Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Minions Leagues

Hello, Minion Runners. Today, in our last video about Minion
Rush: 5-Year Celebration Update, I’m going to talk to you about two new
Rooms our team is adding to the game. First up: the Daily Challenge Room… A Daily Challenge is a special mission
that will only be available for 24 hours. Each Daily Challenge will be accessible
through a specific Room in Gru’s Lair, which will refresh every day. You’ll be able to join the Daily
Challenge to get great rewards, such as Prize Pods, Coins,
Costume Cards and Tokens. Log in every day to see what fun new
missions and rewards await you! Next: the Workout Room and
the Minion Leagues… The Minion Leagues are a new way
to compete with other players in the highly requested
return of Endless mode! Minion Leagues are a reworked
version of Endless mode and use a leaderboard-based
system for weekly competitions. Players will run as
long as they can, collecting Bananas and
dodging obstacles to rack up the most points
possible in a single run. Players who reach a high
enough score during the week will move up to a higher
League the following one, with bigger prizes to win. Score too little, and you may
move down to a lower League. Players will be able to compare
scores on the Leaderboards and also compete with friends
by logging into Facebook. This new system was developed
with your feedback in mind to provide the most fun,
fair, and competitive experience possible
in Minion Rush. We hope it’ll motivate everyone to push
their Minion Rush skills to the max! That’s all for now! The entire Minion Rush
team would like to thank you for watching and
commenting on these videos while we wait for the 5-Year
Celebration Update to launch. Thanks for watching, and keep running!

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