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Hey guys and welcome back! First off I
want to say thank you to all of you guys who commented on last week’s video
it really helped me out a lot and I had so much fun reading through you guys’
ideas for 2018 so thank you so much for helping me out. If you haven’t checked it
out I’m having a giveaway so hop over to check out that video to see how to enter
but one of the suggestions that you guys left last week was a video about a
minimalistic approach to giving gifts so I think two years back, Morten and I we
did a video about gifts but it was what to put on your own wish list like how to
avoid to get a lot of stuff into your house but I thought this approach of how
to give gifts in a minimalistic way was actually really spot-on so that’s what
I’m gonna talk about today I’m gonna share with you all my experiences and
give you a few tips and I hope that helps you out. When you’re trying to live
a more simple life it can be all in your mindset but for most people it can also
be about money and budgeting so I’m betting that few of you are probably
wondering what you can give that it won’t break the bank. And one thing that
I did this year was actually I made a few gifts so I found these stars that I
made out of beads and I don’t know if you can see them I’ll try holding it up
they’re made out of beads and I made them actually when I was a little kid
with my grandmother and I don’t know why but I’ve just always loved them and
every year I’m so happy when I find them and I have to hang them on the Christmas
tree so I thought they would be a great gift and I thought huh I might be able
to duplicate this one so I just sat down and somehow all of the beats and all
that stuff I still had it it didn’t get thrown out through all of these years of
downsizing so I must have held onto it for some reason, but… I still had all the
beats and the string and the needles and everything so I just sat down and I
copied a few of these so I’ve made some of these for my mother-in-law. She has
everything, let’s face it, so something that you put thought into and you put
your time into, that’s gonna be great and then I also made a few in different
colors for another friend and obviously these does not cost much it’s more the
thought that counts but if you include a really thoughtful Christmas letter
in it then I’m sure that your friends will really appreciate it and it doesn’t
matter that you didn’t really spend any money on it I also always kind of look
around the house what I have lying around that I don’t really need and my
mom was so sweet to give me an advent calendar The only problem was that it
was all gummies like it’s gourmet gummies so it’s these little bags you
get one every day. And since I’m working with a nutritionist right now
I can’t have a lot of sugar and these are pretty much all sugar so I’m eating
a few of them and I really appreciate the thought behind it but I think I’m
gonna take a few of these gourmet gummies and putting with some of these
stars and it’ll be a cute little package I’m utilizing what I already have things
that I really appreciate and it didn’t cost me anything!
Previous years I’ve knitted a few washcloths for people that takes a lot
longer for me but it all depends what you’re into. I also have a friend who is
expecting in the spring I know she’s having a boy so I picked out a few of
the baby clothes for Max that he’s not using anymore and then I’m not keeping
myself I picked out a few of those things and just wrap them up neatly that
didn’t cost me anything either and I know that she’ll really appreciate it.
And it’s the baby clothes that’s not really worn out, so it will almost be
like new clothes. So just get creative if it’s about saving money! Now that was all
the free stuff and what I usually have is I have something that’s completely
free and then I usually spend a bit more money on some other gifts I do not
consider myself a super ethical shopper like I don’t buy everything fair trade I
don’t go all out organic I don’t only buy a local. But supporting small
businesses and small independent artists is something that’s really close to my
heart and I don’t know if it’s just my personality of really that I appreciate
art and I don’t know how much it factors in that I grew up with parents and a lot
of my family who all ran their own small businesses So supporting people who are
really just trying to make a living out of something that they love to do is
something that I really value and now that I’ve paid off my debt
able to actually go out and pick a few of the gifts on my list from those shops
because the price tags are a bit higher that’s what I find at least. So I bought
a few gifts for my friends there and they are a little bit more expensive and
then I have some free gifts so every year it kind of evens out and then next
year I’ll probably swap it around so different people get the high budget if
that makes sense and also some people just appreciate homemade gifts more so
it’s up to you you know your friends and your family who might appreciate it more
this year I also actually ordered some more stuff from Grand Stories Design,
it’s Pernille who I also bought my weekly planner from and she has these little
notebooks which I just find amazing look at it They are so cute and they’re
perfect for some of my friends I didn’t buy these for everyone but I bought two
I think obviously I didn’t buy the same thing for everyone but I like supporting
her and what she’s doing and I love her designs and I have a few friends who I
know will probably appreciate getting something that just looks really nice
that they can use everyday and I can just imagine one of my friends going to a
cafe and actually using that notebook and we’re talking price range less than
ten dollars so it is totally doable still to support local business owners
and not breaking the bank those of you guys who follow our Travel Channel and
has done for you a few years you know that we usually shop for some presents
when we’re out traveling it’s not always for Christmas it might be for birthdays
but we always keeping an open mind if we see something that just calls out that
this is for my mom or something now I live in Scandinavia and I feel like
everything is expensive it might not be the case and it might be super expensive
where you’re at as well but I find that sometimes when I travel and I find
something I can actually save quite a lot of money on an item.
