Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary “G40 Project” Special Movie (EN,HK,TW,CN,KR sub)

Amuro Amuro Amuro Amuro Amuro Here they come! Show me! The ability of Earth Federation’s MS. I’ll destroy them. They are Zaku, not human. So I… Well… What? It should be a direct hit! This is… A battle… Stop!

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  1. Alguém me explica o que tá acontecendo?o amuro parece mas jovem que o normal e ele pegou Gundam aí de noite e mano eu to confuso

  2. 2:48, jeez it's just like Eva, with fem!Gendo inviting Amuro/Shinji to pilot and the latter running away like a fag. Thanks, but no thanks. The First is good as it is and whoever would want this cringey crap animated as a whole series clearly didn't get anything about Gundam. No wonder Tomino ended up to despise his own audience.

  3. Not sure what this was for beyond nostalgia, I thought that was what MSG Origin was for. But still, love the throwback line work of the characters, and always the awesome detailed design concepts in the credits. Honestly we could be about 40 to 60 years away this…..

  4. Meanwhile, here I am just waiting for the next upcoming release of the HG ORIGIN RX-78-02 Gundam on March, and waiting for an update on GUNDAM THE ORIGIN anime OVA, since it was revealed like a year ago that talks have resumed in Sunrise on whether to continue the OVA or not.

  5. Omg just freaken remake the original gundam already! Heck they are doing a reboot of digimon, why can't sunrise do the same?

  6. i still don't like the industrial design but i would watch it in an OVA or something. i really like animation of this

  7. Have honestly been disappointed with Gundam lately. The quality imo doesn’t seem to be as good as it was a few years ago.

  8. Not a fan of some of the overdesigned add-ons to the suits, but good 3d animation. 2D animation seems to have taken a back seat for most of it though. Also not really into Freddie civilians wearing Victorian Zeon style clothing but I know that's the Origin influence showing.

  9. I'd rather they do a tv show or O.V.A. of the Char's Deleted Affair manga or the Crossbones Vanguard manga !!! or even another U.C. side story instead of a retelling of the original !!

  10. This looks cool but I'm not too interested personally. I preordered a g40 of my own, and I kind of regret it. From what I've seen, if you pose it slightly off you can see its innards, which is really off putting to me. And while the animation in this looked amazing, I cant say I'm too interested in them touching the original without going in a very different direction. Also that space colony looked more science fantasy than science fiction, it had way too much glass. All it would take is 1 stray debris moving at a decent speed and suddenly you have a hole that is rapidly letting out the vital stuff called air.

  11. Enjoyed this. Loved watching it.
    For the love of all that is Gundam.
    Please redo this series, in its full glory with the current generation animation technology.
    So the old and new, can enjoy Gundam to its fullest.

    Would love to see G-Gundam, Turn A Gundam and Wing Gundam in this fashion.

    Don't get me wrong, the old series was so beautiful in its own.
    I can still watch them perfectly, but… Think of the beauty from these animations.
    Fluid and the battle choreography can be much more complex.

    In the meantime, I'll just dream and replay everything I have from this channel.

  12. Listen Bandai, you make an HG industrial zaku and market it the same way you did the origin zaku (mostly the black tri star variants) and give us a way to make that entire fireteam, I'll buy however many kits it takes! I'll buy them okay!? You won already so just do it please!

  13. looks like the real big one is at around 70-90% fully operational now. as in mechanical aspects and functioning good. good job engineers of bandai.

  14. my only real pet peeve with this is that side 7 design and how close it is to earth , side 7 is supposed to be a "neutral" colony that the federation made a deal with to develop there G project its away from earth , this changes what doesnt needed to be changed IMO , i do miss the classic scene of amuro climbing into the gundam for the first time , having it come to him is weird IMO and too different from the original story im fine with some change as long as the spirit of the scene is kept

  15. well this could just be a proof of concept of them taking original dialogue and just slapping a new coat of paint with updated animation. that way they can just sit animators down to re animate the whole show and dont have to have characters some of whome might be dead come back and redo their voice acting.

  16. Yo, if Sunrise wanted to remake the original stuff with this animation, I'd be so VERY into it. I can't watch the original's art and animation, so this would finally get me into it. I'd bet that there's plenty of others who'd be the same, as well as newbies who haven't tried Gundam yet.

  17. I would watch a remake/remaster of the og gundam in this art style. It would be nice to get new blood into mecha and this would be a good way.

  18. No way Sunrise! Thumbs down. The Gundam's design is so bad. What happened to to angst of the RX-78-2 design. The Evolved version looked way way much better than this. Scarp this and go back to the drawing board. Don't mess it up.

  19. I appreciate the G40 short, but it just doesn't make sense in that scene of Amuro getting into the Gundam for the first time. It 'felt' like Amuro was the 'Chosen One', instead of him getting into the Gundam out of coincidence (as per the original 0079). Why would the EF waste so much resources just to build a high performance MS for a kid? This just seemed too unreal for a Real Robot movie 😫😫😫😫

  20. If you don't STOP teasin me girl an just give up those panties. I mean that remake that we all want, I'm gonna break up with you Honey gundam dear.

  21. I don't mind you showing off your new G40 model, but if you ever remaster the series I prefer Gundam being like the original but updated.

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