happy birthday Tiki Spots on. CupcakeSurpriseToys today’s my birthday and my dad won’t even remember it I i remembered your birthday here’s your birthday present it’s one of my favourites. Plagg get that stinky camembert cheese out of my face Well I’ll have to eat this Camembert all by myself Yummy Adrien Hello Marinette. I remembered your birthday really that is so kind I have a big surprise for you ok close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you great job Tiki your the best Now you better go hide. okay Adrien you can open your eyes now happy birthday wow I’ve never had a birthday surprise like this wow really well where would you like to get to started? How about those two at the front? Sure its so exciting opening presents this is ladybug dressed up in her full costume she’s beautiful and she even has her ladybug phone in this set. and this is cat noir he’s in full costume in this set and it looks like is after the nasty Bubbler. I just think that cat noir is awesome. really you think he is pretty cool. can you open some more presents? miraculous compact caller Ladybug uses this to call all her friends. you can always rely on ladybug oh thats clever I can’t wait to see what this is oh my goodness Adrien this looks like the full ladybug costume we have the costume This is so awesome and we have the wig. and ladybugs eye mask, gloves and earrings and this set also comes with Marionette purse and Tiki she lights up I’m not sure anyone will look good on me (laughter] look Adrienne it’s the flying ladybug. There’s Ladybug, the spinner and this tower. It looks just like the Eiffel Tower look it’s sings. [Nickelodeon Miraculous Theme song] Adrien, this is theCataclysm Cat Noir. He’s dressed fully in his black plastic costume and he spins 360 degrees right round He’s so awesome this is the ladybug Light wheel it has ladybug and her big light wheel and it plays the miraculous theme song. Its super fun this is a jump and fly ladybug this set comes with ladybug and her little device that allows you to jump and fly Adrian Where did you find these? oh that’s secret Lets open more presents this is ladybug and cat noir together ladybug is wearing this really sparkly ladybug costume and cat noir is wearing his really shiny black costume Ladybug comes with Kiki she’s so adorable and of course cat noir comes with Plagg. look Adrien this is ladybugs yo-yo and her beautiful ear rings. Ladybug uses her yo-yo to catch those nasty akumas that hawkmoth sends out Check this out Adrien you got the mini action figure aww cat noir he’s with his stick and he looks ready for action and you got the mini actions figure of ladybug she’s got her yo-yo and her lucky charm she looks like she’s about to catch a super villain. Adrian its your last two presents I’m so excited it’s the mini action figure of Marionette. she’s super cute she’s in her casual clothes she’s got her beautiful bag and purse. she looks like she’s ready to have some fun and you got the mini figure of you . Adrien. you have your black t-shirt on your white jacket and blue jean you have your bag and your camera. you look super cool as always Adrienne I just need one minute I’ll be right back Tiki spots on I need to find Hawkmoths latest villain. it’s a bubbler The Bubblers at the Eiffel Tower I need to go catch and destroy that akuma. I need some help. I’m going to call Cat Noir. One two three four Hang on in there Ladybug Cat Noir I’m going to fly up there and catch the Akuma you cover me. I got your covered ladybug I’m ready for you Bubbler. Oh no he got away. Look ladybug the bubbler is in the park Watch my back. Cat Noir. I got your back LadyBug. I’ll go and catch the Akuma. you go and distract the Bubbler. I know the perfect thing for distraction. Cataclysm. We defeated HawkMoth. once again good job cat noir we’re a great team I gotta run well next time my lady oh sorry about that Adrien. Where’s Adrien? Sorry Marionette. I’m here now. e’re thinking Sarah Burnett I’m here now I just had to do a photo shoot my job organized oh that’s okay Adrien Thank You Maronette for all my birthday present Oh Adrien you’re welcome it was nothing um well I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow Bye. Goodbye Marionette. Bye Adrien. So CupcakeSurprisetoyFans we really hope you enjoyed our GIANT miraculous egg video with all of Adrien’s ladybug amazing miraculous birthday presents. My favourite was the Miraculous Ladybug Light wheel. it was super fun and my favorite was the flying ladybug. so don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and share this video You know you want to. Bye CupcakeSurpriseToy fans see you on a next video bye we love you here’s some more fun videos

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