Miraculous Ladybug – Party Crasher French Dub + English Sub

I’m sorry, Wayhem But I have a casting and a particular curse of fencing this afternoon We will spend time together, I promise After all, you’re my number one fan But if my father allows me I’m not allowed to invite friends It is true? You never invite friends at home? That’s sad One day, thanks to me, your father will change his mind And we will have fun at your house I promise He is very difficult to convince But it’s nice of you to try Well, I have to finish my homework before the casting Bye Wayhem Bye Adrien Why don’t you take advantage of your father’s absence and you invite your friends and you have fun You know that he has big expectations on me I can’t dissapoint him that way And even if I wanted to organize something I wouldn’t be allowed since my bodyguard is watching me Don’t take it that way, you have me and a lot of cheese with paradise flavour Is everything according to the plan? Yes, I’m on my way to the airport, sir You’ll be officially at Tokyo to spend the weekend Nobody will know that you’re at home Perfect Emilie, we miss you But you will be back soon with us Thanks to my akumas It’s matter of time that I get the miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir Their fusion will give me the absolute power to modificate the reality And I will be able to delete our mistakes from the past They’re ready Nooroo, it’s harvest time Okay, I remind you our objective Enter to Adrien’s house, that impenetrable castle Our first obstacle, the father of Adrien, he’s on his way to the Fashion Week of Tokyo with obstacle numer 2 And for obstacle number 3, we have a secret weapon to neutralize him Adrien’s mission starts now Now now? Yes, now now, not in 3 days. Why? Because I promised Mylène that I would plant trees in the dock Wait, is it today that we plant the trees? Yes, and the probability that the girls get disappointed are the 100% Good thing I’m ready, I have dumb excuses for each one of you For example, Kim, you have pool classes Great, I always have my swimsuit with me I can’t believe it. Kim, you’re not going to the pool That’s your excuse Are we going to lie to them then? Yes, I’m sorry but Max is right, the girls don’t have to know it Guys, then we do this For Adrien I thought the boys would come Nino was called at the last moment to be the DJ of his grandmother’s party Ivan has something on his tooth and he had to go to the dentist Nathaniel’s computer broke and he lost all the pages of the comic that he does with Marc Max and Markov are helping them to recuperate it all Kim has an important training at the pool But I don’t understand why he texted me Talking about excuses, I forgot that I had to help my grandfather To make a birthday cake for his rats, I’m sorry Mylène I’ll see you later girls I missed something or today is the championship of dumb excuses? Hello, we’re here to see Adrien for a school project You’re the biggest collector of superhero figurines And I think you need a few ones to complete your collection Like this amazing millenium edition super rare Jisoo I have another 3 friends that have to come to help in the project 70th anniversary edition Jennie And if Marinette, Juleka, Rose, Alya, Alix or Mylène tried to come in, don’t let them enter, please You’re so tough at business But what are you doing here, friends? We’re here for the project Project? Which project? You know, the project Yes, of course Surprise You never had an afternoon with friends, had you? If we want, we can make it everyday Then we elaborated a plan to repair that injustice That’s so nice, friends But my father would never allow me It would be better if you – Well, if it isn’t that long and he never finds out, he won’t be mad Your bathtub is crazy, it was a good idea to take my swimsuit You even have a table football, I always dreamed about having one I’ve never seen so many games together Friend, your room is so awesome And you haven’t seen the best part yet Awesome Marinette, your grandfater’s house is not in this way No Tikki, I only said that to investigate quietly You lied to your friends I didn’t want to hurt Mylène, it was her idea to spend the afternoon planting trees But something weird is happening The boys didn’t come and they had crazy excuses and you know that I know all that dumb excuses And I became an specialist since I become, you know who Of course, I will call Ivan He doesn’t know how to lie, so if they are in something secret, I’m sure he will betray them telling me that *Nino describing the football match* It’s Marinette The lies aren’t your best ability, if she finds out, say goodbye to boys afternoon It’s Mari- I was right, see Tikki? They are all together and I think I know where Adrien’s father went to Tokyo for the Fashion Week When the cat’s away the mice will play Why are we not answering to Marinette? Because when we do a friends afternoon it has to stay between friends But Marinette is our friend too Yes but no, because she’s with her friends And since we are good friends, we’re going to let her be with her friends If we don’t, we wouldn’t be good friends do you understand? All this thing about friends is so complicated Let’s go, music! Don’t tell me that these good vinyls are yours They were from my mom Wow, wait, is the volume at maximum? Hey Marcov, can you raise the volume Afirmative I’m connecting with the home system I knew it! I don’t think this is a good idea All the boys are in Adrien’s house, why couldn’t I be with them? I would only have to say that I was going through there Another lie, Marinette It’s