Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Progress Conversion Tutorial

Hi, everyone! Alex here today, I am going to talk
to you about how to convert your past progress to the
5-Year Celebration update. The first thing you need to know
is that you have to finish the new tutorial before having
access to the conversion phase. Follow the instructions until
you unlock Agent Rank 1. At this point, play any mission or return to any of
the Rooms and a pop-up will appear giving you the possibility
to convert your past items into more
useful ones from now on. Press “Convert” and in the
following screen select “Get Items” to start the
transition process. In the case you press “Later,” the pop-up will close, but
a button with a box icon will appear in the lower-left
corner of your screen. You can resume the conversion
process anytime by clicking on it. In the case you are playing
from a new device, and you don’t receive
the conversion screen, you have to go to “Social” and re-connect your account to any Social
Network you’ve connected in the past. At this point, the pop-up will appear
as soon as you return into any Room. Thanks for watching us! Don’t forget you can reach our FAQ
list from the information tab or reach our Customer Care from the button
in the “Connectivity” tab directly. Thanks for watching… and running!

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