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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
Minnie Mouse centerpiece and setup here we go you by popular demand today I’m going to be
making a Minnie Mouse centerpiece she is also three feet tall just like
Mickey but there is a couple of little details that she has the Mickey doesn’t
have because after all she is a girl and we are high maintenance
that’s why all right let’s get started I’m going to start off by painting two
large plastic bowls from Dollar Tree in gloss berry pink I’m also going to paint
two small round vases from Dollar Tree in the very same color while I let the
other two items dry I’m going to move on to Minnie’s gloves and I’m going to be
using two bath gloves from Dollar Tree and I’m going to be cutting them down
because they’re a little bit too big and I want to you know cut them to be
proportionate with the rest of the body I’m going to cut this down a bit and cut
this down a bit as well and then I’m going to glue it with hot glue now I’m going to cut it all the way open
so I’m going to cut right here s-so okay and then I am going to glue it
together again inside out once the glue is dry you’re going to
turn it over again and here’s what it should look like now I’m going to add
some fiberfill inside the glove so you’re just going to push it in until it
is all nice and fluffy and here’s one glove one more to go
alright so here are my two bowls ready to go I’m going to be using one for the
lower and for the upper part of the body or the dress same thing and I’m going to
look this one to the side and I’m going to work on the lower part of the body
aka dress so I’m going to be making polka dots and what I’m going to need is
just something that you may have around the house this round I’m going to use
this chocolate coin that’s right I’m using a chocolate coin but you can use
whatever you have around the house and I’m just going to randomly you know make
that’s all around the bowl so here they are all around I know that
you can barely see it but you’ll be able to see it as soon as I start painting
and that’s what I’m going to do next I’m going to go ahead and paint them with
acrylic white paint I’m also going to add pain to the upper
ball but before I can do that I’m going to put Minnie together because I’m going
to freehand some of the painting on this one so I kind of like need to see what’s
going to be proportioned so I’m going to go ahead and start gluing this together
and I’m only going to use hard glue let me turn my bowls over and I’m going to
glue them together now I’m going to add glue to this side of the bowl make sure the bowl is Center both
sideways and forward and back and by the way I wish I would have told you this
before I close the bowl but I’m going to tell you on this one when applying glue
to the lower bowl apply glue towards the inside of the ball not the outside so
when you place this one on top the glue doesn’t push forward and then you’ll be
able to see clumps and you know it’s gonna look you know nasty and tacky you
want to look as neat as possible I see looks right here so once again
make sure to apply it towards the inside not add the edge okay so I’m going to go
with this look right here or you can choose to use this one or whichever
there’s many okay what I’m gonna go for this one I’m going to draw a collar that
she has she has a button and a collar or if you would like you can put polka dots
all over as well I’m going to use a quarter to make the
button that goes right underneath the collar and now it’s time to make
Minnie’s face and I’m going to be using a 24 inch black balloon from Party City
this comes in a packet of four and I chose to use this because the giant
balloons tend to be more round than the you know the typical 12 inch balloons
plus you know it needs to be big enough to be proportionate to the rest of the
body I also by the way rinsed out a balloon
because since it’s latex they happen to have this you know powdery residue so
you can do that I didn’t tell you that on the video for Mickey but yeah so you
can rinse it out with water and just dry it out okay once you have the ideal size
you are going to tie and then you are going to cut the excess balloon here I’m
now switching to my low temperature gun so I’m able to glue the balloon on top
of my ball without popping it and there she is
now I am going to use 9-inch black balloons to make her ears my next step
is to add Minnie’s gloves on the body but in order for them to sit straight or
sit solid on the body I have to add two foam balls inside the gloves and I’m
gonna have to also cut about a quarter of it off so it can be flat because
that’s where I’m going to add the glue so once you cut those off you are going
to place it inside the glove now I’m going to switch back to my high
temperature gun so I can glue Minnie’s gloves on the body now I’m going to use this one and a half
inch ribbon that I got from Michael’s to make minis Bowl on top of her head this
is pink with white polka dots and I wish it was whiter two and a half three
inches would have been nice because her head is kind of big so yeah I’m just
gonna put it on her and make it work and let me show you how to make a bow I am
going to make this wider by adding more ribbon to it because I know that this is
going to bother me because it’s way too thin and it’s going to look silly on top
of Minnie’s big head so I’ll be right back so the idea of ribbon to make minis
bow will be a two and a half inch wire ribbon and of course in pink with white
polka dots but since I for some reason thought that I will find that ribbon at
Michaels because I thought I saw it but they didn’t have it and then I didn’t
get a chance to go to Hobby Lobby or order it so I’m going to work with what
I have and I had this from Easter and it’s wired and what I’m going to do is
glue my polka dot ribbon on top of the wire ribbon so I’m going to need two
strips and then I’m going to go ahead and shape it into a bowl now I’m going to have each hand meet in
the middle just like I did with the smaller one earlier and now I’m going to
cut another little piece to pull the whole bowl together and this my friends
is how you make it work now I’m going to put it right on top of mini right there so I decided to give mini a tulle skirt
last minute I just wanted her to have a little bit of hmm you know a little bit
of all the fabulousness she’s giving me right now I just wanted a different look
because she’s a girl she needs more than one look so you can definitely go the
traditional way or you can add this skirt to give her a little extra extra
extra and I’m going to give you a close-up so I can show you how I
accomplish this to make minis tulle skirt is going to be extremely easy all
you have to do is run to Dollar Tree and grab two of these pink tulle skirts they
are princess skirts and you are going to split both of them open in half and you
are going to glue one from here to this other half and then the second one you
are going to do the same in the back you want to glue from here to there and
that’s pretty much act alright guys this is it this is my Minnie Mouse
centerpiece and she is absolutely adorable she is very cute and very easy
to make just like Mickey so I ended up adding a
skirt or a tutu that I found at Dollar Tree just to give her a different look
so what do you think – – or no tutu skirt or no skirt
I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to give me a
thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet there’s the button
right there so leave me a comment let me know what you thought of my Minnie Mouse
centerpiece let me know whether you liked the skirt or you liked her without
these skirt but just leave me a comment anyway because you know I love to
chitchat with you guys all the time and share share share sharing is caring if
you know a friend or a family member who is having a birthday party for their
kids or for somebody somewhere make sure you share with them because you’ll be
able to save them a buck or two because this centerpiece was about 15 bucks less
than 20 bucks guys that is cheap alright guys until next time bye

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