not a lie, it’s only half true Wow, your house has a great electric power, you are a rival of a nuclear power plant I’m not surprised, my dad always do the things in a big way Then we do too the system doesn’t work? Emilie Don’t you think it’s a bit loud? Are you kidding me? That’s what we need to have fun between boys That’s our opportunity How do you explain this noise in broad daylight? I’m sorry, we were only– doing a school project We were working in our exhibition Which is the topic? injury of the eardrums? No, it’s about the table football Are you serious? In this case, you are doing it wrong Let me show you It’s for the casting What a beautiful party It will be perfect for the pics I’m Adrien’s friend, and he insisted a lot for me to come to his party The music is great, can I enter? Why all the boys can enter and I cant? Boys.. One moment, boys! Of course Tell your little master that your weapons master is waiting for him Can I stay here for a couple of hours until my daughter’s make up madness stops? Hello, they called me for ice creams Excuse me, I lost one of my pigeons, it seems that it flew to your yard Dad! I haven’t finished your make up! Dad! Ms. Bourgeois told me to search for his daddy, is he with you? Jano, thanks for bringing your blower A magic trick? Are always like this your afternoons between boys? No but they should Hello, it’s Marino, your neighbour I heard that there is a boy party, I would want to enter since I’m a boy I’m a real boy with muscles and everything Master Fu? Who? Me? No, You’re wrong. I’m DJ Wong Master, it’s me, Marinette Marinette? What are you doing here? You should be more carefully and hide the miraculous so Hawk Moth can’t find them Don’t worry, Marinette, the miraculous are safe Stationation, it reminds me of my youth We could do the dance from the Village Vacance No, impossible Why, captain? Dance never killed anybody No, look, we have the weapon master, the ice cream maker, the police, the janitor and me the firefighter But we need the moustached biker Sirs, I have the person you need to your dance The moustached biker I like your style Be careful! Thank you, young boy I’m impressed by your reflexes We all need to have the reflexes to help people, it’s like swimming for a fish Nooroo, dark wings rise I need an ally abroad to restore the current I don’t feel any bad feeling There’s only- Happiness What’s happening at my house? This is Adrien’s voicemail, leave a message Not only you invite friends to your house, I don’t care that you do a party because you lied to me, Adrien Finally I feel a bad emotion, a wave of unexpected disappointment but equally powerful Fly away my little akuma, and poison that boy’s heart with darkness! Party Crasher, I’m Hawk Moth, they didn’t invite you but I give you the power to interrupt that party But above all to give it a definitive end In that case, let the party begin, Hawk Moth! Whoever invaded my house, you will now confront this supervillain of my creation I can prefict your movements easily. I anticipate your steps and I will always have a time of advance on you Marinette? No, no, no, no. It’s Marino Tell me Adrien, you don’t have time to your number one fan I will take care that you remember me in your parties Adrien, where are you? Marinette, just hide! Quick! Plagg, let enter in the dance Tikki, spots on! Perfect Our surprise guests will be soon here Hey, mirror ball, do you know the music when the heroes arrive and the party is over? Idiots! I only need to touch you and your miraculous will be mine Cat Noir! Be careful! How could he know what I was going to do? That must be his power He anticipates our movements We will need to surprise him A casette? You won’t make it alone, Cat Noir! You need company to defeat him Give me m’lady back! Idiot, I anticipate your movements and I will always be one step before you Do you need any help? Hi Pegasus Viperion Carapace Are you ready for some dance? Be careful with Viperion, he has the power to go back in time Second chance! Don’t worry Cat Noir, we will help you Don’t worry Cat Noir, we will help you Viperion! There is only one miraculous to restore order but its so special This monkey plush flies I’m not a plush, I’m Xuppu, silly! I’m not silly, I’m Kim I wonder if this was a good idea Well, say transform me Xuppu, transform me! You did an amazing job, Party Crasher, you only need to give me their miraculous Let the party begin! Hey! Wait a moment! I like parties too! Take this! Are you kidding me? What’s happening? I’m sorry but I love to mess with the power of the others Carapace, we need you! Pegasus, teleport to this place and search something to put that thing I’m sorry sir, I’ll take it until we save Paris We have to be so unpredictable that he won’t be able to anticipate our steps Then.. to the dance! That doesn’t make sense! Cat Noir! Cataclysm! No more evil-doing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! Gotcha! Bye-bye little butterfly. Pound it! Faster friends! There should be no remains of our party For when Sir Agreste come back I’m sorry Wayhem, I didn’t want to hurt you, I didn’t know that my friends would make me a surprise What matters is that you had fun , with or without me. And now I can clean with my idol. This is the best day of my life Things would have been different if I had not lied Well I didn’t say a lot of truths today but we did it for Adrien If we are quick, we can help the girls with planting the trees Yeah, clearly Ladybug, Cat Noir, your luck is about to end and one day, I would be the one that will make you dance, your last dance

