Miniature Rainbow Tea Party Cakes Cute Baking Ideas For Kids

– (hooting in unison)
It’s time to par-tay! Woo-hoo! Par-tay! – Just kidding. It’s a tea par-tay. (imperious giggles) – Hello, everybody! Welcome to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Princess Ava here, and today we’ll be showing you how to make mini tea party rainbow princess cupcakes. And we’re gonna put the mini cupcakes inside this miniature cake holder. Aww, isn’t it cute? So I have here three bowls of cake mix. We’re gonna dye each
bowl a different color. We’re gonna start with pink. (upbeat, playful music) Next one is going to be blue. So this one is a gel food coloring. The pink one was a liquid. I’m just gonna get my toothpick and just get a glob of it in there. (playful music) Next one is going to be green. Okay.
(panicked breathing) It’s dripping all over me now! (giggle) (huffing) I already greased our mini
miniature cupcake holders. Now, all we have to do is fill them. (upbeat, playful music) Time for the green! And it kind of looks
like slime or boogers. (playful music) (dog barking) Into the oven we go. I can’t have a tea party without my girlfriends, so! (dog barks)
(old fashioned phone ringing) Hi guys, I was wondering if you could come to my tea party today. (gasp)
(excited sped-up gabbling) – Oh my gosh, I’m so
excited. We’ll be over in like five minutes.
– Okay, bye! (shrieking and giggling) (timer bell jangling) – Oh, they’re done! (panting) Hoo hoo hoo! It’s hot! (car horn honks twice) (engine noises) – Watch out for that big bump. (scream) I told you!
(car horn honks) – Well, good thing we’re here! It’s all gonna be so much fun. (doorbell chime) (laughing) – Hi, you guys!
– Hi! (squealing) – Come on in.
(girls giggling) – Thanks for inviting us! (bistro music) – Ooh! – So what are we making today? – So we will be making a triple layered tea party cake. – Ooh, that looks pretty.
– Mmm. – (friends in unison) Ooh. – Kay, so we want to, like, cut off like, the bottom like halfway, I guess. You do the greens, you do the blues, I’ll do the pink.
(soft giggle) – I’m done. – All righty. Now let’s layer them. So we’re using the circle cookie cutter to cut the circles, so that they will be the exact same size. (upbeat bistro music) Boop! (bistro music) Now let’s deck them all. This is going to be the perfect addition to our tea party. (giggle) Stacky, stacky, stack! (ragtime piano music) – (friends in unison) Whoooa! (Ava giggles) – Sprinkle overload! (cheering) – I want me some sprinkles.
(girls giggling) She’s a pro! Pro! (sprinkles rattling like maracas) (ragtime piano) – All righty, we’re all done! – (in unison) It’s time to par-tay! Woo-hoo par-tay! – Just kidding, it’s a tea par-tay. (imperious giggles) – We are British, did you know that? I’m just joking, we’re from the Americans. (mid tempo classical music) – (gasp) Oh, look at that orange sugar! – Makes lemon g– (babbles and giggles) Lemoneau! – Ooh, this boa is itchy. (friend vocalizing) – What? – I need some more, too. – Me too. Whoa. – Mine needs water. – Would you like some more Tang? – Yes, I would.
– Course I would. (girls giggling) – Okay, now for mine, mix more– My face is really sweaty. – Time for the tea cakes. (soft gasp) – [Off Camera] These little guys. – I want this one.
– This one’s mine. – I’ll take this one, since it keeps– (playful music) (girls giggling and laughing) – Aaahh.
(smothered giggles) – Glorious, glorious. (Ava garbling speech with her mouth full) – Rude! (upbeat childlike music) (dog barking) – Delicious. – I can’t get the sugar out of here. (sugar-deranged laughter) – Do you dare me to lick this? – Yes!
– It’s gonna be sour. – Do it! – Ack! – (in unison) There’s one more. (girls shrieking and play fighting) – Hey!
– Hey! – Thank you guys so much
for joining our tea party! Don’t forget to like, subscribe,
and comment down below. – Bye! – (in unison) Bye! (upbeat mid tempo music)

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