Minecraft Cake – Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas – Chocolate & Vanilla

How to make a Minecraft birthday cake. Hi I’m Amanda van der Gulik from CleverDoughCakes.com where I teach you fun cake decorating ideas and today I’m really excited because I’m sharing with you a really special cake it’s a Minecraft birthday cake that a friend of
mine asked me to make for her son a few years ago the really cool part will okay
what I think is cool and I have to admit the kids thought it was pretty cool too
was that he wanted to have chocolate cake and vanilla cake and so I decided
to piece it together in the block style that you see in the Minecraft video game
so let’s come on a journey and I’ll show you exactly how I put this cake together here are some fun fondant pieces that we
created together with my kids to put on top of the cake things like the
Minecraft pig and the Minecraft Steve a portal into the nether world some fun
geese and pigs and all kinds of fun things and some other really cool
characters that we got from the game and if you enjoyed this video please
give us a thumbs up and share it with your friends and take a look at some
other videos how to bake a cake and other really fun cake decorating ideas
thank you for joining us you

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