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  1. Why is everyone freaking out? Like yah they kissed his cheeks, y’all aren’t gonna die, he’s not gay, it was innocent fun yah freaks. (I mean bi is a possibility but highly unlikely)

  2. I love how everybody is all freaking out and running away when the bad guy is there, then there’s Kim in the bathtub swimming so happily 😂😂

  3. wait hold on, is no one going to talk about the fact that Marinette transformed in the living room of Adrien's house? i mean aren't there security cams installed around his house?? what if hawkmoth sees ;0;

  4. They make big deals out of all the new miraculous holders before and then Master Fu just shows up with all the Miraculous to a random ass party and just hands them out!? The same man who wouldn't let the Kwami's celabrate Nuroo's Birthday!? And everyone is fine with it?! And acts as if they've faught with them before?! This requires an explanation!

  5. The episode order is all jumbled, for those who want to know the order and not be confused, here :p

    Chris Master
    Stormy Weather 2
    Ikari Gozen
    Time Tagger
    Party Crasher
    Gamer 2.0
    Kwami Buster
    Miracle Queen
    The Puppeteer 2
    Chat Blanc

  6. Why is no one talking about how cool Luka's voice sounds, and how cool he is… bruh I wish I could only see where they first gets their miraculous… but some things aren't meant to be… cough Luka and Marinette cough … actually coughing

  7. If pegasus’ transformation words aren’t “Kaalki, giddy up!” I’m going to be very disappointed.

  8. I was very excited when a new superhero appeared and I was very funny as Kim and Xuppu got acquainted.😂

  9. I'm sorry but are we just gonna start jumping plot points in the story now. First with how Gabriel is suddenly okay with Natalie transforming, and it doesn't affect her quiet as badly as the first time, now we got new Heros with no transformation or introduction what so ever. I can't tell if this was a release number error or purposely done to emphasize the fact that time moves on from the episodes to where we miss a couple of things.

  10. Is it bad I just found out about this episode? I feel so dissapointed. I usually watch them right away as it airs.
    Edit: I'm almost done with the episode and when Cat Noir said "Pegasus? Carapace? Viperion?" I was like "DID I MISS MORE EPISODES?!".

  11. I actually prefer the back drop of where emilie is for hawkmoth akumatizing people because of all the butterflies

  12. On the internet it has a picture of viperion but with a harp in his hand. So where is viperions harp in this episode?

  13. WaiT a mOmEnT. Viperion used his power… TWICE! I know it's a going back in time thing but the wristband goes back in time on itself too? So essentially he could redo that moment forever using his power again and again like tHE ADULTS?! I mean I know he's sixteen, but that ain't an adult 😂

  14. Every time there’s an akuma attack and Adrien and Marinette are even remotely near each other, Adrien is always worried about Mari getting to safety and I love that

  15. Can't wait until the episodes before this one air, I want to see the obvious zodiac quami that goes with Max, though Lukas is a mystery

  16. Did anyone noticed…they acted so normal when they saw the new miraculous masters…so…did I miss an episode or what?

    Im confused

  17. Here people r talking bout random stuff and here I am focused on that one scene where Nathaniel and that other guy r literally kissibg adriens cheeks

  18. It all makes sence why ladybug and cat noir can't nkow anything about each other because if they did when hawkmoth Akumatizes one of them he would nkow how to steal one of their miraculouses

  19. I found out that the english version of party crasher and the puppeteer 2 released in august 1st

    See in wikipedia

  20. You would think u could tell if 7 qammiz are near each other noo roo, tiki, plagg, carapace, and the new 3 monkey, pegusis and the other one that luka is

  21. Me : wow !! Viperion is better than I expected
    Also me : sees Kim transforms *…… Is too early for this

  22. When you and your squad are fight ing the re encarnation of Michel jack son who now's discoballs but ya are the only girl in the squad

  23. Did blinks notice the way the subtitles said limited edition jisoo and Jennie?(members of the kpop band Blackpink and blinks is the fandom name) That’s not the way it is in the English language. 😂

  24. Such a hilarious super-underrated episode, honestly, so many references I don't think you can even catch them all in one viewing.

    Also I think I like the French dub more for one thing. Nino doesn't actually SAY it's a no-girls allowed party to Adrien (although obviously it is). In the English dub, Adrien says Marinette is one of the guys too — which really is a whole next level of friendzoning. At least here he's only calling her a friend and not "his bro." LOL. Such a small change but it makes a such a big difference truly.

    Also side note, how is it NOBODY wonders where Adrien went the whole time he's Chat Noir and it's his own house??

  25. 3:40 and 4:03 ….did they just say jennie and JISOO!?!? (if you look at the subtitles)jennie could be a coincidence but JISOO? nononono.

    Is anyone a blink here ;-;
    if you are not here is an explanation: jennie and jisoo are in a kpop band called Blackpink (together with the two other members lisa and rosé). so basically it can’t really be a coincidence because first of all…ummm actually idk…maybe that both of the names are in an episode of mlb..?

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