Minecraft Birthday Party

(high energy music) Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald and we are from Sis VS Bro!
Sis VS Bro and today we are going to have my birthday party! Not my birthday because it was a week ago, but we’re gonna celebrate my birthday with this amazing party and today I am gonna show you everything here because I love the way we decorated it. Starting from this neck table, this is my favorite, this wallpaper covering our painting with spiders, TNT, Pigs, Creepers, Steve, and, of course, Minecraft. And hearts. Yeah.
(laughs) And all the snacks are related to Minecraft. Carrots are Cheetos, Redstone is strawberries.
Moss Stone is… Um Obsidian is Oreos, Coal is um chocolate almonds.
Coal is… Snow Balls …
… is marshmallows Apples are cinnamon apples, and here is my cake! My TNT/Pig cake! That pig is probably gonna die with that huge of a TNT. Yeah, probably.
(Ronald chuckles) Yup, and Dirt…
And Dirt, we have a very light colored Dirt which is doughnuts. We got sticks which is technically a empty plate because we’re gonna eat the plate. (plate clacks)
Doesn’t taste that good. But, for real, my dad is gonna bring stick candies. Here we have our beautiful cupcakes! Every one of them are beautiful, even this guy.
And Diamonds are blueberries.
Yes, a very dark colored blueberries. Mm mm and they taste marvelous. Mm mm! And Melons are literally lemons. Melons!
Melons! Slime Balls are grapes!
Grapes! Green grapes. Here uh turned out to be blue, just because of the printer, but it’s supposed to be green. Over at this table we have a bunch of juices and we also gonna put on music right here. And here…
(laughing) … is three stuffies with hats on. I made every single hat. And we have my popcorn. No, no, no!
This is Gold, but popcorn. Here is my favorite balloon because it is a gigantic Creeper! (air hissing) Here we got a bunch of spiders on the walls. Over there and there and even over there. Over here we have a Ghast and Enderman and another Ghast. And here is the table.
(Ronald gasps) We made Pig cups and Creepers cups. My piggy.
(upbeat dance music) Get in!
(children laughing) Take it!
Yeah! That is so… ‘Kay, I’m gonna ask you again, you guys ready for some video games? (cheering and whooping)
Yes! All right, come on in!
(kids cheering) Thank you so much! (upbeat music)
(excited chatter) Daniel, this is so weird, jeez! Awesome! (excited overlapping chatter) (party noises)
Oooh yeah! ♪ Can I work with my time ♪
Woooo! Yeah! (party music continues) A glass house in Minecraft, is that yours? Oh wait …
Nooo! Woo-hoo! … guys you have to um … Me too!
(party drowns out Ronald) You look so naked!
I know, right? I think you can change it’s skin. Wow! I told you Miles! (kids laughing loudly) How do you know? ♪ Do, do, da, da ♪ (Karina laughs) Be different.
(laughing) (Ronald cheering)
You wanna know who… (Karina groans)
Ahh, I tried. (whooping and shrieking) (Ronald vocalizes) ♪ Oh, ooh ooh oh ooh oh ♪ (music playing from tv and background) No I wanna get in in a second! (girl cheering) Whoa, what!
(kids exclaiming) Okay, guys.
(Karina screams excitedly) (all cheer and scream excitedly) Ronald, gee! (inaudible instructions off screen) … goes to Erica, thanks for your help. (kids cheer and clap)
Now, what you would like to hear …
(voice fades in and out) Watch this! I want you to stand in front of everybody. Make a celebration face! Cute face. Oh you bet I am.
(kids laughing) (overlapping chatter) (up tempo music continues) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Karina ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (loud offscreen exclamation) But are ya four? Are ya five? Are ya six? Are ya seven?
Zero! Are ya zero? Are ya eight?
Zero, are ya zero? Are ya nine?
Are you zero? Are ya 10?
Are ya zero? Stop! That’s how many pieces of cheese you ate! (clapping and cheering continues) (fast-paced music)
Make those explode! They lost the game! I want the corner! Okay there’s four pieces. Karina, can I have the pig? Woo! Whoa! What? (indistinct conversation) Nobody wants a piece? It’s gonna be a cow.
(laughing) Karina, open mine next! (Karina gasps) Oh it’s adorable!
(shrieking) More!
Karina! Karina! That’s the DLC version so you got … Oh yeah!
(papers rustling) Oh, oh, oh my gosh!
What is this? Whose is that?
Guess! I don’t know what it is, it’s blocks. Wait where’d you get it from? (Karina squeaks excitedly) She’s in the bag. It’s in there, don’t worry. Just take it out. It’s not made for your birthday. It is too! It makes it happy birthday. Whoa! Whoooooooooa! (kids excitedly chattering) “Happy birthday, Karina. Love, Jean and Janet.” Oh thank you! Thank you! (shrieking)
(laughing) Oh my gosh. Oh thank you! I got a girl for my birthday! I got a sister! Karina! Where’s Karina, guys? Karina, there’s another one. So cool. Oh my gosh, this is a party, guys! Yes! It can throw my balls. (kids all talking and laughing) This is fun, guys. All right, let’s try this out. Let’s go outside guys!
(whooping) You’ve gotta step on it. She bounced back! (squeals) Okay, who wants to go now? Me! Me, Karina pick me! I’m going backwards! Whoa! You can do it! (All cheering) (excited chatter and cheering) (poppy guitar music)

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