Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Rooms and Missions

Hello, Minion Runners! In the last video we
promised to talk more about Rooms and Missions, so
let’s get right to that! The Rooms are basically
the game’s new main menu, where you’ll find
different missions, promotions, and thematic events. Using the elevator, you can
now scroll up and down to any room you’ve unlocked. Each room will feature
specific missions that, once completed, will
reward you with a Prize Pod containing a number
of Costume Cards, Coins and Perks based on how many
Stars you earned during the run. To run missions in a Room,
you’ll need AVL Reports. These function similarly to Energy
in the previous version of the game, except an AVL Report will only be
spent when you complete a mission, not when you attempt a mission. That means you can take on a Mission
over and over again until you beat it, without fear of
running out of tries! Once spent, AVL Reports
replenish over time, or you can purchase
them in the Shop. Special Missions will also make a comeback
in the form of limited-time Rooms. These are unique challenges that change with each game update and take place in a different
location every time. Completing a Special Mission will
award you exclusive rewards. We’ve even cranked up
the number of different rewards you can
obtain from these. We’ve already mentioned some of the new
Rooms available in the upcoming update, but there are many more we
haven’t talked about yet, such as the Daily Challenge, the Workout
Rooms, and the Minion Leagues! We’ll try to wrap all that
up in our next video. See ya!

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