Mini Christmas Dinner

– Morning everyone. This is a slightly different mini food. It’s called daddy daycare, right? – Yeah, with me! – And the pugs are in the back somewhere. – Yeah, as you can see both of them are at the back. And that’s Amy that’s fat. – I’ve had loads and loads of requests for a mini Christmas dinner. So, that’s what we’re going to do, right? – Yeah! We got a shopping list here that Phoebe wroted. – Yes. Let’s go do this. – [Barry] You all right, Chloe? We haven’t got time to roast turkey, okay? So this is, we’re just going to get that. That’s what we’re doing all right? You don’t understand this word, but it’s absolute carnage in here. It’s very very busy. Do you know what carnage means? – Busy. – Yeah. – Like, kizzy the set busy. – Yeah. Everyone’s angry. Christmas angry. (laughs) – That was insane. – Yeah. – Crazy. – Yeah. Crazy crazy. – [Barry] All right. You Okay? Keeping the dogs amused. I’ve lost you now haven’t I? Huh? – Yeah. – [Barry] Yeah. So might have to put
some cartoons on for her. Her attention span is gone. The dogs have been fed. How neat, they’ve been fed. Again also up here we will be using this camera in just a sec, but we had a pack of like turkey meat and there is not much left in there because it’s in his tummy. Thanks to you. (giggles) Uh, just to give you a rundown, it’s very hard to make
this all from scratch so I’ve got a chipotle
sausage and a little bit of bacon we’re going to
make pigs in blankets uh, the UK version, not the pastry one. Gravy cube, parsnips, sprout, potato, carrots, stuffing ball, cranberry sauce and a little bit of turkey leftover. So, let’s do it. You can come and join
me at any time, okay? – I’m watching Peppa Pig (snorts) – [Barry] I know, I know. Peppa Pig here we go. All right. Daddy pig’s gotta make a mini Christmas dinner. As usual folks, the rules are very simple it must fit on this plate by the end. Peppa Pig good? – [Chloe] Yes! – [Barry] All right. So
let’s do the raw meat kind of stuff first of all. We need to make a little sausage from our little sausage. ♪Doot doot doot♪ We’re going to make two and what I’m doing is
just taking the meat from the sausage. So I’m just going to roll it and then shape it into a cylinder to make sausage like that. There we go. All right. We’ll go for two. – [Chloe] (yelling) – [Barry] Okay. All right the bacon now. I will definitely cook this bit up later. Right. I’ve got two strips of bacon there, that one’s a little too wide. Sausages go on the bacon. All right. And then we
roll it up (laughing). I’m sure that’ll work. The only other sort of raw thing I’ve got is this stuffing ball, which is way too big so we’re just going to carve out like a little bit of that. All right. Let’s go for two of those. All right. I’m loving that. That looks awesome. All right. Two stuffing balls. Two pigs in blankets. Now I’ll wash my hands now. So our pigs and blankets are done. Stuffing’s done. All clean down there and I washed my knife moved on to the veg and the gravy and stuff next. How you getting on? You okay? – Yes. – All right. Oh and just for reference, for any Bastian fans, she’s not watching Reaper. Okay. You’re not watching that. That’s a terrible film. It’s not as good as terminator. – I’m watching Peppa Pig. – Yeah. All right, so for the vegetables this is just some, like
a chunk of a carrot and a parsnip I snapped off at home and a sprout. We literally just bought one sprout from the supermarket and that’s a baby potato as well. Just for scale. Turkey and stock cube to one side. But I should be using
my mini chopping board that someone sent me for this. What I’m doing is I’m just getting a square and then just going to
cut a couple of strips really to make them look a little bit like parsnips. There we go. Three parsnips. Look like chips. I have done steak and chip video mini food before. So with the carrot I’ve cut it into little sticks, but then I’m going to try and make them small like, just, I know we have them
like coin size at home, but Just little chunks. I don’t really care for
carrots that much really. Unless it’s in a carrot cake. So, here we go. Nice pile of carrots. This is going to be one filling meal. The sprout, I’ve just
taken the leaves off. Taken the bum off of it. Ah, yeah. I’m just going to chop right into it. There we go, look at that. I mean, effectively, it’s just a small cabbage isn’t it? Yeah, that’s not too bad. Okay. That was probably the trickiest thing to do, I’m going to stick with those. That will do. They’re green. Go eat your greens, folks. And last but not least my massive butch potato. So I’m just going to, I want to try to get a
bit of the skin on it so it looks like a potato still. All right. So I’m taking a wedge out of the potato. And if I just, I know, just start big and work down. All right, so, a little bit of skin showing on them. Slice that down there. There’s my square spuds (laughing). And that’s my veg done. You can probably hear the kettle boiling in the background because we’re about to make the gravy. So this is a stock cube. What we do is essentially just crumble it. But I’m just going to put like, I don’t know, an eighth of a stock cube in there. A little bit more. All right. That is boiling water going into a small I don’t know if this is dangerous, okay. (laughing) I really just wanted to
pour that straight in for safety, but then I thought you guys would told me off. There’s my little juggy thing and I’m going to pour the boiling water in with those granules. Nice. And then we’ll go for this thing. This is my mini kit that I’m going to get renewed. It’s just for mini food, okay? Mix that through. And I think I might put
the gravy back in there at the end. I might have to keep this warm actually. I’m talking about this very confidently as if I know what’s going
to happen (laughing) I need some more stock
cube in there though. I want a strong gravy. Baby. All right, and that will be my gravy. (laughing) It’s about time to cook up now, so rather than boil it