So this year I thought this poncho for my mom in San Gimignano in Tuscany
in Italy and when I saw it I was just like ah that would be perfect for my mom
she loves wrapping up in things when it’s cold weather so I got that for her
in April and she’s getting it now in December so I bought it more than six
months ahead of time but she can’t return it anyway, sorry mom! The thing to
be aware of if you do some gift shopping when you’re traveling is to please
remember to avoid things that looks too touristic You might be going to an area
where everything looks amazing but that person that you’re giving those things
to they don’t have the same memories associated with that place or that
location so they might not appreciate as much something that looks very local so
you really have to be thoughtful of picking out something it’s just really
good craftsmanship great materials get some really good leather goods something
that’s kind of universal and that’s just really high-quality at a cheaper price
don’t get it just because you went to that place get it because you think that
that person will really appreciate it I also kind of want to include the mindset
of how I deal with Christmas shopping in general because Christmas shopping for a
lot of people can be stressful and it can be hectic and you feel like you have
this whole list of items and things you have to get, you have to buy, you have to order and what Morden and I have done the past few years is actually that we try to buy
most of the gifts before we even enter into December It does not always work
out that way but we try to because the lines and the stores are a lot longer
when you get into December. If you do enter into December try to do it on
weekdays before everyone’s off so if you have days where it’s possible for you to
shop during the day before everyone else gets off of work that would really help
in taking the stress out of it and also if you shop earlier everyone in the
store is so excited to help you because it’s the beginning of the
Christmas shopping. And when you get further into December they were kind of
tired and worn out and everyone’s a little antsy so try to do it as close to
the 1st of December as possible Morten and I we love shopping for Christmas gifts
and we’ve done that for a few years actually What we do is we make a pretty
detailed list before we go so we set aside one day we’ve probably
spent four hours Christmas shopping and then whatever we haven’t gotten ahead of
time online or when we travel… We make a list and we really make an effort to get
people’s wishes in before we go. So we start asking people for what they want
for Christmas in November which is not to stress people out but it’s just for
our sanity so we try to make a pretty detailed list we go into town and then
we have this whole list planned out and we are pretty efficient with it so we
know what we’re getting for my brother we know we’re getting for my sister and
we have an idea of three different things that we could get from Morten’s
dad. We go into the shops, find what we need and what we want to pick out and we
buy it get it wrapped and move on so we’re pretty efficient with it but it’s
very important that we’re not stressing about it we’re just efficient because
what we spend just as much time on when we’re Christmas shopping is drinking hot
chocolate eating waffles and pancakes and really good food so we really try to
make a whole day of it and experiences with lots of “hygge” which is very Danish –
cozy it’s kind of the word that it translate to but not exactly… When you’re
just really having a good time enjoying what you’re doing right now and there’s
a good mood in general so in one day you would pretty much have everything done
and then usually we save one maybe two gifts for right before Christmas and we
go downtown and we really enjoy the Christmas mood that’s around and then we
stand in one or two really super long lines and that’s a perfect reminder for
us to shop early again next year because the lines are so long and having to go
buy 20 gifts in those long lines Would just drive anyone mad! But we kind of do it
for the fun of it and just to remind us to keep doing the early shopping again
next year let me know if that’s weird I don’t know it works for us! So the last thing I want to touch on is budgeting for gifts Because finances, as I
mentioned in the beginning, can be one of the most stressful things about
giving gifts and wanting because you might want to give all these things but
you just don’t have the money for it and it’s true in most cases if you budget
for things then you’ll have the money when you need it. So what we do and I
really recommend that you do the same Is that we try to create an overview so we’ll
typically make a list of everyone that we are going to get gifts for throughout
the year mostly family and then put a specific budget for every person we
round that all up and divide it by twelve and then every month we set aside
a certain amount and we find that we always have enough money in that account
whenever it’s Christmas or birthdays So that system has really worked out really
well for us and it just means that when November or December comes around you do
not have to stress about money They’re probably a lot of other things that
you’re spending money on around this time anyway so stressing about giving
gifts which are supposed to be like happy times showing appreciation to the
people you love people and your family finding and picking out something that
you really wanted to give them or giving them something that they really need
that should not be stressful So if budgeting throughout the year and
sticking with that budget when the time comes around if that can take out most of that stress
– then I say go for it I think that’s it guys! Let me know down in
the comments if you have any more suggestions for people because I love
having people who come in later and can go down and check the comments for more
experiences from you guys there are a lot of people out there with experiences
in this area. Next week will be a short video announcing who won the giveaway
and then I’m off for a Christmas break I’m not gonna be filming between
Christmas and New Year’s I hope you understand I just want to plug out be
offline for a week and enjoy the holidays and my family. If you like this
video please share it with your friends and give it a thumbs up all that stuff
really helps me reach more people so I’m not just saying it because I like a
thumbs up which I do of course but it lets YouTube know that these are good
videos so if you think they’re good please give them a thumbs up! Se you
guys next week and have fun Christmas shopping! Bye! But this year I was also … I’ll just let that truck pass by next week I’ll be

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