you get married because of your religion, you are just a sheep following some rule that probably doesn't even matter. Like that will prevent your relationship from failure. Anyways say no to marriage, if you find someone to spend your life with then…. love them, but don't think that because you get married your relationship will excel.

  19. This video is simply put, stupid. She didn't highlight the main reasons. People who aren't married don't get married because they can't. They don't have much choice to begin with. In the past, arranged or arranged love marriage was the norm. So parents would decide for many even if they can't find for themselves. Recently, this method is on decline and so female choice and male competition has increased. So selection pressure on; and who is fit to get married and who is not has increased too. A man doesn't have to be good natured to get married. It depends on what attracts females. They should study on "sensory bias" and "sexy son hypothesis" before posting this video. This is very much applicable in humans as in other animals. Based on most dating websites, females have overwhelming amount of choice, and males have to compete

  20. bullshit. there is nothing to this video it is all fluff. its like a big huge fluffy cotton ball with a tiny blue pill inside.

  21. What the fuck is this shit? This is offensive un many levels! Why would you Even make such a video? What are you trying to convince us of?

  22. This videos are soooooo entertaining to watch. Aesthetically pleasing, extremely well done and the Vr drawing is so nice

  23. Why are people getting offended by this? Do people see the word 'left' in the username and immediately feel their primal instincts telling them to go 'trigger some feminazi sjws'? Please find something more productive to do than lurk in the comments of a well made, informal and thought provoking video.

  24. Easy internet! This video isn’t trying to destroy the institution of marriage. It’s presenting some statistics and a few possible implications. Also, where is the music from?

  25. Actually 69% of millenials do not want to get married. The actual statistic is that 79% of millenials do not see marriage as any type of benefit. The other 21% of millenials see marriage as a future plan based on their religious view or some other view. Im not a millennial but i think they have the right idea. Ask anyone what the real reason is that they wont marry. Specifically ask a guy. More specifically an half educated millenial and they will tell you that their is no benifit to it. They will first say that over 60% of marriages end in divorce, then they will say that the court is descriminately in favor of women during this proceeding. Then theyll ask you why would i invite the government into my bedroom and personal life ? Much less sign a legal, binding contract to give away my assets, and estate ? For what ?? Any educated and most uneducated people know that a marriage doesnt make you a man. Its a form of wealth distrubution. If you think a marriage is the only way to go to ensure a honest, healthy relationship then that relationship is already weak if you need an asset ownership contract to hold it together. More and more people are finding out that marriage is not relationship glue and its more of a societal expectation. In the past no one questioned why there has to be a legal contract for love. But now more things are coming to light in this day and age and i dont blame the millenials. You guys do you ! Excel, establish, be succesful without the anxiety and weight of a relstionship hold you back. If you young kids only knew the strife marriage will bring you the minority percent would opt out of marriage too.

  26. Have you met any of the millenial women we have in America? Half of them are hippo, obese size! Another 1/4 are feminists and the ones who aren't feminists or massive fat slobs, are extremely demanding. That's why i found an eastern European lady. Much more beautiful, almost all of them are in shape/fit, much more feminine and very traditional Christians.

  27. To avoid much grief, and danger, men and women should never live together. Women should pursue their work, education, and professions, and if they decide they want to have babies, they should be required to purchase, carefully selected sperm, form sperm banks. This would allow for a vigorous system of Eugenics, to the benefit of all Humanity. Pregnant women should be required, by law to, register their pregnancies, so that the State can supervise the birth, welfare, and education of the offspring. All children should be housed, and educated in idyllic, and secure, State homes, where they can grow up with a healthy relationship close to Nature, and where they can be protected, trained and educated by professional nurses, and teachers. This would guarantee both equality of opportunity, and a strong sense of community among all citizens.

  28. Millennials are already getting old: They don't really matter anymore. Gen-Z members, (born after 1995), will decide the future for Humanity. Only citizens who grew up surrounded by the greatest information revolution in all history: The INTERNET, (Instant Global Data Sharing), will be qualified to make the important decisions facing Humanity in the future.

  29. I’m 34 single for three years going on four it’s sucks I see so many people younger than me older than me getting married and I’m here like did I miss the wedding train

  30. Looking at the statistics part of the video I think you just answered your own question. In one sentence in this whole video you said it slowly started declining around the women's liberations movement. There's your answer

  31. Millennial here. I’m going to get married. I don’t mind that I’m 29 and probably won’t be married till I’m 31. Was waiting till I finish my second round of going to college so I can have a steady income. Also, many of the men are just lazy, immature, and emotionally unstable. It took a look time to find a good one. All these factors contribute to why we aren’t married.

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