I’m going to roast them. I’ve got potatoes to one side the carrots and parsnips there. And the meaty stuff is just on its own piece of parchment so it can sort of take the different elements out to control it, hopefully. This is some oil. An eighth of a teaspoon, about half full, so about sixteenth of a teaspoon just to help it roast. Just going to put some on the carrots and the parsnips. And on the potatoes. So we’re going to have roast potatoes. And a personal choice of mine, honey roasted parsnips and carrots. Oh yeah, that caramelization, just going to stick a
blob of that on there. This thing. That will do. Mixy, mixy, mix. Love honey roasted vegetables. For the time being, I’m just going to put these in. The meat is so small, with its sort of fattiness as well, it
doesn’t need the oil. That will probably cook a lot quicker. So, in it goes. I literally have no idea how this is going to go. But, we’ll see in a bit. – [Chloe] ♪Where are you ♪ ♪Here I am, here I am, how do you do♪ – [Barry] It’s had five minutes in there (laughing) Chloe’s singing in the background if you can hear that. But what I was trying to show you was, ah! That pan’s hot. It’s even with the oven
glove on, bizarrely. It was sizzling then,
so it is cooking away. So I’m going to now get me a pigs in blankets in there
and my stuffing balls. Make it a bit smaller. Don’t know how it happened, but the potatoes have actually jumped over that side as well. I want to kind of keep them isolated a little bit still. I think I’m just going to push
my sprouts on as well. Hang on a sec. I’m not sure if people could hear that but you were just singing quite nicely. – ♪Here I am, how do you do♪ – Okay. She’s in the zone. Anyhow, this is now
going back in the oven. It’s cooled down so quickly already because of how small it is. Pigs in blanket. Stuffing, sprouts, potatoes, parsnips carrots back in until its fully done. So Barry, what do you do for work? Oh I make small foods because the internet wants it. On a serious note, I’ve had so many requests for a mini Christmas dinner a mini roast, so we’re doubling this up okay? I don’t even want to try this again. It’s working out okay so far though. – ♪Bum, bum, bum♪ – What was that? – It’s a Christmas present. – A Christmas present? (laughing) Aye yi yi. Oh my gosh, the sprouts. The sprouts have been destroyed. The rest is okay. What? – Is that what you call a roast dinner? – It’s a mini roast dinner. – It’s so tiny! – It is. So my carrots, potatoes, and parsnips actually look pretty darn good. And the stuffing balls are done. Pigs in blankets holding together just need a little bit longer a bit more colour on the bacon but the sprouts are goners. I’m just basically going to cut up some more sprout, cook them up till these are done and then we’ll serve! Instead of doing the sprouts roasted, I’ve got a pan of water. All right, mate? Give me five. Come to collect my little helper, right? All right. – Yeah, fine. You okay? – Yeah, good, just mini fooding. So I’ll just cut up some more sprouts but they’re kind of more like cabbage. Just stick it in there and I’m just going to boil that down. Yeah, I think I have everything. This is the worst, but there are some sort of sprouty things in there. Anyhow, my plate is ready. All right then folks, it is dishing up time. Here is some sliced turkey. Nothing too crazy with that. I’m going to go all out and put loads of turkey on this plate. I’m going to load this up. Potatoes It’s fair to say they’re quite crispy. Ah, yeah. Parsnips. The other one completely perished so that’s not even going on my plate. Carrots. The stuffing balls. Ah, I left the pigs and
blankets in the oven whoops! Oh no. All right. Pigs in blankets got a little bit extra charred. (laughing) The other one’s a bit too scorched so we’ll just go with
the one pigs in blanket. We’ve got some cabbage here. Which is effectively small sprouts, right? Some cranberry sauce right from the jar. Come on. There you go, yeah. Ah, that’s better. Cranberry sauce. And here comes the gravy. Oh no (laughing) Come on. There you go. Gravy. Get on there. And of course for scale, this bear in mind, is
a baby Brussels sprout. But that is our mini Christmas dinner. All done. What does it taste like? – Um, a real roast dinner – A real roast dinner? Yes! – Like a real roast dinner. – Like a real roast dinner? Did we do it? Fist bump. (pow) – I love that. – There we go folks. Really hope you enjoyed this mini food. Don’t forget to subscribe
if you haven’t already there should be a button down there. Alerts you for new videos, all that stuff. And also, before
suggesting a new mini food, check out the playlist there’s also a link here somewhere on the video and in the description. So before suggesting, make this, I’ve probably already made it, to be fair. So, thanks for watching. See you next time.

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  1. Think you should be Sir Barry after achieving this awesome micro dish!
    You never know maybe ONE is watching.. 👑

  2. Yummy!

    I wish you and Mrs Barry and the girls a very merry happy Christmas hope it’s a good one for you all. Enjoy your Christmas 🎄

  3. Great video, well done. Hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas and Santa is generous to Phoebe, Chloe and the pugs. Love from me and my kitty kids ❤

  4. Barry! You forgot the Yorkshire pudding didn’t you?! One of the best parts haha. Great job though! Way too fiddly for me, I might be an adult but I have the patience of a gnat.
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    There's recipes online for making homemade dog treats and biscuits, so why not mini-dog treats?
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    Merry Christmas to you, the Mrs Barry, and the kids (both 2 and 4 legged ones)

  9. Can we all pitch in and get Baz a proper mini knife and not a craft knife. I just get so worried every time he has to cut anything harder than a marshmallow.

  10. is this a kids channel or is it intended for adults. i can never tell because Barry seems to be having to much fun with it, unlike, say Gordon ramsay's channel where he is super serious

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    Were are you going………..
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