Minnie mouse table balloon arch DIY Beautiful balloon decor piece for Mickey birthday parties

hey guys amazing balloon guy here again. Today
we’re going to make a minnie mouse arch you guys have been asking for it. Shooting me emails
about mickey and minni so I’m going to do both this video is Minnie and check out the
description area for Mickey beacuse I’m Doing both of them today So were going to need is your basic arch kit if
you have an arch kit you have bought already that’s fine to use but I also show you
how to make a real cheap one out of a hula hoop a brick and a plant prop super easy super cheap
and you can check that out in the description area Ill put a link for that well so we start off We are going
to use wild Berry use pink wild berry maybe even purple you can get away with
to make minnir mouse that’s what I’m going to take five inch balloons tie those together
take two more of those together and you marry them to make a quad i was reiterate myself because I’m not
sure if you are new your coming back but anyway so once you have your kits set up
and you have your five inch balloons blown up to about four inches that’s
just a little bit less than their full-size go ahead and open up these two
balloons and attach them to the hoop ok push that down and then going to go ahead and make sure
that these 2 balloons are facing out This piece is kind of almost a flowers we want that to to sit right here and take these two and you’re gonna
take the pink and the white seperate them and sorry. We are going to the pink and the white separate those and attach to the pole
just rotate slightly so this nestles right between the there. push those down
and i’m going to take another quad of red berry and attach that to the top making sure that all the balloons are nestled in
between the quad below once you have that we’re going to start with your
black balloons make sure they all are 4 inches just try to make them all the same size Ill put a link in
the description area for some balloon sizers there’s also ways there’s videos
out there that show you how to make your own sizer so just make sure you balloons are all the same size ok but after we do that we keep going to
keep and repeating this process with just blacks only all around to this side and
then we’re going to go red berry quad the one with the white in it and then another red berry quad and then you’re done shutterstock the years so to make me go
faster i’m not going to show you putting me putting on everything one will skip
to the end and then we’ll get started with the ears are just admit ok so we basically finished the basic
part of the arch okay just like i said all black then repeat the same side on
this side and nobody has started with the years so i’m going to do is take our
another quad going to a whole bunch of quads and it really depends on how big
your little bitch you got a big loop or using our chittoor you even using PVC
and it’s a bigger arch you’re gonna want bigger ears so for this phenomena use
but you have to add or take away depending how big you want yours to be
so anyway take model building which is basic fishing on okay well they actually some
monofilament the trip for you guys and we have to take your gonna want a piece
of that so I’m going to arms like a couple times maybe three times few times look okay more time a little bit more four times
four months you don’t want that when you’re making
me the years alright we cut it off and basic addition
to take up take that put it between your quad and basically what we’re doing you
should maybe start making it home and would have been that shark will be it’s
the years your quad flat on the table make sure your string it up ok we’re
going to go ahead and take another quad and nestled in between the same way we
did put your sh and we’re going to bring that no down around that you go underneath the body haha up
bitch pull it tight and then wrap one more
time alright and then back to that step over so we have a nice long yeah I’m talking that started like this
and we’re going to get probably two or three times that size and that’s gonna
holler here so once you get off we’ll go ahead and show you have to bend it alright so after you got your ear
completed its about i pick up for this video for this art rather we’re doing 15
16 watts ok roughly 16 for and what I’d like to do is just go ahead and bend it
ahead of time and just going to start to all right little off-center right about
there should be I think it looks okay so go ahead and make sure i know that this
is my spot here and that’s 1234567 setup 97 up going to take your 260 260 for
this and basically just go ahead and wrap it around that want to walk make
sure they’re even and then just I not make sure before and then we want to do
is go ahead and wrap 1234567 my 26 right around double not what that’s why on we’re
going to go ahead and get our steps wants better always shaper you step soul
and do the same thing for the other side should take 260 tie on the top that
little cat or go ahead and do that right now thinking 260 and time to the top of
that column go ahead and wrap around just a little bit of adjusting you know
you want it right and i’m going to write a little bit offset so writing from the
center on go right back to wrap that around hi not the city that way I just I just I
that’s time real quick videos now you gonna just wanted some of the other of
videos on the tourism how’d you hear what they’ll do it you scrub duplicates
and couplets you could use some use less loops but what happens is they saw it’s
hard to it’s really hard to attach so try to use it why you little balloons
but it’s a lot easier I’m going to turn this up and went to
the other year and then we’ll get started with the bow ok guys have ears
attached so now the next thing away all i have to do a chest with the bone from
invest so we’re going to do here is take to foil parts you can get politics
already wish you a happy life together that’ll circle and then what I do is
just wrapped together and then I take a piece of a shape and catch them like so
and then once their attack go ahead and blow up I red berry go up to red berry and that together and
we’re actually going to do a quad alright so make your quad and then our
quad in between your two heart and then when i tacked up here using on
a 260 260 here my lab and all you know it wrapped up to 60
just like a weight in two years I’m going to wrap it around our arch gonna
start with the back I up and then strain that are you yeah yeah and there you have your Mickey Mouse the
large now quick note if you you know what I completely forgot you really
should lock these five mins balloons the ones in the back to google that are
bigger truths that are smaller just looks better but at the in fact that you
just move around the way you like it and then I’ll move this away this is your
Minnie Mouse March it thanks for watching please like the video please
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google maps are all right yes thanks for watching

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  1. Nice Arch. Quick Tips for you – 1) Instead of Climbing the StepStool to Attach the Ears Set the Arch on the Floor for Safety

  2. My daughter's bday party is coming up and its a minnie mouse theme, how many days ahead should i make this before the party?

  3. Hi,
    I need advice for this design. I want to make a mickey mouse balloon arch for the floor and not a table. Do i need the airs to be filled with helium or regular air? Thank you!

  4. Hey there! Ty for video! I ordered balloons from amazon, black and berry pink. Both 5". However the black ones are huge! I'm guessing these are not the right ones even though they say 5"?? My party is in 5 days am I'm sooo upset. I just ordered the ones you have in the link for $30!! Just hoping they are the small little balloons like the link ones.

  5. Hi your videos are amazing,could you please let me know how many black balloons you used in total please

  6. +AmazingBalloonGuy Can i use the balloon ribbons (i think that's the name of it) instead of the fishing line?

  7. How would you do a hello kitty for one on the floor and not the table you don't need to do a video just instructions would be fine please and thank you

  8. I had blown the balloons up and it started popping thanks to the heat. Idk if you recommend this arch to being outside, but I used the balloon pump and tied them into quads. But what I can say is that the balloon arch came out perfect and the self made arch was so easy and sturdy.

  9. Hi ! If I wanted to fill in the ears do I just repeat the step on the way I make the ears ? & also what are 260s? Are they long ballons

  10. Can you use a ballon ring to create the quad and insert them in to the arch then insert the pole in the plant prop? Not sure if im good at making quads thought that could work

  11. Hello. I won't be able to order a 36" hula hoop in time for my event in 2 days. Do you think a 24" hula hoop would work the same if brought up to the tip of the plant prop?

  12. How did you get those ballooms to shine like that…. where can I purchase the arch… where do you order your balloons from… one more question I'm new 🙂 being a beginner what should my balloon collection look like. Thanks sir…you are awesome!

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